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BTS Comics Shipping List: Comics Shipping 18 January 2006

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posted on Jan, 17 2006 @ 10:47 PM
The products on the lists below are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores on the indicated date. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.

PLEASE NOTE: Please check with your local retailer to confirm availability of new items, as not all new releases will be on sale in all areas on the same week.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 4
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Incentive Cover 4
Generation M 3
Incredible Hulk 91
Iron Man The Inevitable 2
Knights 4 26
Marvel Knights Spider-Man 22
MK Spidey 22 Incentive Cover
New Mangaverse 1
Punisher vs Bullseye 3
Runaways 12
Sentinel Squad One 1
Spider-Woman Origin 2
Uncanny X-Men 468
X-Factor 1 (2nd Print)
X-Statix Presents Dead Girl 1

Action Comics 835
All Star Superman 2
Batgirl 72
Batman Gotham Knights 73
Birds of Prey 90
Firestorm 21
Flash 230
Green Lantern 7
Infinite Crisis 4
JSA Classified 7
Justice 2 (2nd Print)
Legion of Super Heroes 13
Manhunter 18
Nightwing 116
Seven Soldiers Mr. Miracle 3
Sgt. Rock The Prophecy 1

Hellblazer 216
Losers 31
Lucifer 70
Testament 2

Ex Machina 17
Planetary 24
Robotech Shadow Chronicles 5

Blade of the Immortal 109
Chicanos 3
Conan 24
Escape of the Living Dead 3
Freshmen 5
GI Joe Americas Elite 3 (2nd print)
Girls 9
Gold Digger 71
Haunted Mansion 4
Iron Ghost 5
Jenna 2
Little Star 6
Maze Agency 2
Noble Causes 16
Phantom 9
PS238 14
Red Sonja 4
Rex Mundi 16
Star Wars Republic 82
Strangers In Paradise 79
Transformers Infiltration 1
Transformers Infiltration Graham Crackers Cover 1
Vaistron 3
Vice 4
Walking Dead 25

Berserk vol. 10
Samurai Executioner vol. 8
Tenjho Tenge vol. 5

Adrian Tomine New York Sketches 2004
Avengers Above & Beyond
Daredevil vs. Punisher
Flash Rogue War
Marvel Masterworks Hulk vol. 3
Penny Arcade vol. 1
Showcase Green Arrow vol. 1
Spider-Girl vol. 5
Teen Titans/Outsiders: Insiders
Warren Ellis Apparat vol. 1
Weapon X Days of Future Now

Back Issue 14
Comics Journal 273
Lo Fi 2.3
Tomarts Action Figure Digest 141
Wizard Anime Insider 29

Archie 563
Archie Double Digest 167
Betty & Veronica Spectacular 73
Hardy Boys vol. 4
Nancy Drew vol. 4
Simpsons Comics 114

Bome V7 Bunny Girl
DC Secret Files Series 2
Wolverine Days of Future Past Figure
Vision Statue

Green Lantern Ghosts

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 10:37 AM
All Star Superman 2 !!!

This comic kicks ass. I picked up issue #1 when it came out and I loved it. It was the first Superman book I had picked up in 10 years.
Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely are so awesome together. I was first introduced to the creative team when they worked on "New X-Men." In fact their work on that book is what brought me back into comics after not buying any for a few years.

If you guys don't know what All Star Superman is about here is a quote from

DC launches the newest addition to its All Star line of comics � where the industry's top creative talents refine the iconic focus of the world's greatest super-heroes. Writer Grant Morrison (JLA, SEVEN SOLDIERS) and artist Frank Quitely (THE AUTHORITY, New X-Men) � the acclaimed team behind JLA: EARTH 2 � are at it once again, this time to strip down the Man of Steel to his timeless, essential elements.

The series kicks off with a 12-issue story arc touching on all the classic aspects of the Superman mythology, starting with a daring rescue of a doomed group of helionauts on the surface of the sun. The massive amounts of solar radiation affect Superman in a way no one could possibly anticipate � except Lex Luthor!

Here is the cover to issue #2.


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