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Joint swedish/russian military exercise!

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posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 01:05 AM
This is an interesting comment and it adds fuel IMO to my crazy theory about a possible bird flu connection.

The Local - Russian scientist charged with spying

Lindstrand refused to discuss the extent of the damage caused by the spying, but said he assumed that the suspected crime would have an effect on Sweden's relations with the affected country.

A source in the Swedish government offices told TT that while the alleged spying had implications for national defence, this did not necessarily mean that it involved the Swedish military.

By the way, although he is a Russian citizen they hint that he might have been "spying" on behalf of another unspecified country. So, it´s not necessarily Russia...

Soj´s page is down right now, but when it comes up again you can read her article/analysis about this case here:
FTS: Update on Russian "Spy" In Sweden (by Soj)

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 06:42 AM
A note on Hellmutts reference to Kavkaz center.

In 1999 I was involved in the investigation of various Chechen Wahhabist wed sites, including Kavkaz Center and its sister site

Such sites engage in propaganda of extremist Wahhabist version of Islam, and utilise their chat rooms for coordination of bombing attack in Chechnya.

For months I have tracked such activity and compared its their topics to the propaganda videos of terrorist acts which were openly posted on the sites.

After in depth comparison of chat traffic to the videos, a clear pattern of detonation codes exchange relative to geographical locations in Chechnya emerged.

My report focused on use of Motorola cell phone handsets operation at 800MHz and 4 digit detonation codes, which were clearly recorded in the videos posted and exchanged on the chat rooms in order to prevent accidental detonation of the IEDs planted by other teams which operated in the area.

Shortly after the report the majority of these sites, which were hosted from Denmark, Sweden, Holland, England and Finland were effectively shot down, along with implementation of a new jamming vehicle which was successfully fielded in the theater of operation.

The most effective and offensive capability of the electronics package continuously cycled random four digit code combinations in the area of deployment, thus effectively detonating any IED in the vicinity as soon as it was armed.

Current political and military cooperation between Finland and Russia is exactly what it is said to be, an extension of EU anti-terrorist effort which is in close relationship with Interpol. US is the only government in the anti-terrorist alliance which does not openly share intel and cooperate with Interpol and governments of EU.

Quoting Kavkaz center as a media source would be exactly the same as quoting from

Conspiracy lovers should look somewhere else.

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posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 06:58 AM

Originally posted by Ulvetann

Originally posted by American Mad Man
I don't see the problem here.

Sweden is about to mingle with someone they have never appreciated.
In 1808-09 The swedes were at war with Russia over Finland. Russia won, got Finland, and later gave Finland extensive sovereignity, and that way created the Finnish state.

I wonder what the finnish people thinks of Sweden for doing this. As well as norwegians, that learnt during the WWII, that Sweden acted far from neutral regarding Nazi troop, and munition-movements. Not to mention they exported Iron ore by train to the coast of Norway, where it was shipped of to Germany. Instead of putting up resistance, as the rest of Europe did, they were very cooperative with the 'ze dritte reich'.

1) Your depicment on the "birth of Finland" is just wrong. That did not in any way create the Finnish state. Finland has a long History with the Swedes, that is why we also speak Swedish here as a second lanquage. Finland has been around longer than that. But Finland received it's autonomy after BEATING Russia in the winter war.

2) I don not think Finns mind that Sweden is having a training with Russia. Go ahead. I quess the Swedish troups need excercise because the Swedish army hasn't taken part in anything fot the last 100 years. They just like to watch.. kind of pervert but still.

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 08:25 AM

Originally posted by Nordman

1) Your depicment on the "birth of Finland" is just wrong. That did not in any way create the Finnish state. Finland has a long History with the Swedes, that is why we also speak Swedish here as a second lanquage. Finland has been around longer than that. But Finland received it's autonomy after BEATING Russia in the winter war.

I admit that the history of Finland is way older, than I wrote, but I cannot see I have mistaken anything, in my 'depictment'.
If you check this link: Chronology of Finnish History
Yes, Sweden has mostly been the supreme ruler of Finland. That's why You speak swedish!
Sweden DID loose the 'district' of Finland to Russia in 1809, and Finland DID get to be an autonomous 'enclave' by the russian Czar.

The Finnish winter-war You are referring to, was in 1939-1940!
Finland got it's modern autonomy status way before that.
Finland became independent in December 1917!
Finland got it's first republican president in 1919!

I hope you aren't finnish, 'cause then You should REALLY read up on your own country's history!

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 09:00 AM

Originally posted by iskander
A note on Hellmutts reference to Kavkaz center.
Quoting Kavkaz center as a media source would be exactly the same as quoting from

Conspiracy lovers should look somewhere else.

To the defence of Hellmutt, I believe that you, Iskander, is somewhat missing the point, for Hellmutts reason to use that source.
The source may very well be a ''-site, but there is hardly many other sites that even knew about this exercise. Better yet, being in their fullest right to condemn this exercise.

To the defence of the KAVKAZ-center, in this particular case, is that I would too make a statement, -if a very peaceful country suddenly were to play war with soldiers, formerly known as warcriminals, torturists and pillagers!

This do not imply further widespread use of KAVKAZ as a reliable source!

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 02:14 PM
I see that your mood is "Agitated Infidel". You are free to call Russians warcriminals, tourists and pillagers, but what do you call Chechen's? I know a thing or two, so feel free to skip the basics.

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 02:34 PM
This is why Sweeden is conducting joint military exersises with Russia.

Money channeling to sponsor Chechen terrorism market through Denmark, Sweden, Finland were tracked and documented. Each act is recorded on video and posted on such sites not only as a propaganda measure, but primarily as means of proof of "service" for the payment do. IED manufacturing, planting and detonation is planned to "order" and has its price guide.

It's a business, and all parties are guilty of such profiteering at the expense of Chechen civilians, plain and simple.

By defending Kavkaz center as a viable media source, you are promoting a bulletin board that serves terrorist market, and it's drenched in blood.

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 04:32 PM

Originally posted by iskander

By defending Kavkaz center as a viable media source, you are promoting a bulletin board that serves terrorist market, and it's drenched in blood.

Nobody is defending Kavkaz center as a viable media source. This was news we already knew about, but it was not being reported by any mainstream media outside Sweden. I linked to Kavkaz just because of that fact and it´s also the only time I´ve used Kavkaz as source. I don´t read Kavkaz on a regular basis but simply found the news by searching the net for this particular news item.

btw, the Swedes decided today to keep the Russian "spy" in custody.
RIA Novosti: Swedish court rules to keep suspected Russian spy in custody

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Nuclear Power Plant In Sweden Sealed Off - Bird Flu Confirmed

posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 07:48 AM
The recent spy-suspect is to be released!

Swedish authorities yields, on the basis of having no substance in a case against the 29-years old bio-chemist. The person in question has been detained for 6 weeks. The scientist has delivered information to the russian embassy, but this information was far from being confidential material, according to swedish prosecuting authorities.

The russian foreignminister Lavrov has been furious over the treatment. He has on several occations stated that the swedes has nothing on this guy to keep him confined. The swedes has not even been able to express on what grounds he has been arrested.

-Talk about preemptive arrests...

Related link:
Dagens Nyheter (swedish)
Politiken (danish)

posted on May, 27 2007 @ 10:41 PM
As You all can see, I have been absent for a while... ...a break is good some times, just to be back in proper business, with clear eyes...

Doing the usual lurking around, I figured out I wanted to see how the relations between Sweden and Russia is going. Lo & Behold. These are the news/rumours:

Russia Inspects Swedish Meat Plants

Now, why would 'Great Russia' do that?

By this article in Meatnews, Russia fears that the amount of 250.000 tonnes of illegal food is entering the country of Russia each year.

At first, I didn't take a notice, but when I re-read the text... ...250.000 tonnes of ILLEGAL meat. That is a grand amount, isn't it?

Why am I a skeptic? Hmm, lets see. I still have to dig up details, because I can be very wrong about a lot here. But at the 2. eye-sight... ...I eat a lot of kebabs/shawarmas. To be generous, lets say that a kebab contains 200 grams of meat (I know they don't, but for the sake of the arguement!) -250.000 TONNES divided with 200 GRAMS.. hold on... 1 BILLION, 250 MILLION (200gr) kebabs, in illegal meat, only! That is, if I am doing my maths correctly. -a #load of kebabs for everyone, every day, for a long time, isn't it?

I, being a norwegian, doesn't hesitate to believe that the swedes actually do something like this, but, hello? 250.000 tonnes of illegal meat? What do they export legally, then?

If anyone can help me find out how many pigs and cows, and sheeps the swedes has got, this mathematichal enigma would be easier to understand.
Being a scandinavian, living in denmark, I thought Denmark was the 'meat-country'. Not Sweden!?

My link to this question is:

Russia inspects Swedish meat plants

RUSSIA: Sweden moves to export meat to Russia amid reports of large scale illegal imports entering the country.

Russian food-safety inspectors are to travel to Sweden to inspect potential export meat plants next month. The move follows talks between Sergei Dankvert, the head of the food safety authority, Rosselkhoznadzor, and the Swedish ambassador Johan Molander.

The news of the inspection team’s trip to Sweden, comes amid reports from Russia that more than 250,000 tonnes of illegal meat is entering the country each year.

The agriculture ministry believes that much of the meat comes from China, and some of the Eastern European countries are being used to re-export the illegal shipments.

Other illegal shipments are also reported to be coming in from Africa and South America from plants that have not been passed by the strict Russian inspection regulations.

Web posted: May 25, 2007
Category: Food Safety,Trade
In Europe:Chris Harris, Editor or
In North America: Bryan Salvage, Editorial Director

posted on May, 29 2007 @ 02:15 AM
Missed the start of this thread :/

Finnish news sources have been reporting on this right from teh beginning.

Joint Swedish - Russian exercise, i wonder who might be a target country... *cough*finland*cough*

We have an old joke about a general givin lectures to new cadets: General keeps on talking about attack from the east.
A cadet asks a question: What if the attack comes from west?
General answers: Well, russians are sneaky so i suppose they could try to flank us

That sums how scared we are about swedish army, in it's current state the navy and airforce are viable, ground troops are simply too few to pose any threath to anyone.

And to clear up the Finnish history, Finland was a tribal country up till swedish "crusades" that converted us to christianity and invaded us. After swedes did their trademark thing and fought to the last Finn in their army 1809, we were given a status of grand duchy directly under the Czar. So Finland was never part of the Russia we just had the same monarch. Finland had it's own government, money, army and police from 1809.

Lenin Granted us independency 1917, because he knew we could have taken sankt petersburg from the bolshevists. Lenin counted on finnish communists to revolt and join the USSR, but white finns managed to put down the upprising with German help. USSR then attempted to force us to join them 1939 and eventually attacked and ... well they got their ass kicked in Winter Wars frozen hell. Later on Finland joined german operation barbarossa to regain the area lost '39.

Ps. Is th 138th Reg a Professional or conscript unit? Because i tough Russia would have sent elements of the professional 76th Airborne Div. to this kid of an exercise

Pps. Nordman if you're a Finn: Kannattaa tarkistaa faktat tällä foorumilla, muuten tulee paskaa niskaan. Ystävällinen varoitus.

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