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More Lies about Iran

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posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 05:18 PM
Excuse the delay- had a hangup with my post last night in the form of a 12 year old who doesn't believe in saving open documents before taking the computer. Anyway, I'm back.

Originally posted by ArchAngel
PLEASE show us all where it was required.
As shown on previous pages the Paris Agreement was non-binding.

Eye on the ball my friend, we're talking North Korea. Your link for the agreed framework, page 2, Section I, 3- first bullet. North Korea agrees to freeze the graphite reactor and related facilities within one month.

1994: Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto travels to North Korea. AQ Kahn makes 13 subsequent trips, along with other scientists and Pakistani military officers, including the Army Chief of Staff Waheed and his Operations Officer- Pervez Musharraf.

April 98: The fruit of these exchanges is proven when Pakistan fires a Gharui missile for the first time as part of the nuclear tests India and Pakistan conducted that year. The Ghauri is a No-Dong A knockoff.

The LWRs fell behind schedule, but the deal stood for the moment.

1998 Unknown to America at the time, North Korea trades missiles for centrifgues with Pakistan.

In 1998 the DIA located a facility at Hagap, including entrances to underground areas.

In 1999 and afterwards both US and SK intelligence began to suspect North Korea of acquiring centrifuges.

1998 Kenki Aoyama defects from NK to Japan. He has extensive knowledge of the facilities at Yongbyon.

2000: The UK JIC implicates Kahn in proliferation to Libya. (

2000: Pakistan seizes an aircraft charted by AQ Kahn, bound for North Korea.

July 2002: US Satellites spot Pakistani aircraft picking up additional missile equipment in North Korea.

November 2002: The US cuts off oil shipments to NK.

2003: A ship containing alluminum casings for centrifuges is stopped near Libya, bound for North Korea, confirming earlier suspicions.

Feb 2004: After being sacked from his post, Kahn makes a public appology and admits to his activities, claiming he acted without authorization.

PLEASE enlighten us to the facts.


The facts are that the source is the word of one old man with plenty of motive to lie.

Um, one old American man, one old Pakistani arms salesman, one old Pakistani General turned Coupster, a shipload of centrifuge components, satellite images adding evidence of an exchange, backed up by technical simliarities in Pakistani and NK missiles, the testimony of NK Defectors, Kahn's admission that he became aware that NK possessed 3 weapons already in the late 90s...

You're a heck of a transcendentalist if you call that one man.

(edit to complete after inadvertent early posting)

[edit on 24-1-2006 by The Vagabond]

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 05:44 PM
You did not make clear in your post who you were talking about.

As I referenced the Paris Accord, which applies to Iran, how could you be confused about my reply?

Anyway--- Your source does not show NK involved in enrichment activity until AFTER America violated the AF.

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 07:29 PM
Try reading them. They include documentation of admissions made after the fact which confirm that US suspicions of activity before the oil being cut off were correct at the time that the US stopped the oil shipments.

North Korea had a few weapons BEFORE we cut the oil. North Korea engaged in technical exchanges with Pakistan in which AQ Kahn was heavily involved BEFORE we cut the oil. The UK were onto AQ Kahn BEFORE we cut the oil. Pakistan was clamping down on AQ Kahn's dealings with NK BEFORE we cut the oil. A North Korean who claims North Korea has conducted underground nuclear tests was with the Japanese BEFORE we cut the oil.

Only a few months later, we intercept materials on their way to support NK's centrifuge program- you know, the non-existant one that James Kelly is supposedly lying about?

A couple of years later, Kahn and the Pakistani government come clean about the whole mess, laying to rest once and for all any debate over whether or not our suspicions which lead to the oil shipments stopping were correct.

To hell with James Kelly- the North Korean side of the story is only slightly less incriminating. When Kelly confronted them, they admit they told him that they had a right to acquire nuclear weapons.

What you can see here is that while we did not have conclusive proof, we had strong reason to be suspicious, and when we addressed the matter, North Korea avoided a direct denial, were not in the least eager to show that they had nothing up their sleeves, and said that they had a right seek nuclear weapons.

We proved to be absolutely right. After that decision was made, the rest of the facts came together which show that we made the right call because North Korea was pursuing an enrichment program in secret and according to AQ Kahn, already had several nuclear devices.

And you're defending them. This is the light in which your defense of Iran must be seen, especially considering that Iran's program, like North Korea's, depends on Pakistani know-how and Korean missiles, and is being conducted according to a similar pattern of secrecy and stalling.

As for who we were talking about, there seemed to be no misunderstanding of this until you brought up Paris, which is of no relevance to North Korea whatsoever obviously. Look at Page 6- I quote you regarding who violated the framework agreement, you reply re: NK, I reply with evidence that NK's Uranium enrichment activities were implicitly covered by Article One, Section 3 of the Agreed Framework, and then you go off about Paris.

So are you just not paying attention, or is this some kind of ill-concieved Chewbacca Defense?

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