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get to know u a lil' better

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posted on Jan, 13 2006 @ 09:42 PM
similar to the 'get to know each other better' game.

i want to know u guys a little better. but the twist is i wanna do that through what u r most afraid of?

me : ever since i was a wee kid, i have always been scared of waking up alone, with no living soul on this planet except me. i have this re-occurring nightmare i get sometimes when i am sick.

its about me being stuck on a sort of an island, very small and cramp. there is just a tree on it and thats all. i cant scream, cant cry, cant do nothing, sooo helpless. there is miles and miles of nothing except water, endless and endless amount of water; sort of like an abyss. the worst part is the whole picture/ view is spinning and water is very turbulent. the view is also like from a sky point of view at an 45 degree angle. very tiny island.
always wake up sweating like a pig.

so what r u afraid of? try to be as description as possible thanks.

ps world peace

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posted on Jan, 13 2006 @ 10:45 PM
I can't look at one or go near one, even if it's in a cage. They just freak me out so much. I always have dreams of having a snake wrapping itself round my arm and biting me.

The smaller ones I can manage, but the medium to big sized ones scare the **** out of me. Although, I hate killing things so I have to get my mum to catch it and put it outside.

Not accomplishing what I want to in life
I'm afraid of becoming somebody who has no career, no real job, etc. That scares me the most. I'm very determined to grab life by the balls and show what I'm capable of. I've always been looked down on; people think I'm just a "nobody". I'm going to show them they're all wrong.

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