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Ted Kennedy's Love Child?

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posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 10:11 PM
Did the grand inquisitor for the democratic party break his marital vows and conceive a child towards the end of his marriage to Joan, the mother of his "official" children?

This article reported in the Boston Herald says it's true:

Here’s the story according to the Enquirer: Back in 1983, Kennedy, then 51, took up with Caroline Bilodeau, an attractive brunette, several months before divorcing Joan, the mother of his three kids — Kara, Ted Jr. and Patrick.

Bilodeau’s friends told the Enquirer the local lass became so smitten with the senator, she “had dreams about being the next Mrs. Ted Kennedy.” But the love affair came crashing down when Bilodeau told Ted a baby was on the way, the mag reports.

“Caroline announced to the family that she was two months pregnant around May 1984,” blabbed a Bilodeau confidante. “Ted was not happy about the news. He already had three kids with Joan and knew a baby out of wedlock could hurt him politically.” According to the Enquirer, the scandal-scarred senator begged Bilodeau to have an abortion, but she refused. “He told her he couldn’t undergo another scandal — not after Chappaquiddick, not so close to his divorce from Joan” said the source. “He was very angry when she defied him and had the child.”

If this turns out to be true as reported, it is just another example of Ted Kennedy's hubris - thundering from "on high" at any Republican that dares seek to serve this country.

The reality seems to be that Ted could serve this country better by just slinking off into the night.


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