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Various Questions

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posted on Jan, 12 2006 @ 11:38 PM
Ive been reading many of these threads, and Ive always taken an increasingly strong intrest in the paranormal. Before I begin to really answer other peoples questions, or try to at least, Id like to see if anyone can provide answers to the following:

First, I have been having strange dreams lately where Ill feel almost like Im being "smashed" back into my body upon waking up. Ive thought up several reasons for this occuring, first being that whilst dreaming I am falling and upon waking its like my mind is telling me Im still asleep, when really Im awake. Im incredibly sorry if that doesnt make sense to you, I tried putting it into words as best I could. Second, is it possible that Im floating out of body while asleep? Ive expierimented with OBEs before and I quit soon after I felt a feeling like this, the feeling of "falling into my body."

Second up is how I can begin to develop mental prowess at a younger age, being only 16 Im sure that it would be advantageous to begin development at a young age. Keep in mind, Im fully aware of the positive and negative effects, Im not foolhardy. Im most interested in OBEs and TK, Im open to everything however, not really limiting myself to one certain subject or thought. Advice or comments?

Lastly, Im curious in what would negatively impact remembering dreams. I asked myself to remember my dreams last night and (coincidence or not) I didnt lose it, albeit it was stranger than normal. I eat a keep a relatively healthy diet, keep a diary (more of a blog, but similar), and feel like I have a somewhat close relationship with myself, if you know what I mean.

Thanks in advance for helping in any way, Ill be looking forward to any responses you provide.

posted on Jan, 16 2006 @ 07:45 PM
Hello Blake - it's been a while :-)

Yes, you probably are limiting yourself to what you can experience or can precieve or are aware of. We all do it actualy. Everything you believe, don't believe - it all come into play as to what you will allow yourself to take in. The mind has a way of defending our beliefs. If 'an experience' happend to you that would 'blow you away', (and it probably already has many times)... you would just blandly over see it as a coincodence or something of the sort. You might go so far as to think - wow! - but you would over look it to 'save the belief system' until you are ready to move forward (and some never move forward).
What you discribe sounds like people discribe in the obe's etc. Who's to say? I never believed in such things, yet I've had experiences that can't be discribed in any other way... so... I beleive what I've experienced. I don't generaly believe the stories I hear because they are all pretty much the same time after time, as if they are being fabricated... but there are 'things that happen'.

And I'd be more mindful of the dreams than of the way you entered and left them! Also of you thoughts and feelings just after and durning instead of how they came about or for what reason.

There is no negative impact on remembering dreams. Unless you cause yourself grief or unrest trying to figure them out. Just know that some dreams are ONLY dreams. The ones that count - you'll know it!

What exactly is it you want to do? What is your goal?

posted on Jan, 16 2006 @ 08:33 PM
Hi Blake... well, probaly the sensation of being smashed inside your body was a "bad landing" from and OBE...

I've never experienced one, yet, but as far as i've read we have OBEs almost every night, but we aren't aware of it and don't remember them as we wake up.
Sometimes we return in our bodies a bit violently, and this could explain what you sometimes feel.

You want to develop mental prowess, huh? Wish i precisely knew how, it could come really handy to me too... anyway, as far as i know, study as much as you can (knowledge is of utmost importance, because "power" without control is nothing - or even dangerous), and then practice a lot. All these are skills, so they need lots of practice, as every other skill.

Well, that's all i can think of right now... enjoy your stay here on ATS (you'll find loads of good infos here), and good luck in your research

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