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The end of all times, judgement day and after..

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posted on Jan, 12 2006 @ 10:04 AM
WHEN will that be? hahaa

When all people who are locked up in past present future, where they reconsider something that happened in the past or they who long for a time in the future where a better feeling is attained, when those stop longing for I'd say, something that is not here and now, something which is not God, as long as there are people who are not God, or who do not walk with JHWH, the father,

as long as people do not have faith in the Father, the end of times will still not exist, unless every human being found the creator, an end of times will not happen. That's my opinion. How else would it be attained?

Every single human being, on planet earth, even with planet earth itself, will transcend as they speak of. To transcend into God, into Him. Into the non judged. When all will be without judgement, after judgement day?

What would the last judgment be? What would happen then, I guess it's a phase we must go through before, which takes some time, might be, that when the last judgment occurs now, which is not possible at this time, heads would splatter I guess. We would all be torn apart. This might be strange conclusion, we might all fall dead if this might happen right now at this instanious moment.

We need to live to that moment, removing every judgement out of ourselves. Those who hear, bear faith and glory, harness good thoughts, even no thoughts, they just are, to become like this one has to go through a phase, and we are all working to that, consciously and subconsciously, for one harder than for another, but still a struggle, A HOLY WAR, a holy struggle, a Jihad!?

So it seems this Jihad will end, one day, the day the creator, JHWH, God! will make his last judgement on us and everything, every living thing! Even every 'soulless' thing, although I do believe everything is soul, now. Soul is God! Every created thing is a creation, occured by the creator. Everything has His soul, everything is Him. But still this soul I said, might be another thing than that which keeps humans alive.

Said that one dies, his soul leaves his body, so there must be 'special' parts of the creator which fills a human being, a spot, a force within ones self that attracts forces, so animals must to have a soul. Trees to I'd say, but then I wonder if a tree, not animals, have a same soul like living creatures do, or might this just be His soul as I mentioned before?

So when Judgement day passed, this might be after the apocalypse, this might offcourse being a rapid movent, a switch, which may create disaster, pulling everything out of its order, or pulling it back in order?? after this, everything is Him, and we all transcended into Him, might be without losing our 3d lifeform, our humanoid body. Or will we only roam this planet like ghosts?

some thought.


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posted on Jan, 12 2006 @ 10:13 AM

every karmic influence, which makes you not move in the Father's footsteps, must be overcome, must be revealed, must be burned out of existence.

Right now we are all clearing karma. By everything you do these days, untill the day you stand up, and be a man. or a woman.

A day we won't have to complain anymore about emanciaption about genders. All will be alike, but still not the same in profile. All will act onto their own will, which will be aknowledged by His. One does not have all will. Some will be for this will, some won't, this being your true self.

Everyone is in search of it, and will find it when interested, others will have to die in my opinion, don't ask me of what cause. This is not a thing to be disinterested in. This would mean being disinterested in yourself. So don't run and hide, for you can't! Accept the fact you'll need to reveal your true self, might be scary at first? Or might feel great if one allready passed the first test. Which is?

go on.


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