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Drew Levin Keeping The Faith

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posted on Jan, 13 2006 @ 10:03 AM

Drew Levin: Keeping The Faith

Faiths highlighted in miniseries
Sunday, January 1, 2006

The Garden of Eden.

Pillars of salt near the Dead Sea called "Lot's wife."

A tamarisk tree in the Sinai Desert that produces sweet, honey-like "manna."

A view of the Promised Land from atop Mount Nebo.

These are a few highlights of "Walking the Bible," a TV miniseries beginning at 8 p.m. Wednesday on PBS (Channels 11 and 20).

Based on Bruce Feiler's best-selling book, the series airs on the first three Wednesdays of the year.

The 10,000-mile trek begins in Jerusalem and continues by foot, camel, boat, Jeep and train through Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Iraq.

Dramatic Scripture readings at each site enliven the stories of such honored biblical figures as Abraham, the spiritual ancestor of 2 billion Christians, 1.2 billion Muslims and nearly 15 million Jews.

Executive producer

Drew Levin: of TMC Entertainment

, said he tackled the project to educate, illuminate and inspire people of all faiths.

To bring the program to the home screen, film crews navigated through four war zones to visit the actual places described in the first five books of the Bible, known in Jewish circles as the Torah, said Drew Levin.

Feiler said he hosted the film version of his book to create a documentary.

But as cameras rolled down historic paths walked by Moses, Isaac, Jacob and the Israelites, Feiler's journey evolved into a spiritual one.

"When I first started 'Walking the Bible,' I was interested in the actual places — the mountain where Noah's ark landed, the body of water the Israelites crossed, the spot where Moses received the Ten Commandments," he said.

"But soon the power of the landscape began to take over. Being in the desert is a very spiritual experience because it opens you up to the need we all have for help," Feiler said.

"By the end (of filming), I was less interested in the science of the places and more interested in the meaning of the stories. The Bible had drawn me in."

In the series, Feiler walks the Bible with archaeologist Avner Goren, gathering commentary from scholars, scientists and people of faith along the way.

Adventures in the first episode include a visit to Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization, now part of Turkey.

Viewers will watch Feiler and Goren scale Mount Ararat in search of Noah's ark.

They also will visit Abraham's hometown and Jerusalem's sacred Temple Mount, where Abraham prepared to follow God's ultimate test of faith.

The Jan. 11 segment retraces Joseph's path to Egypt after his brothers sold him into bondage. The possible causes of the 10 plagues also are explored.

Part three on Jan. 18 follows the Israelite Exodus from Egypt into the "great and terrible wilderness" of the Sinai Desert.

The burning bush from which God communicated with Moses and the site on Mount Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments are points of interest on that night.

I've never been to the Holy Land, so I'm anxious to follow Feiler on his quest through the Middle East.

And hopefully I'll learn more about my neighbors of other faiths.


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