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Would You Like To OPEN Your Mind?

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posted on Dec, 10 2006 @ 11:05 AM

Originally posted by grimreaper797
heres my question. Would you rather get all of it and retain none of it and understand none of it, or get small percents at a time and understand what you manage to focus on?

Would i rather get all of it and retain/understand none of it or get a small percentage at a time and understand what i manage to focus one?

Sorry, i refuse to accept that those where the only two choices. And, my refusal to accept those two choices as the only two choices was right.

You do receive some sensory input, just not all of it. Your subconscious receives all of it, then sends you what you are trying to focus on.

that is the problem with humanity. people are focussed on what is most self serving, instead of focussing on the truth.

there aren't 2000 pieces of new information being sent in your consciousness. Its the most important 2000 pieces that your subconscious sent to you that you are now focusing on.

nope. i refuse to accept that, since experiences have forced me to believe otherwise, either that or reality is not real.

Heres something for you. Go outside and try to focus consciously on everything you see. every bird that moves, every blade of grass, every leaf on every tree.

"trying" is not a pre-requisite to doing what it is you thought i could not do.

Tell me how well that goes.

Why should i bother telling you how well it goes. Even if i were telling you how well that went, you still have no basis for comparison throughout all your experiences and knowledge, because you have never experienced it, nor do you choose to have knowledge of it.

See if you can consciously think about every bit of information simultaniously. I garentee you that you won't be able to. People who multitask are people who can take in more information then normal people. Or are taking in more information at a lesser understanding of what they are doing.

Again, those are the only choices you can accept as existing, because it is how you choose to view reality. Fortunatley how you view reality does not mean that other people are bound to the confines of your perceptions, but you are bound to those perceptions. you can only see two choices, which most certainly limits options. The only options you saw were: Try to take it all in simultaneiously by focusing, or take in information at a lesser understanding.

You're acting as though these 2000 pieces of information are just created by your subconscious, rather then sent from your subconscious then your consciousness fires them and you focus on them.

proove me wrong.

The subconscious doesn't pick and choose what it does or doesn't want you to see, it's a bit more basic then that.

True. your conscious picks and chooses, but perhaps you've never been consciously aware enough of your conscious "opinion" to know it. It is your opinion that picks and chooses. And, through time, as you judge things as "unworthy" or "evil" your mind automatically blocks out the experiences that you have chosen over and over again in the past to not want to experience, or sense. People who are "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" have a lot in common with some monkeys i've heard about.

The consciousness is what give you choice and such. Subconscious just allows you to filter out all the other useless information so you can focus on a particular task without having to think about EVERY other detail interfering.

how would you know what "useless" information is stored in the subconscious? You are too busy focusing on only 1 or 2 options to acknowledge or recognize any others.

What benefit do you receive ......

the benefits are beyond measure. sorry, that is all your conscious opinion permits me to say about the benefits of using your own mind. incidently, if you are not using it, who is?

You wouldn't even be able to think with all those details running through your mind.

I bet my life you are not speaking from experience.

It would be like a football stadium screaming inside your brain constantly, not being able to hear yourself think over all the noise.

What does it matter? You can't hear yourself thinking now. You just choose to ignore the noise, and try to focus.

posted on Dec, 10 2006 @ 11:36 AM

Originally posted by grimreaper797
Thats why we only allow so much information. We can't get anything done if we think about EVERYTHING all the time.

Then why "think" about anything? Why not just accept truth for what truth is, instead of permitting your "opinion" to dictate how your conscious mind interprets your life, your reality?

I'm simply presenting ways i know of to help open minds up.

you are just accumilating excuses as to why you "only allow so much information". If your "opinion" tells you that you are that stupid to only observe 2 options to any issue, then maybe its time to open eye on your opin i on ..... opinion

Grim, the information i present is presented with intentions to help and assist you personally. However if you truly feel it is somehow misleading or not true, then dissregard it. it is not my feelings that are hurt, i just feel obligated to share things i have discovered through the journey of life i have taken thus far. if the truth of the words i present are useful and compatible with your truth, then take them. if the truth of the words i present are not usefull or compatible with your truth, then i beg you to disregard them. but in order for you to judge the words i present accordingly, first you have to be able and capable of accepting and recognizing your own truth. This is why i post on ATS and BTS, and it is my motivation behind my threads. My motivation is people ask. my intention has nothing to do with my will, or my opinion. but, who can recognize or acknowledge what that means without stopping for one moment to not extend their will, or extend their opinion over others? Without this experience, there is no recognizing what it is i am relentlessly continuing to convey, in as many ways as possible. But what is possible? Does the conscious opinion dictate what is possible? Sure. But, after conscious opinion and will give the driver seat of the brain, one has no basis for comparison, and no accumilated experiences to relate to what it is i, and many others, are trying to say, as many ways as we can.

It is apparent to me that you will discover many other "gifts" within you, eventually. Why?

Because you ask the tough questions. You challenge reality to explain itself. you quest after truth. And, this is why i like your posts, and your thoughts. I'm certain you may feel distant from people in your life, and i believe the reason for your "distance" from others may lie within your subconscious mind, although i don't believe it is a real distance. I do not envy you, however i most certainly respect the way you think.

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