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'We will cut them until Iran asks for mercy'

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posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 04:48 PM

O rly?

Don't go for it, he’s setting you up for a perfect example of what you have just stated that involves the US

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 07:08 PM
I know... It's difficult sometimes to understand what motivates somebody to become an apologist for terrorism. They will blame anyone and everyone to avoid holding terrorists responsible for their cowardly acts.

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 07:47 PM
The US government is the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism. We wrote the book on international terrorism, and provided it free with every case of rifles to south american guerillas.

Want to know how to blow up pumping stations, cripple supply chains, assassinate people, and generally make life Hell for the people/government of your country? The USA can help! We sell the weapons, but the tactics are free and available on the internet.
(No guarantee of continued support, in fact we may declare you a threat to national security as soon as your payments clear escrow)

The hypocrisy is so flagrant it's like a pride parade.

I am glad though, to see some pro-war, pro-torture, pro-terrorism Americans in this thread, supporting the terrorists acting against Iran, not because I agree with their principles, but because it makes the truth of their position much more clear to the casual observer. They support terrorism as long as it advances their agenda, bottom line.

By the president's decree they could be rounded up and disappeared as punishment for supporting all this domestic terrorism with tax dollars (not to mention vocal support for the atrocities), and all the pro-war, pro-torture, pro-American-terrorism folks would be guilty of supporting such measures all along! The POTUS's declaration doesn't apply to the POTUS himself?

How do you think they would like it if they had to live up to the standard of behavior they impose on others?

People who support the torture and murder of innocent people for the purpose of advancing a political ideal are dangerous to themselves and others (mostly others). Domestic terrorism supporters are the sort of folks who whip out a tire iron to settle a parking-space dispute. They're the sort who shoot at the neighborhood kids playing in the field out back. They're crazy, and they're a danger to national security, not to mention global stability.

And they're everywhere!

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 12:54 AM

Originally posted by jsobecky
I know... It's difficult sometimes to understand what motivates somebody to become an apologist for terrorism. They will blame anyone and everyone to avoid holding terrorists responsible for their cowardly acts.


It's not my fault your a hypocrite and your own words are so easily thrown back in your face. Do you deny that the US has trained unsavory sorts and tacitly approved of their actions? Do you deny that you said that training someone to commit terrorist acts makes one as guilty as actually committing the act? So logically if your standards (not mine!)are applied to the US we are terrorists. Its not my fault if you said that the US is a terrorist nation! The only one here apologizing for terrorists is you since by your own standards the US is a terrorist nation.

Either retract you statement that training someone is equal to committing an act or continue to revel in your own hypocrisy for all the world to see.

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 01:50 PM

Originally posted by MarkLuitzen
we have to use a weapon which can lead to terrorist too afraid to attack any nation.

cold war had the nuke currently we need something 21th cent.

and we need energy shields and blast absorbing technologies.

and we have to stop religion of being a reason for terrorism even if leaders of religions deny they are one of the reasons of terrorism but support them secretly.

there is no such magic weapon:magnetic shields will absorb the blast and the radioactivity,but will not prevent the fallout once the shield has been disabled(forcebly)
In addition,warheads may be used against the GSM network ,hampering all comunications or smuggled inside the city.
Fear is not the key,understanding and peace is.all weapons and technology do not substitute the Man ,there is no way to subdue the will of the hardliners through fear,for it will cause more actions from the ones who have nothing left to lose.
All this rethoric about Islam ,martyrdom ,sacrifice ,covers the basic fact that these people are starving to death,while their government executes each Friday dozens in public places and severes the hands and legs of hundreds.
"The one who seeds wind shall harvest a tempest";USA has developed and used atomic bombs,now 44 nations are signatory of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty;if they don't have the big bombs,why bother to sign it?

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