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ATS ruins ambitions

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posted on Jan, 15 2006 @ 09:18 AM
I was thinking about this early this morning and I started laughing.

In effect ATS can manipulate a member to think lower of themselves.

I would say that most members on ATS are out of the ordinary. I am almost sure that most of the members realize this in the people around them. That they are assuming that "Hmm Im different"
Generally asking questions, this is what would lead you to ATS.
When a member comes to ATS they are suddenly surrounded by likeminded people and then it is easy for them to feel unesasy and discouraged. THey can become discouraged because they were wrong. They werent an induval and there really wasnt anything specail about them.

Now this is where you can eaisly loose touch with reality. Because it is impoortant to remember that about, what,, 10,000 members on ATS actually post on a regular basis. Thats not alot of people in the global scheme. But we are all drawn here as like minded people. IT is easy to oversee this fact and become discouraged.

In effect you can have your ambitions of induvality ruined.

I duno just a cute little thought for the day.

- Mizar
The Heavens are Clear


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