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anti-christ. my opinions..let's see!!

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posted on Jan, 16 2006 @ 02:08 AM
1. Why did anti-christ, why Jesus they are opposing.?
come on, why not, anti-mohammed or anti-buddha or other religions...
2. How come they only based their acts and deeds on what their naked eye see.
3. Probably God, Jesus is powerful enough to promote Christianity so the devils triggered the anti-christ, so that they can destroy God.
4. Giving information based on so called facts about God is not real, but really there is no truth about truth. the only truth is harder to understand. no one knows what it is.

Conclusion. we shall not always depend on what facts cand destruct a thing rather we need to understand deeply, not only to our senses but also to the truth about life that there is one destination, there is absolute truth, it will come but we do not know.. but someday..somehow..

Make life easy, do good, kill pride be humble, gain experience, learn from it through constant living easy, do to others good.

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