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Have you ever met people who have died, in a grey place?

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posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 09:52 PM
OK, this isn't some teenage horror movie type question, but seriously met people in dreams who you know are dead, not immediatly upon death of the other person, like the other thread but much later.

My examples, these are all from dreams over a number of years that are so frequent, almost nightly, that I am convinced I am visiting someplace real.

Often I am only semi conscious, like sleepwalking, there is not a sence of place like you have when you are awake, maybe like if you were really really tired. Now these are serious, I am a professional with a professionals analytical nature, I don't believe any rubbish. So this is not my imagination.

I was at a really low part of my life, really suicidally low, one night I went to bed and found myself in a huge grey space, like a giant building with no walls. Just grey everywhere.

There were people there and one in particular came out to me and said "You don't want to come here too soon". It was my grandmother, who had died some years earlier. The confirming thing for me was after she said that she touched my forearm with her fingers, an action she did when she was alive. That sensation stayed with my when I awoke.

Another time....

I was back in this grey place again and met an old boss, with whom I had constant friction, he was an introverted anal type person with real issues. He died of a perforated colon. He saw me and came up to me really angry and said "It's your fault I am here you pushed me to an early death".

Again in another dream in this grey place I found myself observing a group of people entertaining themselves, there is nothing there but people, no furnature etc, and they were standing around watching one lady sing a victorian england type song.

Another time I saw a person totally sitting still, like a statue, someone said that some people just give up slowly slow to a stop. What are people doing in this place? They are waiting, for the end.

Another time, I followed a grey wall, created from the grey environment, it went on and on and on, at the end was a person building it, he had eternity to spend and so he just built his wall.

Another time, someone came up to me and said "Whats happening in the world, whats the news". I was only semi conscious and I started speaking about a history book I was reading, the life of Tamelane the great. He said I don't want to hear that I can always ask people here about the past, I want to know whats happening on earth".

I can go on and on, but has anyone else ever experienced this place? I can't be the only one.

I think its hades, the waiting place after death for those who are good people in life.

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posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 05:16 AM

you are getting an intense ammount of the energy which I saw in the awake state in your dreams. It is an overabundant ammount of energy which does not compute to me. The energy which I saw is a bunch of back and white particles which made shades of grey. it also had the capability of acting as a 'medium' in which I saw plenty of visions, both real looking people and other stuff. AS far as I can tell dreams are ususally formed by this deceptive energy. The people I see that I recognize are not usually the people and act differently. So I have concluded that departed spirits are taking the guise of real people in an effort to relive their lives by evoking emotional reactions. This is not good. I have several of these nightmares a night for the last year or so. It has started to get a little better because I am not dreaming as much. The problem is, or maybe it is a good thing, why is the effort of these departed unhappy souls not able to generate enough deceptive energy to create the illusion of real space around you? I think perhaps you have a strong desire to see things as the truth in your dream state. This holodeck type atmosphere decinigrates in the dream sight you have. You apparently break down the deception to its' base level. I have also lessened the effects of it attacking my face with itchy energy by looking at my face with a handheld mirror in the awake state. How you were ever able to do this similar action in a subconscious state, I do in a conscious state, I don't fully comprehend. All I can tell from what you wrote is that your comments about souls in Hades waiting to go to heaven is correct. geeze, it is like every question on ATS gives me more insight into my own experience, what a trip.



posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 05:22 AM
I don't think these were good people in life because they tried to live others lives then and weren't themselves. I think they had such a strong desire to be someone they were not, that when they hit the pearly gates, they got turned away.


posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 12:23 PM
Thanks for your informative post hs. I think you are right, although the grey place IS the reality of peoples existance of people after death, sometimes it is overlayed with a 'dream' level.

So I am in the grey place but I am seeing something from a dream at the same time, then I am interpretating the gey place through the dreams.

Like being on a holodeck (to use a scifi explanation) and seeing it as a room rather than the projected image, but sometimes also seeing the projected image as well overlaying the reality of a bare room.

I feel silly writing about this, because if I was reading my own posts, I would consider the writer to be some deluded idiot obsessed with his dreams, but this is a real environment. This happens to me often nightly with varing degrees of consciousness on my part, for the last 3 or so years.

Surely I am not the only person to go to this place, maybe others do but are seeing it at the dream level?

Just to throw in something that I have wondered about for ages. A few times I have been in this grey place and the people there do not realise where they are.

Once I found myself in an african savanna, with African tribespeople sitting around a fire in a camp. This was really fast event, but I thought that the people who died and went to their form of 'heaven' or 'happy hunting grounds' actually ended up in this place in an illusion. I still have the scene firmly fixed in my memory, again not like an ordinary 'dream'.

There is no difference between the grey place, which I call hades (which is a greek derived namebelieve it or not), and this african heaven, except that illusion the africans had of the world around them. I visited another place, that only stayed vaguley in my mind, what was from another belief structure as well, it had grapes, and cussions and servants, but it was far to fleeting to judge correctly.

These places are merely holding areas where people wait till the end of time.

Originally posted by HS
The problem is, or maybe it is a good thing, why is the effort of these departed unhappy souls not able to generate enough deceptive energy to create the illusion of real space around you? I think perhaps you have a strong desire to see things as the truth in your dream state. This holodeck type atmosphere decinigrates in the dream sight you have. You apparently break down the deception to its' base level.

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 12:44 PM
I've been to a place like what you've described. I was meditating and trying to find someone who had recently passed away. I had no expectations as to what I might find, because it was the first time I'd taken a spirit walk like that. It was like walking through very dense fog. I was surprised by how crowded it was.

Some of the people (?) talked to me, some didn't. Some were very bright and some were barely there, like a ghost in a place of ghosts -if that makes any sense.


posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 01:04 PM
A dream entry in my diary I just had.........

10:30 AM 1/20/06 the interesting thing about this dream is that
the maker of it does not expect me to look at the dream scenario
at the angles I do. Just got through moving materials from a high
place and looked back at the area where there was suppose to be a
building room on top and the building appeared as if someone was
airbrushing the top floor as I watched. Noted the similarity to
the jiggling camera in that I look at things suddenly from angles
not expected by whatever force creates illusions around me.
also another thing, glass dropped from the height at the top of
an unreal 50-60 foot ladder and did not break, yet glass dropped
at about 4-5 feet at the end of the dream and broke which led to
waking me up. Odd the properties of material not seen are not the
same. The computing force which generates the dreamscape is losing
the ability to deceive.

I'm not sure Web what gives you the idea that the people in the dream represent dead people, but the external input of subconscious telepathic brainwaves from other people living right now is a definite possibility. and if that is the case you and I are dealing with people who don't know we consciously are aware of the subconscious connection made in the dream state. They are probably representing themselves as people in real life that they are not. And of coiurse someone preoccupied wiht how they appear to other people is not going to be attentive to the presence of others. Also people who are worried about who they are, are going to release this anxiety in the dream state, making it more possible sensitive dreamstate individuals like yourself and I 'meet' it halfway, so to speak and are more aware of it. I would not worry about what others think here about your experiences, this is an open forum to discuss ideas freely. It will just make your spirit the kind that appears in others dreams and doesn;t know they are there. Better you should not mention something in the first place, if you expect people not to believe your experience.

Also I want to mention that the jiggling object I saw in the awake state was a real disposable camera sitting on a coffer in front of my gypsy lamp. When I moved suddenly to the side of it, this grey energy was 2 inches thick in front of it and the back of it perfectly still and normal. It is possible in the dream we are surrounded by this deceiving energy layer which gathers information on people and the dream scenario ( as I have never seen many places the dream is at) from the memory of departed or living spirits. Does any of this make sense to you?


posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 03:53 PM
This is one the subject also.....

I have had various dreams about my dead/departed Paternal Grandmother, I have had MANY OF them. ....

IN ALL of these dreams, she is evil, mean, and 'dark'.
In one dream, she returns from the 'grave'/death, and is a strange Dark force or demon-like was SO FREAKY!! In the dream, she wanted to suck my children and myself's life force / energy/ power from us...

I think you could be reaching a realm of 'limbo', for lack of a better word. It could be a place where people 'wait' before moving on or it could be a place of ppl that have died dramatically, or in a powerfully emotional way, causing them to get caught......seeking to return to the material?

Do you use any kind of sapirit 'contacting' tools ? Such as Ouija Boards?

These talking boards, Psychic boards, and the Ouija, all attract and draw 'lost' entities to you. These entities are they aer caught in the life they once lived and can not move past it. They give false info and will pretend to be someone they are not, i.e. your deseased aunt or father, or whatever.......

They will not carry any information of value and do not trust them..

I suggest this............

I learned this, handed down through my family over the generations, place a white candle directly in front of a mirror, light it and leave it lit for the ENTIRE evening, from dusk to dawn, this will clear the energy in your home and around the area of any Neggies that are hanging about.

ALSO~ Do a salt circle around entire house, moving clockwise.....purification.......'Salt for the foundation, if ina apt. do around the entire apt on the walls.

Does THAT sound crazy? It has worked for me and my family, in the past.

GOOD LUCK & Blessings........

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