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Is it possible that the Atlanteans came from a planet in our own solar system?

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posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 01:30 PM
sorry for answer jusy now

there are many documents and books..but i have the names in italian.
i tell you anyway one of the best book that i rea and study, so you can check.
Colin Wilson -Da Atlantide alla Sfinge
Il Misteri di Orione
Santillana-Dechend ,Il Mulino Di Amleto

and Atlantide is not a fantasy or a fairytail,
Platone,one of the Bigger Philosoph ever write in one of his book About Atlantis,explain the favolous organitation and the beauty of the place,him was there when he wrote that,,
if i will find this part too i will traslate..

and,another things..
i have here lots of messages from the "aliens" that they leave to this wonderfull man that was EUGENIO RAGUSA
in italy is really difficult know something or see something about ufo and aliens..
i think when i will finish to traslate i do a news treath on this forum forthe messages from the Cosmos..
'cause is a message of love,hope and of warnig to redemption for the humanity..

big hug

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 03:11 PM
here i find a picture similar of the ones that i told you,
boat that are leaving Atlantis..

ah,about platyone i find what i was loockingfor..
platone did not was in Atlantis,he went just in egypt..
but he heard from Atlantis from OTHER PHILOSOPHIST BIGGER THAN HIM THAT TIME..


ok,this is the url,sroll down at the end,after the Skystone from Atlantis-maybe-

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