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whats your most frightening dream/experience

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posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 12:03 AM
i want to hear only of the Supernatural kind, be it in dreams or in real life. it intrigues me alot.

all this time i thought i was brave, but actually in truth, i wasn't really as i thought i was. mine was in a dream i had a year ago. in the dream i was coming back home (from work, visiting some friends?), i came across my old neighbourhood, there were tall thick trees. it was evening, maybe 10-11pm. the street lights were quite dim. as i was walking past the trees. i heard this cackling laughter from the trees directing beside me, maybe about some 7-12 meters away. i didnt know what could laugh like that so i looked. thats when i got the fright of my entire existence.

anyway i saw this horrible blackish shadow staring at me; with its pair of shiny whitish glowing eyes something like a cat behind this sort of a v shaped gap that some trees have. i saw its blackish figure leaning against the tree(it was behind it) and it gave out another horrible cackling laugh.

how i felt at that instant, I could not move a single body part. i was Petrefied, i was literally rooted to the ground itself. that hag kept cackling and cackling. i knew then that this vile creature was a witch from the stories that my parents and relatives told me.(note some of them have really seen some things in life thats better not to be seen)
note to self: i had never heard a cackle before. it sounds absolutely horrible.

man i thought all this time that people were exaggerating something like being rooted to the ground, but i felt its true meaning then. i woke up after i couldnt take anymore i guess.

it still gives me shivers thinking about it now.

ps world peace

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posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 12:25 AM
Nice thread, this should be quite entertaining

My most frightning was a war scenario, but it was all human opposition so I'll stick on topic and share a common reoccuring one.

Ok, I've had this dream about 8 times and each time it seems to be the same scenario, but different creatures and slightly different happenings. I've had it so many times that I remember exactly where to go and what to do ect...

Anyways, Its night time and I'm sitting in my grandmothers den. Outside the window is a patio and outside of the patio gate is the back yard. Its night time, maybe midnight, and a full moon is out so its somewhat bright because of the moon light. Also there are small pathes of dense fog. I see semi-cloaked figures hiding in the grapefruit tree (imagine the camo'ed aliens from signs) and as I'm observing (thinking they dont see me) a pot gets knocked over in the patio. I spot the creature in the patio that snuck in and he freezes, thinking I dont see him. Then the chase is on.

I run through the kitchen, out the front door, across the lawn, leap over the fence into the neighbors front yard, then I run to the side of their property and climb their fence. There is about a 1 foot wide platform on the border of the fence that I'm trying to walk across. On each side there are vicous zombie looking dogs, so as I hurry across, I cant fall. Once I run along the fence and hop down there is a narrow dirt road, almost like an ally way.

Boardering the right side of the ally are old decrepid fence boards and to the left are shack-like chainlength cages. Inside these are more of the dogs, and some other freaky monster like animals. As I'm jogging down the ally there is a large (6'8, 400lbs) monster smeered along the ground, as if it got ran over by a bus. It is bald headed and very very pale white. After I pass him up, the ally opens up into a tall grass field and a somewhat uphill climb.

From there on I may encounter something new, or take a different path, or whatever. So you get the point. Its sort of like an ongoing dream, very crazy and very life like.

posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 12:45 AM
My scariest recurring dream was from when I was younger and used to have "night terrors" as I've heard them called.

Its always the same, a tall hooded figure standing in my doorway not moving - not making any sound.

Then I blink and its standing over my bed.

Then I have this incredible feeling of detatchment and I feel like I am being taken away from everything and everyone that is important to me - not physically but its kinda like i feel empty inside).

Then I open my eyes and stare at this figure, and inside my dream I wake up and realise that its a dream and try to scream - only I cant move or make any kind of sound.

After a few seconds (probably once the sleep paralysis wears off) I always woke up screaming bloody murder.

posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 12:54 AM
Hmm very interesting.

My most terrifying dream has to be the one where there are two childen holding helium balloons, overlooking acres and acres of factory machines. My view is behind them overlooking everything, and there is music playing in the background (like circus music?). It is the single most terryfing time in my life I have ever felt. At the end of this nightmare the children let their balloons go and they float up to the sky then I wake up. It seems like a silly dream but the terror clawed terribly at my soul.

On a more 'paranormal' experience, I was dreaming this woman was telling me 'You're dead, you're dead'. I woke up, my whole body literally shaking as if I was convulsing. The next day I was in the passenger seat of a car and the driver pulled in to park. I was telling him of this nightmare and was halfway through the sentence of what this woman was telling me. I said "This woman, she was telling me I was....". I stopped the story as I noticed what the number plate on the care in front had on it. The numbers were ordinary, but the letters spelt: "DED". Weird huh? Bit spooked hehe.

- Nazgarn

posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 01:01 PM
That’s some scary stuff...ok here is mine

I had this freakish nightmare actually something simular to this happened before. So in the nightmare i woke up from my bed and went to go check on my sister to see if she was ok. I opened her bedroom door and she was sleeping peacefully. I noticed nothing was wrong so i began to close the door, suddenly i noticed a puppet/ghost of some kind in the window just looking and doing something with its hands and i just freaked out i tried to run away but it was like something was holding me and i couldn’t move, then i tried to scream but i could. It felt like i was paralyzed i was so scared i was calling for my parents,i t was also weird cuz it was like i was aware or actully knowing what was going on. Then i woke and noticed i was fine and 2 seconds later i realized the dream i had and became really freaked out.

Something simular to this happened before almost exactly the same.

could this have been a night terror...

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posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 01:13 PM
Moving to Dreams & Personal Predictions.


posted on Jan, 16 2006 @ 01:06 AM
I just suddenly remembered that many of my dreams became lucid because something happened that made me a bit angry. Therefore many of my bad dreams became lucid because I just didn't like the way it was going.

The most frightening dream I had I was half awake and asleep or some combination. I believe I was a teenager. In my dream I saw a dark figure floating down out of the sky towards the house I was sleeping. I just somehow knew this figure was Death and I thought he was coming for me. Then I think I got partially woken up by the wind making the wall of my bedroom shake a bit.

Then I went back to sleep and got a bit frightened because I didn't want to die yet. I imagined something else and then Death flew by and I was left alone. In reality a tornado went right over the center of our house knocking off all of the large pine tree branches overhanging the house and chopping off about a 2 foot diameter pine tree at roof level at the very end of our house. It went across the street and picked up a full grown pine tree, ripped off the branches, and stuck it back in the ground upside down.

A few other dreams I remember were not frightening while I experienced the dream but were so after I woke up and remembered them. For instance if you are normally a good person but you had a dream where you were evil and enjoyed it, that can be frightening if you remember the feeling.

I believe almost all of my frightening dreams went away when I started getting angry at what was happening and then I would take control and the dream was lucid. When you are in control of the dream, not much is scary anymore.

posted on Jan, 16 2006 @ 02:04 AM
I am still not even sure if this was a dream or actually real.

I was asleep and sorta half-woke in middle of the night to whistling ... right outside my bedroom window

I always keep it open because I can't sleep with it closed, claustrophobic.
So anyway I became paralyzed with fear because it was a creepy tune, very melnacholy and sad.

I tried to rationalize that it was indeed someone out there but not to get scared but when I tried to think who it could be I came up blank. Neighbours are too far away for it to have come over/through a neighbouring fence, it's middle of the night, who of the fam would be out there ? so I just sat frozen and still until I heard it drift off lol which terrified me even more! I got a mental image of someone strolling around the house all slow, whistling ... scary!

Still scares me to think bout it but I have a recurring dream where a big, tall bald mean looking man is looking in through my window watching me, in a perverted kinda way. It's awful and gives me shivers.

posted on Jan, 27 2006 @ 08:48 AM
ImJaded's dream reminds me of a simple recurring dream that I used to have as a child. A man in a hunting jacket would just walk up to my bedroom door, stare at me and turn away. As he turned, I would see he had an axe. He would then leave but then return and do the same thing. He would do this repeatedly and I wouldn't be able to wake up. In fact, I would think that I HAD woken up, and start for my door to go to my parents room, when I would see him again.

Currently, I am having a series of awful nightmares which are frighteningly vivid but I am shy about posting details them here due to graphic nature (I assume some children may read these posts?) As I posted elsewhere, these dreams are violent and involve mentally unstable men whom I believe lived in my house many years ago. I live in a house which had been used as a halfway house back in the 50's.

posted on Jan, 27 2006 @ 02:48 PM
omg imjaded that dream sounds so scary!!!

My scariest dream was ....

In my dream i was pulling down my blind to cover the window and i dunno why i just said in my head , (in the dream), "O yes the refelction trick think theres nothing there then BAAM" and right when i said baam somthing flashed and an alien appred outside my window ( a grey ) then what i remebr is my cat coming though my window cause i keep it open all the time cause iam also castrpohbic
and for some reason i grabbed my cat by the neck and tryed to choke it (?) i dunno why i love my cat, but anyways when i tryed to sqeeze my hand i coudnt move i woke up but i either had my eyes closed or the room was pitch dark cause i coudlnt move and couldnt see anything then finnlay i woked up the strenth to move cause it was like....emm i "forcefield" around my body that i couldnt break then when i was able to move i was """"ing myself over what just happned

IAM VERY VERY afraid of alien abduction

But the weird thing was that i either passed out or fainted from the fright cause i dont remember falling asleep of my own accord that night!

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