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Don't Be Fooled

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posted on Jan, 12 2006 @ 07:44 PM
This article was written by me and a good friend of mine. The first part is his while the second part is mine.

Part one - done by Jason

this IS gona offend a lot of people.

in writting this i am gona be blunt, i do not mind and you should not either if you're not egotistical, first i should ask does this sound familliar:

"I am actually a fallen angel who has the blood of elves and dragons runing within my viens and am all powerful in the astral relms and have never been defeated"

i gurentee that almost 90% of you will reconise it to a lesser degree or in some cases an even higher degree. and in most cases in yourself
this is pathetic, you attempt to make yourself appeare better, stronger, this is one ego trip for all involved, and yes i was there too i myself was a "necromatic lord in the asterl realms" three years i was cauught in this trap of what is known as the "magical community" there is a precious little in this community who can truly be called mages and even that does not give them a whole array of powers it is mearly saying that this person uses energy, there are so little people who can call them selves pratitioners, how many of you despite having been part of the comunnity and known about magik, stil DAILY even if its just for half an hour, practise even something simple like moving enegy around the body or making a psiball.

"eliminate all ego" do you have any idea just how relevant that is, how many buddas and enlightened ones have been decendants of a "unicorn race from the dimension of the gods"... NONE!!!!!!!!!
are you afraid of being human???
have any of you ever taken the time to find out just how powerful a human is???
by creating this roleplay you futher yourself from your self. how can you possibly hope to gain strengh when you know nothing about yourself and refuse to accept yourself as you are,i am not emphatic i have a very hard time feeling emotions of people other than ones close to me, why then should i have to lie about it because the "magik community" wil look down on me, the most discusting part is that many leaders in whom many new people just intruduced to magik look up to and awe, these leaders too seperate themselfs by trying to be more impressive. what is wrong??

this is what its come to, who knows how many aeons of powerful energys has been reduced to an ego contest, im not saying you are nothing, nor am i saying that you are only capable of very little. i am asking why do you limit yoursel? why do you willingly restrict yourself with self created fantasy freedom?

i know many of you wont take this seriously or will find some way to defend yourself. carry on, it is your life, im am not forcing you to do anything. prehaps you wonder why there are no more works of powerful energys been done anymore, and why no more great magiks are being preformed, its not because of some external source weakening the energys of the world, it is because no one believes that they are capable any more. if people spent the same amount of time boosting thier egos as they did practising the energys of most people would be amazing in reality.

accept yourself, know yourself, look within instead of without, eliminate all ego, and above all do not limit yourself!!!!!!!!


Part 2 - done by me

Okay I agree with Nibbs. I too have been lost in the same for too long now. I found this site with the help of others, I had my studies of magicks and psionics behind my belt but I came across a place where one can be a dragon, or an elf and a million other mystical beings. Perhaps those are the only things that stayed true throughout my stay. I knew my magicks for what I could do with them and I had some skill with elementalism but only related with wind and I took that as my psionics skill.

But now as I was saying, before I found this forum. Such concepts as the ones I found here were unfamiliar, and all too soon I was “remembering” things. Things that did not happen and created beliefs and such to suit the site, to become greater than I was. Which although I knew untrue made me feel greater in some aspects.

I embraced these new concepts for a while until I made them my own, and altered them as such. The veil, a concept I didn’t believe let alone heard of became as real as anything to me. It was interesting as hell to me, and then I got stuck within a small group of role-players and discovered whatever I put in ** was as real as day to them. I probably made myself more than I was because at the time on a site of +- 60 members, very few there were human and as such I didn’t want to be the outcast or held in lower respect than anyone else there and for that crazy reason I thought I’d get more respect like that.

But to be honest, on the forums I visit most frequently, it was not because I was some sort of being other than human that I got respect but rather because of my study and who I am that I got such, but I have to say. Most of those I spoke to on the Instant chats and such were role-players and as far as I was concerned the only way I could get respect from such a group was to become one. It was wrong yes, but at the time I was trying to fit in and well on my way to self delusion.

At the time it seemed that humans were the lesser race, which I now know not to be true. I now see humans for what they truly are, limitless beings. One can look at many texts (to realize such, but when you look into fantasy novels one always sees that the other races look down upon humans, yet if we look at those exact novels, well the majority of them anyway, which race is the one dominant on that world? I’d say in about 96% of those novels, humans are the dominant race or end up in triumph in the end.

So this is me being dead honest. Concepts I had never heard of became real to me because I saw others believed in it. Things which made me feel good, greater than I was. There were things I lied about and there were things I didn’t. I now know according to my beliefs that I am human and that as I may have limits the veils referred to here is not as external as people think but rather internal and it is the limits you impose upon yourself and those conditioned to you in many years. I am far from free of limits currently.

To me the soul is who you are, what you are. In my opinion it has no race, no gender but it does carry knowledge from one life to the next. There may be other races and I truly believe there may be, it’s scientifically not plausible for this world to be the only one with life and one may remember one’s past lives, but really, the operative word is past, the past does not determine your future, who you were then and who you are now are different people, or beings if you will, but that is it. It is over. You are now who and what you are, but in my opinion by judging yourself or others on your or their past and assigning your soul a race you limit yourself within what you believe such a race is capable of.

I am human, and I will continue to teach what I know about magick and psionics to those who are still willing to learn from me. I realize, like I told founder before I posted this that I may lose the respect of those that I know on this board and those that came to trust me, but to be honest I still am who I was a week or two ago. I just realized that some things I spoke of I never had a true belief in and that by keeping this illusion up I was stunting my own spiritual growth.

I now ask and mean no offence about this but how many of you before coming across such information on the net (or any other source for that matter) about indigo children, other kin etc. actually knew and believed what you claim to now? You do not have to answer the question to me or anybody else but rather to yourself, the one and only person you can’t lie to and like Nibbs said, what is wrong with being human? I’d say nothing, what about you?

But like I said a while ago, I mean no offence to anyone with this and I shall leave off here. I am human and a magick user. I am no different than I was other than perhaps knowing more than did. I am not above or below you. I am what I am and I hope that after this I shall still have your respect and should I not I hope that in time I will be able to earn it back.

To those of you that came to know me, if you are to judge, judge instead on my actions while on this wrong path I took than by the fact that I walked the wrong path, but regardless of that, I am glad that I now walk true to my own path and beliefs than another’s. The one good lesson that came from all of this. One I learnt harder than those I hope that read this will and with such I shall leave off.

posted on Jan, 15 2006 @ 08:28 PM
I don't see why i should get upset with what you've written.

I mean, i feel 100% human after all. Not goblin, not draconian, not orc (although i wouldn't mind being an elf and fashinating all those pretty ladies round there

About my mind and its limits, well, i think the concept of limit doesn't suit me well: i mean, i know i've always been taught my mind has limits, and there are things it can't do, but every day i try and unlearn all those self-limiting ideas, in order to become as limitless as i can.

It's not easy, but i firmly believe that with good work and practice i'll manage to!!!

posted on Jan, 15 2006 @ 09:30 PM
very interesting topic you made...

posted on Jan, 16 2006 @ 12:47 PM
I dont know what to say.I am new here and I didnt know you before.I hope that I dont fit the criteria for what you have said.

Whether I do now or niot,let me say this..I have been.It is too easy for us being as we are to be self proclaimed whatevers.I chose to call myself Scarecrow recently after realizing that All titles such as paladine of whatever cause and that I am holy this or evil what means nothing to me and what I stand for.

I do practice alot of things and have many great stories of this and that of my life.But as far as being a scarecrow I know that I observe and that I
am scary(hehehe).

But as far as being a human yes that is what we are and although we can change what we are by perception.We still mostly remain human.

posted on Jan, 16 2006 @ 06:47 PM
Well Killer 5, I am glad to hear that some people out there that dig too deep into some of those concepts has finally come up for air.

Too often people do and believe in things which actually only a very limited population may actually belong to. It's like newspaper astrology claims - they're purposefully all-inclusive. They don't try to read the stars - they just write something that uses a certain personality, or just write something generalized, and then people try to fit themselves into what they read themselves to be.

So when people come across werewolf, vampire, magical, and psychic things - they will try to push their own selves to believe that they are what they're reading. Myself, I've avoided making any claims as much as possible. I won't "remember" things that aren't true, and I will tell people what I really think.

I mean, these people that call themselves Vampires. Look what happens to some of them. They become so indepth, that a scarce few will believe it so much as to do the things they only speak of doing. Those are the people you hear of that commit a crime, and then say "you can't hurt me, I'm a vampire".

And then, let's move onto religion. Much is the same. There are those that believe themselves to be holy warriors (ie, Osama bin Laden), and those that believe they've been sent to fulfill God's plan (ie, George W.). They reinforce that belief with their own clan that believes it and pushes it upon others. It's dangerous thinking to become a fundamentalist - no matter what you believe in.

If you think you're different - it's because you are. Everyone is massively different from each other. When you think you're alone in how you feel, it's because you are. No one will know exactly your pain, or your glory. You don't need to further push yourself as someone different by changing yourself externally, or by lying to yourself and those around you about who you really are.

I am not a person saying that "It's good enough to just be you", or that "We're all special in our own special bum-happy-flowers way!". No. I am a person that's telling you that you are who you are, and only you can change that. People will most respect you and like you when you become your best. So strive for your best - don't creep inwards to become your worst.

posted on Jan, 16 2006 @ 07:08 PM
I think a lot of it just has to do with teenagers who are looking for an identity and can't find one anywhere else. "I can't make it as a jock, a skater, a preppy, a nerd, a band kid, so I'll just create this identity that few believe in and elivate myself in my own mind. If they don't believe me, they're stupid close-minded sheeple."

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