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posted on Oct, 1 2003 @ 10:10 PM
I saw somthing on tv that said this one guy clamed to be a vamp and to have his heart stop for like 30 mins and then start right up again.

Really I think he is some derainged, drunk weardo
But still... eating the guys head...nasty!

posted on Oct, 2 2003 @ 05:47 PM
A man accused of murder snapped at his alleged victim after he insulted a character in a vampire film, a court has heard.

Mr Menzies said: "Well you should watch who you insult in life."

posted on Oct, 2 2003 @ 05:52 PM
Actually I came across the church of satan site recently due to a posting by a member here and I dug in a bit to see what is going on.

Sees that vampireism is a form of demon worship. It is and I paraphrase what I read there a form of expression of the faith.

They claim there that their is no real vampires but they are a type of satanist.

posted on Oct, 2 2003 @ 05:57 PM
Bloods yummy, but only my own.

Only when I truly go psycho will I steal the LIFEBLOOD of others!

posted on Oct, 2 2003 @ 08:14 PM
You like to drink your own blood Tripps? Is there capital punishment in Scotland?

'I'll kill again' vowed vampire murder accused

[Edited on 10-3-2003 by William One Sac]

posted on Oct, 4 2003 @ 01:03 AM
We had a case like this in Australia awhile ago, where a man was put on trial for killing a prostitute. He called himself a vampire (even though he walked around during the day)

But he wasn't immortal. He was killed a couple of days later.

posted on Oct, 4 2003 @ 01:05 AM
Discofever you're in Aus?

DO you remember the case in QLD about 10 years ago of the lesbian vampire killer? That popped in my ind recently when I heard that Pauline HAnson was in the same gaol as her

posted on Oct, 4 2003 @ 09:25 PM
So much for the old insanity ploy... But honestly, how could any rational person commit the crimes this fellow did? I think this is a case just like in the US, where the crime is so horrific and gets so much publicity that they are going to get a jail sentence conviction no matter what...

A SELF-STYLED vampire had "a very vivid fantasy life" but was not mentally ill, a murder trial jury has been told in Edinburgh.

Consultant psychiatrist James Hendry said he had formed his conclusions during interviews with Allan Menzies - both before and after the West Lothian man was accused of stabbing and battering to death a childhood friend.

But the doctor stopped short of accusing Menzies, 22, of feigning mental illness in an attempt to beat a murder charge.

posted on Oct, 5 2003 @ 02:07 AM
and i will not feed such entities with fear...
i have a sword next to my bed for such beasts...
and if contact in the dream state i will still continue to not fear...
try again...
or better yet dont you have already lost, and i suppose thats why demons have no regard for souls and life...

posted on Oct, 6 2003 @ 04:02 PM
Im betting "conviction!"

Allan Menzies, 22, told the High Court in Edinburgh he was now a vampire after killing 21-year-old Thomas McKendrick on December 11 last year and drinking his blood.

Menzies, of Fauldhouse, West Lothian, told how he had killed McKendrick - who he had known since he was four - and drunk two cupfuls of his blood after being told to do so by a character from the vampire movie 'Queen of the Dammed'.

Giving evidence on the sixth day of his trial, Menzies said that after killing Mr McKendrick he had drunk two cupfuls of his victim's blood and ate part of his skull.


Menzies' defence counsel, Donald MacLeod, asked him: "Are you telling us that you now believe you are a vampire?" Menzies replied: "Yes."

Full Story

posted on Oct, 8 2003 @ 12:00 PM
I guess it just goes to show you how people can be deranged. I wonder what his feelings were once he found out that he could not become a vampire. I was wondering in the article it stated that the gentleman that he stabbed to death showed no signes of resistance. Did he think that he was going to become a vampire also?

posted on Oct, 8 2003 @ 02:43 PM

After the trial, his solicitor, Aamar Anwar, said the case highlighted the social stigma surrounding mental health. "The continued taboo and the lack of understanding or support of schizophrenia and mental health in our community can only mean tragedies like this are more likely to happen, not less." The judge branded Menzies an "evil and dangerous psychopath". He said: "Three psychologists have diagnosed you as a psychopath. In my opinion, you are an evil, violent and highly dangerous man who is not fit to be at liberty. You subjected Thomas McKendrick to a savage and merciless attack. You totally lack remorse."

posted on Oct, 12 2003 @ 03:18 PM
The guys a threat to society lock him up and throw away the key. He is just an evil murderer and is hiding behind the vail of fiction for a sick sense of adventure and rightousness. By the way noticed how he blamed the movie "queen of the damned" as usual if your a bad guy and get caught its somone elses fault.

posted on Oct, 13 2003 @ 10:40 PM
OMG this has got to be one of the worst cases I have heard of.
How deranged does someone have to be to be that dillusional?

posted on Oct, 21 2003 @ 05:44 PM
I jus realized, mr.niky has the same hair cut my dad has.

Looking good,freak!

posted on Dec, 1 2003 @ 10:22 PM
Ok guys... To tell the full truth by everythign I live by, there are true vampires. But in your quote it says he had a note that says "I chose to be a vampire"... No one CHOOSES to be a vampire. It's a curse... And damn it, we don't go around biting people and drinking their blood or chewing on other pieces. We're tame as normal people and we usually ask for blood or find a frequent WILLING donor. But I just wanted you all to know that there ARe vampires. Farewell!

posted on Dec, 1 2003 @ 10:30 PM
Also to add to what I was saying, we aren't satan worshippers.... Vampirism has nothing to do with religion... Not possessed by ay demons, devils, or demi-gods.... Though he didn't have to be crazy to say he was a vampire, he WAs crazy because he killed somoene and took a chunk from his head. I'm not trying to be a pain or annoy anyone but I just wanted to state my theory... And if anyone disagrees, please just reply and tell me what you think. Thanks for the time guys.

posted on Dec, 2 2003 @ 01:48 AM
Morbid's right, vampirism isn't a Satan thing. Some people just like the blood. But as for Mr. Nike, he's a sociopath with delusions of grandeur and a fixation upon vampires. Possibly schizophrenic or dissociative. That's my call.


posted on Dec, 2 2003 @ 02:20 AM

Originally posted by soothsayer
On a vampire note, I don't believe in the traditional vampire... it just doesn't seem realistic.

Now, if you read Brian Lumley's Necroscope series, the wamphyri are more biologically correct, if not feasible. Interstingly enough... Lumley acredits alot to Lovecraft... connection?

He writes with the air of one who knows more than he should!

posted on Dec, 2 2003 @ 02:05 PM

Originally posted by AntiSystem
There is a similar story from the black metal scene in Norway......

Sorry, this sounds like the Monty Python sketch about the bands changing their names....

Divorced after only eight minutes, popular television singing star, Charisma,
changed her mind on the way out of the registry office, when she realized
she had married one of the Donkeys by mistake. The evening before in LA's
glittering nightspot, the Abitoir, she had proposed to drummer Reg Abbot
of Blind Drunk, after a whirlwind romance and a knee-trembler. But when
the hangover lifted, it was Keith Sly of the Donkeys who was on her arm
in the registry office. Keith, who was too ill to notice, remained
unsteady during the short ceremony and when asked to exchange vows, began
to recite names and addresses of people who also used the stuff. Charisma
spotted the error as Keith was being carried into the wedding ambulance
and became emotionally upset. However, the mistake was soon cleared
up, and she stayed long enough to consummate their divorce.

....the rest of the story....

And now, for something completely different........
A Vampire duck.

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