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"Aunt Jemima" Banned

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posted on Jan, 13 2006 @ 12:18 PM
No, she is NOT an ATS member.

Woman Who Dressed As Aunt Jemima Banned From Council Meetings

An activist who was arrested after disrupting a City Council meeting in an Aunt Jemima costume has been banned by the council president from attending meetings until the end of March.

Jackie Brown was escorted out of a Nov. 22 City Council meeting after loudly criticizing the council for the city's small business incentive law.

Brown, president of the Jacksonville Coalition of Black Contractors, said the law treats blacks like "slaves" because it does not provide enough opportunities for minority contractors.

I'm sorry, but what exactly was her crime? Seems like the council didn't like what she had to say...

Sounds real American to me...

Here are some more interesting photos from the incident:

Tackled for free speech????


posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 11:59 AM

'Aunt Jemima' Sues After Council Meeting Ban

An activist arrested after disrupting a City Council meeting dressed in an Aunt Jemima costume and banned from attending meetings until the end of March has filed a lawsuit claiming her rights were violated.

Jackie Brown filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to have the ban declared unconstitutional as well as unspecified damages and attorneys fees, The Florida Times-Union reported Monday.

She is also seeking an injunction that would let her attend council meetings while the lawsuit is pending, the paper reported.



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