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Soldiers taking action for themselves

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posted on Jan, 13 2006 @ 03:18 PM
American soldiers in Iraq have started to get armor for themselves and their humvee's now. Among the improvements are of ocurse heavier armor, thermal detection cameras, and chains to detonate explosives before the humvee reaches them.
"TIKRIT, Iraq - Soldiers exposed to Iraq's increasingly lethal roadside bombs, which can rip through armored Humvees, are drawing on wartime experience and stateside expertise to protect their vehicles with stronger armor and thermal detection cameras. "

"Col. Michael Steele, the brigade's commander, said he ordered the improvements because the insurgents' roadside bombs — known to the military as "improvised explosive devices" — have become bigger and harder to detect."

"Drawing on the part-time soldiers' backgrounds as mechanics, electricians and carpenters, the 126th Armor Battalion based in suburban Grand Rapids, Mich., added thermal imaging cameras and a 6-foot boom that can be lowered in front of the Humvee. Dangling chains and an infrared countermeasure on the boom can help trigger explosives before the Humvee is directly over them, said Lt. John Caras."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

It's good to see them doing this. Sitting around and waiting for debates abuot how to fix it isn't going to be a good idea. That could take months possibly years to sort out. How this armor holds up though is going to be interesting to see. It also makes me wonder why they didn't just do all this earlier when they first knew they needed it. Well, eitherway, it's a very good start. Good to hear my cousin in the 101st is a little bit safer.

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