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Is World War 3 about to start?

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posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 05:32 PM
Amazing how people call each other liars on the whole just because they disagree with the other, this is what causes wars in the first place and proves my point of look at yourself first.
Here is some darn good reasons why the US will start the next world war:
#1 poor treatment of people worldwide
#2 leeching of other nations to the point of collapse
#3 bullying
#4 being a hypocrite
#5 talk peace then bomb civilians (the same ones they said, we wont hurt you which falls under #4)
#6 severe violations of human rights worldwide
#7 the list keeps going and going.
Ok folks look at this:
China vs. USA=both die
If either invade someone the other kinda has to follow along because without the other no economy could exist (imports would stop to USA, etc.)
China COULD start WW3 but the US would back them because THEY HAVE NO CHOICE, the US CANNOT survive without china anymore because of the economic settup thanks to outsourcing.
And so far the ONLY nation of the 2 world powers who is land hungry is the US.
There are allot of unkind words to be said to people who attempt to bash someone but fail, the point is they like taking advantage of the "no flame, no mano a mano fights" and this goes for everyone on ATS who does this which is cowardly. We should all keep those kinds of comments to OURSELVES or just U2U them and fight that way instead.

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 05:54 PM
Number of nukes owned by Israel? According to retired US Army Colonel Warner D. Farr, M.D., Israel has over 400 nuclear and hydrogen bombs.

Number of nukes owned by Iran? Up to now, ZERO. ziltch. Nadda. Nothing

(But, look out, cuz Iran is starting a nuclear program, and may have enough uranium to maybe make a 10 years)

Who's really a treat to who now?

By the way, Vekar, I completely agree

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posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 06:25 PM
It is quite possible if them idiots do not heed the the conserted effort of the U.N. to stop. I think the real one to watch in this is China. Their economy is busting at the seems for raw energy in any form especially crude. They are better positioned than Russia to make a bigger and faster land grab if it come to that I think. But what usually happens when you plan for the best? Someone will always try to run a stupid play.

Iran, now does have a history of ticking off nations and they proabaly are going to do their best to stall for as much time as they can get just in case they come around to the free worlds thinking and blink.

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posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 03:25 PM
Well things wont stop let alone slow down (it might in public view but not behind closed doors) and sometime in this nations history there WILL be a WW3 started by US, someone else, or both. The point is people dont realize when they have started to push to far, right now they are slaping each other on the back thinking they are getting things done or making lots of money. Well short term (money) yes, winning no, long term= gonna get wiped out. Then again maybe the powers that be have planned this all along and are just buying time till they are ready to retaliate or put the other side in a bad way as with china, if China attacks the US they loose most of their economy, BUT if the US attacks china the US looses its supplies. The one thing no one seems to be worried about but should be is what will they do if china bull rushes westward to take land? Their economy is now to the point where supplying people is not a problem anymore so they can. Yes also what will people do if they start to take over the world economically or try to? No one knows, no one likes to talk about it. Just pray the next world war is not with China or the US WILL be wiped out to the point of hopelessness. China has the numbers plain and simple, they can make the navy to get it here in no time at all if they want to, as for the US? Hard to get troops, hard to get allies, hard to make new ships and hard to get what they need to fuel the machine.

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