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Could this be posible

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posted on Jan, 17 2006 @ 10:34 AM
I was watching the discovery channel with "americas tsunami are we next"

What fasinated me was that earthquake speed up earth by 3 seconds. which dosent seem much but it is.

Then i came to thinking with the earthquake that might happen on the San Adreas fault. Cjould this earthquake speed up earth so much that i could have alot of effect on the animal and plant life, winds speeding up with destructive powers. Or what if this earthquake could stop earth rotation? just think what could happen to us. we will be fling and smashing in to things the oceans wiill make a wave to highth that has never been seen before by any one.

with this stoping of speeding of the earth + california droping into the pacific (tsunami taking out all of asia and areas around) + yellow stone erupting = terrible time for us.

What if GOD is planing this all out for major destruction or if it just might be all coistence. this generation of people will see the worst of all mother nature or it wont happen and we can live on with our happy lives, muderist plans, and sucidal attemps.

posted on Jan, 17 2006 @ 10:46 AM
The SE Asian tsunami was caused by one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded.

It had the effect of shortening the day by less than 3 microseconds.

Such events are, geologically speaking, quite commonplace. The worst that mother nature can throw at us hit the human race 74,000 years ago when Mount Toba erupted - the biggest volcanic eruption for a million years. It precipitated a nuclear winter.

And, despite no houses, cars or central heating, we still survived

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 08:12 AM
whops my bad miss read something some where

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