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Justice Has NOT Been Served in Thailand

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posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 06:25 PM


He disappeared after accusing police of forcing five men he was defending to drink urine to get them to confess to plotting attacks in the south, where more than 1,000 people have died in two years of unrest.

Thaksin said the DSI investigation suggested more than four government officials were involved in the disappearance.

Thursday's verdict, in which four officers were acquitted and one sentenced to three years in jail for the illegal detention of Somchai, angered government critics and rights groups, who called it a miscarriage of justice likely to inflame political tensions.

Sickening. 5 or more officers of the 'law' kill an innocent man (to punish him for defending other innocent men), and they get off the hook. 1 of the 5 is ostensibly going to serve 3 whole years, but I'd be surprised if he does a third of that.

The whole debacle owes its existence, in some part, to the US's bogus war on terror. Because the Thai government gets money in proportion to how effectively it fights against arab boogeymen, they're highly motivated to catch lots and lots of terrorists. Problem is, there really aren't enough in existence to satisfy the needs of the everyone involved (and even if there were, the police are too damn incompetent to catch any of 'em), so the authorities feel compelled to frame innocent individuals to make the farce look half-way effective/efficient.

Add on the fact that Thailand is essentially using justification provided by the bogus WOT to go medieval on the South in flurry of repressive police actions. It's been worse than it is today, but it's bad....The South wants its independence, in a nutshell, so they can create a system of Sharia law to replace the current 'baton-to-the-head' justice system.

We've learned nothing from the drug wars that we fostered around the world (not least of all places, Thailand). We literally criminalized millions of innocent people, and spend billions buying weapons and training for despotic governments, all for some ludicrous, back-slapping sense of self-worth. WOT, WOD, not a bit of difference. Eternal ephemeral enemy, meet Joe Taxpayer. Bend over Joe.

I feel sorry for people living in southern Thailand. The future just started looking a lot more bleak. When the cops can kill your activists in cold blood and get away with it, well let's just say it doesn't bode well...


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