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Global Warming Explained

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posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 12:52 PM
This is channeled material. For anyone who doesn't consider channeled material to be worth reading--don't read it. I am posting it for those who are interested. This is from SSOA ( It's about global warming.

For anyone interested--enjoy! The first few excerpts are from more general comments about global warming, but the last couple, the more recent ones, are from last month. I am already noticing that it is definitely getting warmer. This is not like any other January I've experienced. So I think I should at least let as many people as possible know what, to the best of my ability to decipher this, is causing it. Global warming is caused by a process called ascension. These excerpts are an initial attempt to explain what is happening and why.

(For the record, here--pollution is BAD. We need to make polluters stop NOW. That pollution is not the cause of global warming, nor its eradication a way to reverse global warming, is NOT, I repeat emphatically NOT, a reason to lessen one bit our strenuous efforts to get polluters to stop poisoning the world and everyone on it. The earth is a living being, and humans need to wake up and stop treating her our slave. Ok, off my soapbox!

Ascension is the process by which any planet, star, civilization or species evolves. In the evolutionary process, the biology of the form is altered allowing the form to increase upward in vibration from week, to month, to year, to decade. As this is accomplished gradually and over time, the form enters first a fourth dimensional existence and eventually a fifth dimensional existence.

Earth is becoming a star. One day Earth shall shine bright much like your solar sun. Likewise your solar sun is in the process of moving up in vibration and becoming a 12th dimensional vessel. Earth and your sun are two of 7 suns ascending simultaneously within your creation. This is the underlying cause of "global warming". Earth is heating up due to her ascension, as ascension brings about an increasing vibration and higher rotation of molecular structure, which is the underlying cause of the increasing temperature of earth.

The process of ascension is not new, nor is it a rapid process. Earth has been increasing in vibration since your last ice age. ... Humanity must come along for the ride. Each species is choosing to ascend at this time in history, which includes the plant, animal, mineral, dolphin and whale kingdoms.

Earth’s more rapid pace of ascension is increasing global warming, a concern to many a human scientists. However if one is ascending with earth, one is also heating up from the inside out as well, as this is what the movement of kundahlini, chakras and subtle bodies will cause; it will cause one to heat up and sometimes to a dripping sweat as the kundahlini surges to clear karma or clear the land surrounding one’s home. One may even have night sweats in which one does not require many blankets, even in the cold of winter. As one’s pace of heating up within matches earth’s global warming, one will survive, as one is ascending along with earth, and therefore there is nothing to be concerned about surrounding this business of global warming. All is as it should be.

It is not only the human form that expands in ascension. In a few short years, each of you will see representations in all animal kingdoms of the same sort of expansion, and it serves a parallel purpose. You see, all kingdoms are transcending on a biological level to the next dimension, a little at a time, over the coming century. Each species in turn will develop parallel organs that serve a parallel purpose in each respective form.

Additionally, the form of the Earth herself will grow. This growth is also the result of the crystalline cellular structure that will permeate all rocks, minerals, forests, oceans and vegetation. Because the crystalline cellular structure holds a higher vibration, global warming will continue and in time melt both polar caps of all ice. This increase in your oceans will come hand in hand with an expansion of the form, and so the oceans will not cover all land continents. However, some continents will indeed flood and bring forth a cleansing to regions often overly populated with human form and therefore very toxic.

There will also be a change in Earth's weather patterns, which will related to the global warming and the cleansing necessary to allow for global ascension. Those areas often devoid of water for many years or centuries of time will balance out, allowing for water to flow in what is known as the many desert regions of Earth. The balance of water flow is a reflection of the re-balancing of Earth's energy field, which will provide equal chi or energy to all parts of her global body. Rain is one form of transferring energy to a region that is in need, and those areas that have been starved of rainfall have also been starved of the energy necessary to ascend. This will change in the coming quarter century.

Earth is heating up, which is known as global warming. She will indeed continue to heat up with many more eruptions of what you know as volcanoes in the centuries ahead. The heating up and volcanic activity will cleanse the 'skin' of Earth in preparation for ascension to the next dimension and cause the tectonic plates to move which is often experienced as earthquakes. As you learn to tune into Earth Mother and listen, you will know when it is time to move to avoid all natural disasters in your life experience.

In a similar manner, those who are ascending will experience the resurgence of the kundahlini energy system. The kundahlini is a recycling body energy that is hot, like fire, and allows for the burning off of karma or contracts and agreements which are necessary to be released in order to ascend. The kundahlini has often been associated with sexuality, but sexuality is not necessary in order for the kundahlini to awaken.

As the kundahlini runs, the molecules of the form begin to excite and rotate at a faster pace. This increased molecular pace creates a 'heat' inside the form, which can go so far as to cause dripping sweat. This heating up is a part of ascension, and it is a sign of regeneration and resurrection, not aging or menopause. The sweating allows for the toxins to leave via the pores of the skin that are being cast off in the biological transmutation process.

In a similar manner, Earth will continue to heat up as the molecular rotation increases over time, allowing for a heightened vibration. This is what will cause the ice caps to melt on both poles and eventually translate into more volcanic activity. The volcanic activity will occur as the vibration continues to rise, 'melting' more and more rock at the core of Earth. As the pressure inside increases, it will be released through the birthing of new land. Some of this birthing will occur under the oceans and create new continents in the centuries ahead. Some will occur on the land, cleansing what has become overly polluted due to human activity. Again, we invite you to tune into Earth to determine where to live as to not experience these natural disasters in the decades ahead.

More recent info:

The mineral kingdom assists in the transmutation of global thought-form for the consensus known as Terra (earth). Terra is a consensus reality. Much as each human must learn to transmute polarity based thought-form into greater unity, so is Terra undergoing this process as a planet. This is what fosters global ascension or global warming as humans perceive it. Global warming is really the result of an increasing spin of Terra’s molecules within her body along with the increasing spin of the molecules in all kingdoms, plant, animal, mineral, dolphin and whale as well as human.

Most species are just beginning their ascent beyond 1024 strands of DNA in vibration upon the surface of Terra. Terra has equated molecular spin to the number of strands of DNA that have been restored within the biology. Each additional strand of information causes the molecules to heat up and embrace a new pattern. In the ascent from 1024 to 3000 strands, the molecules shift in patterning from a solar system style of rotation to the triple sphere patterning or “consciousness symbol” within the language of light. As the molecules move into this new patterning as defined by the DNA, there is room for additional warming or heat to emanate from each kingdom along with Terra as a whole, leading to a more rapid pace of global evolution.

At this time roughly 40% of Terra’s overall molecular structure has embraced the triple sphere patterning. In the coming 18 months, it is anticipated that over 80% of Terra’s molecular structure shall embrace this new patterning. As this occurs, global warming shall begin a rapid pace of “heating up” or “thawing out” of the glaciers that remain upon Terra’s body. The melting of the glaciers is necessary as the frozen regions host non-moving energy; non-moving energy causes imbalances in earth’s rotation of field as well as the wobble that creates the seasons in her physical rotation around the solar sun. As the poles and remaining glaciers melt in full in the coming 300 year cycle, earth’s wobble will also cease and seasons as you know them will disappear. This is something that one’s future ancestry shall experience.

The remaining part of Terra’s field that is still split into light and dark factions is also rapidly shifting. In the past six months, the rest of Terra has passed through 10 star gates, when she was averaging only 2 to 3 star gates per year in times past and since the first star gate was entered in the year 2000. This has doubled the pace of ascension as well as global warming, and shall continue to do so due to the recovery of information that had been lost inside of the great central sun long ago.

posted on Jan, 22 2006 @ 05:36 AM
I'm sorry but i just couldn't finish reading that. What you're saying is that earth is slowly heating up so it turns into a star and starts shining all by itself?

Think about it for a moment, go read up on how stars are made up, you will see that it is impossible for earth to become a star.

posted on Jan, 23 2006 @ 04:14 PM
good read, suggested.

-Sri Oracle


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