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posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 07:05 AM
To all of you that wrote in answer to my notice about Wormwood.

I thank you for taking notice of the information which I brought to you, even those of you who were sceptical or non believing of what I had to relay to ‘The Messenger’ and mankind.

I appreciate, even those who had a genuine argument against what I had to say, as I believe this is necessary for us to communicate properly and learn that which is hidden from us by governments and other politicians.

My information came from websites, the Bible, The Book of Mormon, the writings of Nostradamus, the Bible Code and the Jewish calendar.

My friend and I have spent the last two years researching this information as a Bible study to begin with. When we began to discover that some of the predictions within the Bible and the Bible Code actually matched exactly to prophesies of Nostradamus, we looked deeper into the Bible Prophesies.

The most poignant discovery was the prediction of 9-11 by Nostradamus.

This prophesies that a great terror would occur during the first year of the new millennium, where Glass Mountains would be destroyed by fire from the sky. The glass mountains (or skyscrapers) would have stood on the 45th parallel (New York), and this action would be ordered to take place by a man who was not living in the country of his birth but living blow the Russia’s.

Osama Bin Laden is a Saudiarabian, he was living in Afghanistan at the time of the 9/11, (not n the country of his birth), Afghanistan lies directly below the southern states of the former Soviet Union.

After this discovery, we started to tie up predictions within the Bible texts, especially the Book of Revelation. As we translated the predictions within the text, we found that they actually related to present things that were taking place in the world. With more research and translating, we found future predictions, and by following these predictions over two years, we verified and verified what we were finding. This was the reason for taking two years to research all of this, not because we were mad and sad, but to check the validity of these predictions.

Please don’t think me patronising, I don’t wish to appear this way and forgive me if you feel this. The people who wrote their comments about that which I wrote into the site about and totally dismissed all that I am saying, especially those who had to have their messages edited by the editor due to them being so abusive, I wonder if these people have actually read the Bible or the prophesies of Nostradamus in their entirety?

The person who wrote in that I was talking rubbish about the predicted comet, as comets don’t travel between star systems, I say this;

Have you actually tracked all the comets in existence and made a note that they have never travelled between star systems? I didn’t say that the comet would be travelling between star systems; I said that the comet would appear from the constellation of Draco. By this I meant that if you looked to the sky and looked towards the constellation of Draco, you would see the comet approaching. Another thing to this, as pointed out by another person who wrote into the site, that recently a comet had broken into pieces when it struck the atmosphere of Saturn.

I thought that comets didn’t enter star systems? What about Schumacher-Levy? That comet not only entered our star system, but actually collided with Jupiter, live on TV!!

To those of you who wrote in abuse and attacks upon me, was that really necessary? Can’t you give an opinion without resulting to abuse? Don’t you have the brain capacity to have an intelligent conversation about this?

I wonder why people would join a discussion web site why had no interest in the subject being discussed and no belief in the subject just to tell all those taking part in the discussion that they don’t believe in the subject and then result to personal insult and abuse. If you don’t believe in this and don’t wish to listen to what is being said, then don’t log into the subject.

I am not being nasty about this, but I must say that as an example, I would not enter a shop that I had no intention of buying from as I didn’t want anything that the shop sold, so why log into a discussion that you don’t have any intention of believing, even if the evidence is shown to you. Log into some other discussion Dudes.

To those who had a legitimate question in your replies.

I have been studying the Bible as preparation to possibly becoming a priest at some time soon. The church that I attend teaches in-depth into the scriptures so that we can know the truth about the scriptures.

This is the reason for me to learn Hebrew and Aramaic, to learn more about the scriptures thoroughly, as these languages are what the scriptures would have been originally written in.

I may be ‘sad’ or ‘mad’ for spending my time doing this, but at least I’m not destroying my mind, brain and health sitting in a squat shooting up heroine or crack.

If this information can help some people to avoid the events that have been predicted, if these events do take place, then these lives can be saved from death, isn’t that a good reason to bring this to the notice of the world? Even if one person was saved by this information, that’s one person less to die.

If these events don’t take place, then I am sorry for upsetting some people; I would be the first to admit that the information was wrong. I am human, not perfect; this information could be false, but the consequences of totally dismissing and ignoring this could be catastrophic.

How many people in Sumatra, Sri Lanka and Thailand would have liked some one to have told them that they should get the hell out of these places on Boxing Day 2004 as a tsunami was predicted to hit these areas on that day. If these people had all moved at least two miles inland further back than the Tsunami reached, then thousands of people would not have lost their lives and thousands of families would have not been devastated. But they didn’t know this would happen; no one told them.

If to save millions of people and their families this heartache and sorrow I can help by simply publicising the Biblical prophesies which predict events which will take place in these Latter Days, then I feel that it is my Christian duty to do this. I care for the welfare of the world, not just for myself.

Christ was told before his death by the Holy Father that He was to die, in agony and that this would save the immortal souls of the mankind, and He STILL went ahead and carried out the will of His Father.

I am willing to carry out the task of telling the world of these predictions because of the love I have for my fellow Bothers and Sisters of the world.

We have discovered a great deal more of what is predicted for the next two years to come, but maybe after seeing the reactions to the short piece I wrote in last time, I would be ‘MAD’ to inform people about these predictions and let them wait until they get called up to go fight . I refer to WORLD WAR 3!!!! But of course, no one wants to know about this do they? Until it’s too late!

To the guy who asked where the proof of the Zion mountains in Utah. I didn’t say that the ‘Zion mountains’ was in Utah, the name ‘Utah’ translated from the Ute Indian language meaning ‘Top of the mountain’; in Isaiah ch2 it is said that the city of Zion would be established in the ‘Top of the Mountain’. This was the reason for Brigham Young travelling to a deserted salt pan and establishing a city there when the members of his church were forced out of Navoo, Illinois, simply because they believed in something different to the other people who lived there.

The strange thing about this is that when Brigham Young applied for US statehood, he asked for the state to be named ‘Deseret’; he was told by the US President that as he was asking the Government to give him statehood, he would be compelled to name the state with what the Government told him to. They said that as the land which the new state would consist of formerly was land belonging to the Ute Indians, he was to use the name of Utah as his state.

Unbeknown to both Brigham Young and the US President at the time, this fulfils the prophesy by Isaiah that the Kingdom of the Lord would be established in the ‘Top of the Mountains’, or Utah.

Hi Velvet Splash; the prophesies which occur in the Bible are very much allegorical, and are to some extent rather easy to translate if one uses their spirit to do this, revelation is given and translation then becomes possible.

An example would be the prophesy of the ‘Metal Locusts spitting fire against the people of the Chaldes’. This prophesy comes from Isaiah; it is quite easy to understand that a person living at this time would interpret a vision as ‘Metal Locusts’, that were non familiar with aircraft. This is quite an easy one to decipher. ‘Metal Locusts spitting fire’ would be Apache helicopters, the attack mentioned would be against Iraq or take place in Iraq, the ancient name for the land which Iraq occupies was the land of the Chaldes, the land between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates. The Babylonians called this land ‘Mesopotamia’.

Seekeroftruth101, I do hope that you are right and that this does turn out to be ‘crying wolf’, but the evidence is there. If someone told the people of Sumatra last year that they would be hit by a devastating Tsunami, they too would think that the person warning them was crying wolf. If we can take warning from these things and safeguard ourselves, isn’t this a good thing rather than waiting until the comet is falling on our heads and panicking? Let’s hope this is crying wolf for all our sakes.

Daveman have you anymore info on the comets that split up?

This is not supposed to be the end of the world, as the prophesies carry on in the scriptures after the comet impact. The survivors will be people who aren’t affected by the impact, the Tsunami or the fallout.

And by the way to those in confusion, this is not ‘Armageddon’, this is ‘Apocalypse’. The ‘Armageddon’ mentioned in the Bible is the fight to end all fights, which translates from the Hebrew ‘Arma gheddon’, meaning the ‘battle between good and evil’; this is now, the fight against terrorism.

Thain Esh Kelch, the reason for the Lord destroying Jerusalem is because of the umpteen warnings he had given the Jews about following his commandments. The people who will be saved and will gather to Christ in Zion upon his second coming will be the ‘Children of Israel’. This is a Biblical title not a national one, which means the people who believe and keep to Gods commandments, the followers of the true Christ.

The core of the comet will impact the Mount of Olives, cleaving it in two and leaving a great split in it as a crater. This is told us in The Book of Revelation and Zachariah.

It is also predicted by Nostradamus that there is to be a visit from an ‘Extra terrestrial’ this years to the people of the Earth. This could be interpreted matching it with Biblical prediction of the 2nd coming, to be the second coming. Nostradamus also predicts the splitting of the Mount of Olives.


posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 07:40 AM
Comets have ALWAYS entered star systems. Halley's has been travelling through our solar system every 86 years for centuries. And there are many other barely visible ones that travel through our solar system. The only reason they have a tail, and become visible the way they are, is because as they travel towards the sun in a solar system the heat up and give off gasses that become the tail.

Unlike the other small bodies in the solar system, comets have been known since antiquity. There are Chinese records of Comet Halley going back to at least 240 BC. The famous Bayeux Tapestry, which commemorates the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, depicts an apparition of Comet Halley.

When they are near the Sun and active, comets have several distinct parts:

* nucleus: relatively solid and stable, mostly ice and gas with a small amount of dust and other solids;
* coma: dense cloud of water, carbon dioxide and other neutral gases sublimed from the nucleus;
* hydrogen cloud: huge (millions of km in diameter) but very sparse envelope of neutral hydrogen;
* dust tail: up to 10 million km long composed of smoke-sized dust particles driven off the nucleus by escaping gases; this is the most prominent part of a comet to the unaided eye;
* ion tail: as much as several hundred million km long composed of plasma and laced with rays and streamers caused by interactions with the solar wind.

Comets are invisible except when they are near the Sun. Most comets have highly eccentric orbits which take them far beyond the orbit of Pluto; these are seen once and then disappear for millennia. Only the short- and intermediate-period comets (like Comet Halley), stay within the orbit of Pluto for a significant fraction of their orbits.

(both quotes from the same page)

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posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 08:28 AM
This post is in response to a previous posts by the Author and relates to some questions raised by posters to the Author.

Therefore I will add the links below for clarity and continuation of topic, in a Histrorical order:

Wormwood Impact


Then This thread.


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posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 09:08 AM
Nice info Tomcat. Can you please provide a link to some more info about this comet you are speaking of? I would also be interested in any more details you may have on this subject. My cousin and I have been doing our own research for a few years now and would love to compare notes.

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