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Avoid Hammer and sickle

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posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 10:33 PM
I got this game around a month ago, as i read the nfo about it. It sounded great!
Get to be a russian spy in enemry territory in a alternative cold war scernario, hire people, sneak around. And it was said that your actions in the game, change the story of the game. As for example if you go around guns blazing everywhere you will start WW3.

So it had a great plot set-up and game set-up. Thats what i thought untill i played it.

The game gives very little clue on what to do next, i was on the cbv hammer and sickle forums for hours on end trying to find out what i had to do next. The game play is quiet slow in big battles, which can drag out one battle for for a long time. Also the game is so hard that it is nearly impossible if you dont play it on easy mode. One shot from a enemy can blow your head off, or a friends in a second ending their life or your game.
This can get highly frustrating.

I can only reccomend this game to silent storm fans, as it was made general to appease them. Other than that, STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME!


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