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Cover-ups:The spokesmen and The hanged man

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posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 10:10 AM
Throughout my years of research into conspiracies, i have always been attracted to two types of characters in conspiracy theroies.

The Government spokesmen


The "hanged" man

The Spokesmen is the person who will randomly appear after a major incident, say afew things, take no questions and goes. Then, if rumours start to fly about this and that "he said, she said" and the odd facts start to occur, the spokesmen will appear again. The spokesmen will say the same things, take no questions again and disappear into the night.

This process will continue until damaging information is being reported or spoken about. Then incomes the other character. The "hanged" man.

I call this character the "hanged" man because this character is willing to publically commit suicide just to protect something. This character will walk into the public domain, take the blame and let the village folk hang him out to dry.

Always look into why someone is willing to "hang" themselves in public and always note when the government spokesmen speaks.


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