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I need Help!!! L-Aspartic acid, lost between the lines.

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posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 01:02 AM
ok, to sum up things, I've been using whey protein supplements for a couple years. Since I hit the gym regular, too boost my muscles with addictional protein. I know aspartame is bad for me. I was taking some products with artificial sugars to my shock and anger, before I was enlightened. The amount in this stuff I'll never regret being so stupid. I mean the amount was in the grams per scoop. Ignorant I was.

Since then I still used the whey protein supps. but those that listed their product as "Contains no artificial sugars". I than felt good again, until I picked up on the ingredients L-Aspartic acid and L-Phenylalanine. If you look up aspartame, these are the two compounds that make it up. I felt deceived and confused... I gave up supps entirely at this point, than I ran into a very expensive product that was bassically the cleanest possible, like pure food fed to pure cattle which produce the milk products whey protein is derived from. This product claimed to be entirely safe, sweetend with "stevia leaves" (safe), claimed no artificial sugars etc.

Than I looked up the amino acids on the website, and found the same, L-aspartic acid and L-Phenylalanine. So I returned the product and wrote an email to the company, which is in toronto, to inform them of the dangers of their product. They sent me an email back, which stated their awareness of aspartame and artificial sweeteners, and that these two products are safe the way they are processed etc. I researched more and found info saying that aslong as these substances are linked to other chains of amino acids they arn't deadly, and are healthy for you. Your body produces both of these if I'm not mistaken too. Aswell as those that took regular aspartame in pill form is safer than in straight sugar because the rush into your body isn't so quick. As of aspartame staight into your body fast which spikes your blood levels and that is the core reason for it's hazard. So I feel I had a grasp on it.

I read the post further down this board and it brought up my worries again.
I would really love to continue using whey protein because I find the supplement very beneficial.

I'm asking for anyone to please help clear my head of this...

Am I just hearing what I want to hear, or should these two ingrediants be avoided at all cost. Also notice the "L-" infront of (L-)aspartic acid and (L-)phenylalanine. I really really really need to know if I'm doing harm. Bassically I need some real world references besides myself and my understanding.

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 03:19 AM
I was searching through some bodybuilding forums for some info on this, and 98% of them think aspartame is still ok to take, regardless of any articles given to them. These people are happily ignorant. I don't think they would even understand my question, but anyway, if any one has some knowledge of this... please post.

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 09:16 AM
The L simply means left conformation. Nearly all organic compounds have an L form and R form, even DNA has one. It just indicates the arrangement of side chain groups. As far as aspartic acid being harmful, the body actually keeps a fairly tight control on it. Most excess aspartic acid gets converted to fumerate, which then enters the citric acid cycle and produces energy. Granted, if you were to eat roughly 10g of pure aspartic acid in one day, your body wouldn't be able to deal with all of it and it may cause some kidney damage, so if I were you, I'd keep it down to under 10g of aspartame intake just to be safe.


posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 11:29 AM
Dude, considering that one of those sweetener packets is roughly 30mgs of aspartame (note that this is part aspartate part phenylalanine and the latter is slightly heavier so in larger proportion) - you'd have to be having 600 of em daily to get up to 10g. That's some intense molasses yo. This also means that having it in your tea (assuming not 600 packets daily) won't really affect your blood sugar.

Oh, and the conformations follow the Fischer scheme (L, D as in levorotatory and dextrorotatory, not R/S as in absolute configuration). They're not related and not always interchangeable.
So to answer your question, Mindsite, I'd do some reading on intro biochem, human physio and nutrition if you really want the ins and outs of amino acid supplementation (although I suspect that's more effort than it's worth). For a quick enlightener, go to

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 01:27 PM
Ah, good catch on the Fischer notation, Alecta. Didn't even notice that as I was typing it, hehe. You get a vote for way above for attention to detail =).


posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 04:05 PM
I'm not talking about diet drinks or sugar packets, the protein supplements I take have 3 grams of aspartic acid in one scoop, say I have 2 or 3 scoops a day, that's 9 grams a day of aspartic acid.

It's also not amtter of how much is bad, if it's bad for my health I'd prefer to take none.

thanks for the link I'll check it, I have also done alot of research myself.
I was mostly looking for some third person perspectives.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 01:38 AM
reply to post by Mindsite

All these chemicals are exitotoxins! No matter whether it is in a form of aspartame or citric acid, MSG or else as there is many forms of the exitotoxins are out there in our foods. None of the levels are safe!!! Whether any turn into citric-acid or Methanol during the chemical breakdown -> they are poison.

It kills brain cells within an hour from eating or drinking it in any amount. The only difference is that how many of them it will kill!! So may have nice muscles but will be very dumb!
Anyhow unfortunately it is not far as funny as it sounds as that is just the part of the truth.

However they have even worst effects on the body and they can create an autoimmune diseases, Parkinsons, tumors even death.
Would you eat arsenic or cyanide?

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