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Test Spin on a Theory in Work. George W. Bush

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posted on Jan, 15 2006 @ 07:58 PM
Okay, first I say this. All that follows is simply a connection of loose ideas. I am first laying the ground work for this Theory. Tear it apart as you wish. Some of this theory reaches into the near future, so it will take time to see some of this come to light (if it does).

George W. Bush is the subject of this Theory. It will also involve in great detail the Middle East. Also (the admittedly weakest link) will be added an Illumanati/NWO tie in.

George W. Bush has been considered by many to be ignorant. They will cite his speech, lack of word knowledge, some of his ideas and actions. I first counter this. George W. Bush is not ignorant. He is highly intelligent. He is either (A) showing a front of his own design or (B) following a carefully laid plan set up by a higher authority.

To speak on this I will use an old addage. "The greatest trick the Devil played was making the world think he didn't exist". Let me ask you, who do you fear more when presented with a Genious and a babbling Idiot? The wise would fear the Genious. Strength is something to be feared, but only if one can properly use that strength. By making (I believe to be PLANNED) criticle errors, and by standing pat on them and not making concessions to admit being wrong (there bye stating he believes he is RIGHT, and that the plan is INTELLIGENT... when better possible options are available), he absolves any fear of him. He is considered a child weilding a deadly weapon. He is still seen as deadly, but not nearly the threat of a hard core assassian.

I think this goes back to even his college times. As the son of George Bush he was almost assured a spot in the White House if he choose to take up polotics. Up to the point of the Presidency he did average in College (though at a higher college. But Average isn't the mark of a President), he did dismal as a Govenor, he did a bad job as an owner of a MLB team (Rangers). He showed nothing to be outstanding or supreme. He set the bar low.

By doing that, he has the masses thinking that he is not capable of a large scale plan.

Now, I submit his plan. Bush does not care about the Presidancy, it is merely a tool. One he was practically guarenteed. His plan is to acquire a share of the Middle Eastern Oil, in private, for either himself or an organization he is part of. Of course this will be filtered. There will be no Iranian Deeds with George W. Bush on them.

He will do this by first 'Freeing' the people. He is in that process now. Then, once they are free and the government is up and substantially running, he will allow them to run on their own. After all the heat for being their in the first place, he will be absolved of all burdens due to the fact that (in the end) he did bring peace and freedom. He sets them on their own course and is now no longer responsible for the outcome.

Tyranny comes again. The 'Freedom' of the people is seized. A new Ruler is in place. Unknown is that he was set their by Bush, the puppeteer to the puppet. He has now seized this piece of profitable land and is the power behind the throne (or the organization he is with is doing so). He has played his part.

He Frees, freeing himself of Blame. He Releases, no longer having Responsibility. Then he Controls from the Shadows.

Now, a man of moral would not want to stain his reputation or the position of the Precendency. I say he is of no moral. Again, he cares not for his post.

One of my friends that I first brought this up to told me Bush isn't smart enough for such action. I doubt that. I believe that any ignorance he shows is just that... a show. I also tend to believe that if I, or a many writers in the world can come up with such an idea that it would not be to hard to pick up a book and read (start with Shakespere) to find inspiration for such a plot.

Of course, just being Pres. doesn't make this a shooin to happen. That is why I have the NWO angel. One theory is that the Illumanati infiltrated the Masons and are still active today. George is an active Mason. However, it doesn't need to be the Illumanati, and NWO would do. The Omega perhaps?

In a stream line I am suggesting that the war in the Middle East is about claiming very profitable but volitile land to help continue to fund a NWO that Bush is part of.

Have fun finding interesting correlations or shreeding this apart!

posted on Jan, 15 2006 @ 08:54 PM
Interesting theory.
At times I wonder, I really do think George is in over his head.

Even if he is not faking his faux pas, those who pull his strings seem to be quite happy with his behavior.

But, I do need to shoot a hole in part of your theory, George Bush is not a Mason. No president since Johnson was part of that Fraternity.

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posted on Jan, 15 2006 @ 11:58 PM
isn't the first rule of the art of war make your enemy think your stupid?

posted on Jan, 16 2006 @ 07:09 PM
Interesting. It was stated in one of the Illumanati threads that headed into a Mason's discussion that he was, and that was not refruted in the thread.

My fault for not better researching if your stand is correct. As it would then obsolve him of the Masons and weaken the Illumanati tie in, it still only clears up a small part. He could still be in some NWO.

I was hoping for a few more responses to this, to see if anyone who keeps a closer eye on polotics than I do had seen something like this in his actions.

I truly believe he is putting on a farce to feighn stupidity, so he is then seen as less of a threat.

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 01:10 PM
I have to agree that some of his actions etc.. are an act. he comes from a respectable family, and his father was far from unintelligent being the director of the CIA (they dont let dummies run the CIA) and then the president. . He has an MBA from Harvard so I really think some of the stuff he does is an act or scripted. I don't know if it's done to make him appeal more to the common people or blue collar types or if its done to make people underestimate him, but I agree that he's probably not an stupid as some would have you believe including himself.

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 05:29 PM
George W. Bush was/is a member of Skull and Bones. As is his father.


posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 05:37 PM
My theory is that George is dumb. This is precisely why the illuminati wanted him as president at all costs. He is manipulated daily by the powers that be, oh, and Cheney.
Psychologically, its easier to manipulate a not so bright person.
Anyway, thats my take on this.

Your theory could be true also. Lord knows which forms evil comes in.

PS> Take your catholic priests, (I'm Catholic) the child molestors are evil with the appearance of good.

Take your evangelical christians, saying all kinds of stupid things (we all know who they are)

My point is that what you see is something very different than what you get. We are living these last days in an illusion. Nothing is what it appears.

[edit on 20-1-2006 by dgtempe]

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 05:39 PM
Good post! I have always thought it's either an act or cocain/alcholol induced, maybe both?

Look at the stuff he's done that wasn't planned to be public knowledge. Trying to ride that new scooter thing without turning it on for example, I don't think that was an act.
George is the classic rich kid with no common sense, intelligent maybe but totally lost in everyday stuff.
But I do believe those behind the 'face' new exactly what they were doing when they allowed him to be pres.

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 10:05 PM
I doubt Bush went through the trouble of becoming president just to take over some Middle Eastern oil. I believe Bush and/or his backers have a vision of sorts for the world. So, what is their vision?

During the cold war, US policy was to promote world stability. In this context, stability means having a strong central government. US-backed governments were installed or supported all over the world. Anarchy was eliminated with pro-us regimes.

The cold war is over, and the world has changed. Now, the US no longer faces the same opposition from the Soviet Union. Challenges to US leadership can arise all over the world. Strong governments have the potential to challenge the US. So, the US goal is to destabilize countries all over the world. Middle Eastern country's oil give them the potential to develop powerful industries. Stable regimes might allow those countries to develop.

I'm not sure I agree with this theory, but it sounds like the most convincing explanation, I've been able to figure out for current events. A sub-variant of this theory, would be that global instability would allow for some new world order to emerge, whatever it may be. If this were the case, you could potentially even have competing factions all pushing for global instability so they can best implement their grand vision for reform.

posted on Jan, 26 2006 @ 01:26 PM
Gaining control of the Middle Eastern oil would do many things. First, it would give the US even more stability (or what ever faction Bush could be working for/with). Secondly, it would mean we could reserve our oil until we have drained the world dry. Why? So we are in the power seat that the Middle East is in now. Imagine gas exceeding $10 a gallon.

Now, on the personal note, if Bush has his hands in those coffers, he's set and then some. It would generate enough cash flow to handle almost any situation.

He, on a Governmental aspect, could solidify the standing of the US indefinately.

On a Conspiricy stand point, he could give his benefactor a power resource.

Again, this is all skeptical and basically a test run on my Theory. Thanks for the responses, everyone!

posted on Jan, 28 2006 @ 12:48 PM
My own take on this old quote-

"The greatest trick the world played was making you think the devil did exist."

In my opinion

posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 12:47 AM
But Average isn't the mark of a President), he did dismal as a Govenor, he did a bad job as an owner of a MLB team (Rangers). He showed nothing to be outstanding or supreme. He set the bar low.

One outstanding achievement everyone forgets is that he also owned an oil company, headquartered in Dallas, Texas.That company was sold and days later comes under investigation by the FBI, headquartered out of OK City, Oklahoma. Months later it gets blown up.

I like your theory. Its got a good base to start from.

I would say that the what we are seeing now is setting people up for the drastic changes that will occur ie Civil Liberities gone. Which total domination of individual daily lives was/is the goal of the NWO (WTO).

Take Sept. 11 for example after the fact people were so scared that they accepted Patriot Act 1&2. They were just a test run to gauge public response. Their was no outcry as we were given to believe that giving up rights was the only way to stop terrorist. Next will be something even more darstic ie WMD on US soil or interest like Israel. Martial Law enforced sides are drawn total war breaks out and walla those left standing will have their New World, because the vast majority will just want to survive and those with that kind of will are always searching for their messiah to come and save them. So the self-fullfing prophecies are fullfilled.

Sorry for getting of on that tangent but again thats a tough theory to say he's intelligent. But I will buy that someone that has a connection to him is.

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