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INTUITION ( article )

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posted on Jan, 16 2006 @ 06:28 AM
An article from auto-atranslated by altavista from Russian to English.

They be born with the intuition, but they do not use...

Intuition - this sixth feeling. This is that theme, about which they speak for the elongation it is age-long, but which, until now remains inexplicable. This that does not yield to logical explanation, and does not at the same time reject by humanity.

People, which possess the increased perception and supersensitivity, were and are in always. They predict future, see the forthcoming events and quietly they are oriented in the present. In the different periods of history such people were always separated made of the overall human mass by their wisdom, cleanliness of consciousness, by mercy and... by unusual abilities.

Science to this day cannot explain however, that such is intuition. This is very similar to the reasonings about the love. Each knows that the love exists, but no one so could explain however, that this such. This is the state, which can be only felt.

Intuition - the skill to feel correct selection - exists absolutely in each of us this ability in each it is inserted from the generation, simply we learned to use it. Indeed entire our conscious life we develop five sensory organs, laying emphasis only on them.

How we do acquire information? With the aid of the organs of perception.
Sight works in the world of light. Rumor works in the world of sound. Touch orients us in the world of forms. Sense of smell helps in the world it is odor. Taste - in the world of gustatory senses.

Five sensory organs - necessary and sufficient collection for the survival. Specifically, for the survival, since life this to name complicatedly.
If we examine them more fixedly, it is possible to note interesting regularity. These feelings as if go from the "rough to the thin"...

1. Touch - "is rougher" nowhere. It is insufficient for checking the object to the hardness- softness investigated by us, one touch - it is necessary with the effort to produce extrusion, i.e., to make a distance from the finger to the object of study minus.
2. Taste. For determining the taste the necessary and sufficient distance from the language to that tried - zero.
3. Sense of smell. Receptors will recognize changes in the smell from ten it is meter.
4. Rumor. Ear is capable of reacting to the sound signals, published in tens of kilometers from that listening to.
5. Sight. "tender" feeling itself. Because of its degree of sensitivity it is capable of observing luminous sources or their light-reflection at a distance of tens of light years.

However, but that this following feeling?
The sixth feeling in the comparison with the sight is still penetrating. The sixth feeling - these are the vision of invisible, vision in the time and the space, inaccessible for other sensory organs. Vision of the past, future and - the main thing is valuable perception of reality.

These are physical touch, not sound, not smell. This is even visual means. This something nonmaterial, but at the same time completely real.

Intuition - direct understanding of truth without the preliminary logical reasoning (S.I. Of ozhegov the dictionary of the Russian language.)

According to Descartes intuition - this straight, direct discretion of truth, in contrast to the defined by example, rational knowledge. The knowledge, obtained intuitively, appears as simple, clear, self-evident. Intuition - highest way of the intellectual knowledge, in process of which the man simultaneously thinks and contemplates.

Henri Bergson (French thinker (1859-1941), classics of the western philosophy OF THE XX century, Nobel prize winner) defines intuition as the specific skill of man "to see the entire earlier than his parts", the ability of instantaneous creative solution of problem. Intuition seemingly anticipates the activity of consciousness, intellect, leaving in the portion of the latter only formality - the logical fastening of the obtained results.

Of intuitions it is sufficiently for the discretion of truth, but it is insufficient it in order to convince of this truth of others and itself.

The judgments of Karl Gustav Young ( philosopher, psychologist, orientalist) are interesting: "you learn to be oriented, intuitively to feel, where are concealed favorable opportunities".

Correct answer always inside us!

But as to find access to the truth? This is - chief problem. In it small key from the magic door, after which are hidden the solutions of many and many problems.

The sixth feeling uses information from the future and selects the optimum ways of action. Here thousand versions. Here man finds way intuitive- consciously and it goes in the direction necessary to it.

The usual person does not have selection, it will sail with the flow. For it success - lottery, chance. The sixth feeling gives the possibility of selection to man. Of million of versions it can select necessary.

Life - this is not experiment! In each situation we must learn to select the most optimum version, the most successful solution, no matter by what you neither dealt, what you nor made - be it business or personal life! From the small to the quite global, sud'bonosnykh solutions!

When intuition begins to work, appears this strange, but very pleasant sensation, that the life reacts to your desires. It resounds, it otklikayetsya to you, appears the sensation of reciprocity, as if you have with the life novel.

For which you not undertook, everything begins to occur and to be obtained. You come to the purpose, to the solution at the necessary moment and in the necessary time. I.e., you begin to differently plan your life.

But as to develop intuition?

Although each possesses the sixth feeling to one degree or another, nevertheless in the daily life far from all load it so actively as the first five.

But in the life one simple rule works - if we do not pay the adequate consideration to some organ or to muscle, then gradually they begin to atrophy - after the uselessness. However, if we in time recollect ourselves and to begin to train this zone, then through some time interval everything will again be within the standard.

Training intuition is very similar to pumping of muscles I this feeling can be waked up and developed to the Olympic heights. In order to then obtain its gold medal from the life. But "prizes" here priceless. First of all, these are the savings of its own life, the possibility to instantly feel the dangerous, empty and incorrect solutions. In everything - in the studies, the business, the personal life.

But as this to dostich'? Certainly, with the aid of the labor. There are many different methods of training the intuition. They all in are their own way effective and help to open in themselves the ability of intuitive perception. However, in each person is one serious enemy - its own laziness.

To constant trainings of intuition dare entirely few. But if it is more precise, then almost all approach the occupations with the enormous enthusiasm, but without having obtained instantaneous result, they gradually lose fuse. To the finish come the most steadfast.

The specialists of the company of the MSN- technology many years studied and analyzed this phenomenon. Numerous experiences and experiments were conducted. And finally discovery was made. It occurs, if punishment for each error is obtained with trainings of men, then in it very rapidly it is formed to instantly depart reflex from the incorrect solution. The same principle gradually is transferred to the life.

Because of this discovery to the light appeared unique, not having analogs in the world, the trainer of intuition (SLIMES).

This instrument only has two buttons - two versions of the solution. One accurate, another - incorrect. If that training selects incorrect version, it obtains the small, but sensitive discharge of electricity. What button will prove to be "electrical" with the following pressure, it is previously unknown, since the discharge constantly "crosses" from one button to another.

Any attempts to determine the "charged" button with the aid of the logic lead only to one - to obtaining of new discharge. Approximately in ten minutes of trainings on the instrument logic will move away to the second plan. And intuitive sensation forward leaves. Body auto gives prompts, where to harvest, provided not to obtain one additional portion of discomfort.

After learning to listen to itself, our body, our feelings, and in this case in the reasonable fractions to combine this with the logical thinking, we become the valuably thinking people, in which are begun to operate both hemispheres of the brain. In comparison with the hundred per-cent logicians, who use only one hemisphere, our possibilities become considerably higher.
MSN Of the technology

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