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posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 10:11 AM
Hey all how is life?

Funny thing. Just heard of this site recently so I figured I would give it a whirl.

I also just heard about the vatican documents being posted on the internet.

Buzz word of course is the "New World Order" and it produces some interesting results. Unfortunately not every document on the VA website is in english so I'm working my way through that too.

Despite what some people think the New World Order is by no means a good thing. I agree that the world needs a more unified united nations but if we allow the current powers that be take hold of Absolute power we're screwed.

We need a global government that is like the world government depicted in Star Trek. Roddenbary's Ideo of a global government that is based on the love of fellow man. Charity, friendship.

Bush's "New World Order" is one that is only based on war and sufferring and those who profit from war and sufferring. Even today humans are dehumanized as we are born into this system. We are merely seen as numbers instead of what we really are. It's really sad that our world is changing toward the dark.

On 9/11 when Bush said the world was changing I was hoping it would change for the better. Sadly I was mistaken.

I'm sure at least some people remember a guy called Hitler and what happened when his group of gangsters took absolute power. I pray every day that George Bush and his group of gangsters do not repeat the terrible days of 1939. Sadly the Patriot act and all this NSA nonsense is not much assurance that things are going to go over well in the years to come.

It has become painfully obvious that Bush is setting himself up to repeat the dark days of the Nazi empire. Instead of the Final Solution against the Jews it'll be against the Arabs. I know alot of really nice Arab people who want world peace just as much as the next man. They are really frightened at this point because of all the racism they recieve everyday. They didn't bring down the towers on 9/11 and yet ignorant people will make a gas chamber remark almost daily to these people. Terrible that it has come to this.

Hopefully mankind comes to it's senses because the lust for power still drives people to do terrible, immorale and for unethical things. At this time mankind really needs true leaders who are not in the game for their own personal benefit. We can still prevent these terrible things from coming to pass. All we have to do is solve our petty differences and come together.

Sadly it seems that if one wants to become a politician you need to stab everyone else in the back. I know that everyone keeps saying that this is the way it's always been but why do we allow all this nonsense to go on? It just doesn't make sense how we bend over even farther as each day passes.

posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 10:15 AM

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