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Potential of future

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posted on Jan, 13 2006 @ 11:32 PM
What does the future hold for us? Progression? Degression?

Will we make our lives more convienent? Or will we just make our lives more complicated?

It is definately prevelant that the world is experiencing magnificent changes. There is not enough information on this website about people trying to change the future.

We seem to analyzing the present, which is beneficial, however contridicting to action.

I would really like to believe that people here are making a difference other than online, but It its not very obvious.

The reason I wrote this thread was because of literally the "Potential of the future". No one seems to believe that we will be experiencing a tremendous change of ecvents. Possibly 2006,06, 06. However I am skeptical.

Lets start a thread about potential of the future... Computer Tech, Information Tech., Law Enforcement Tech, Political Tech, what does everyone think about all of these subjects.

Will we be seeing anymore revolutions in the world? To me it seems unlikely.

Any comments?

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