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what do u call an OOBE inside a dream

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posted on Jan, 12 2006 @ 03:03 AM
i had a weird dream a couple of days ago. i feel that i should share it with you all.

note i cant recall everything, and i will try to be as descriptive as possible.

there was this strange looking guy, strange as in, the colours of his clothes(or was it robes) that he was wearing was very colorful: lets jus say he had bad taste. he had a very cool pair of shades though.

there was a very large desk in front of him, inbetween us, he told me to sit down, which i did. next he was looking at a list. the background was somewhat vague and hazy, all i know is that it was glowing a bit.

then he said,
welcome rottonralph, b4 i let u in, answer this 1st
would u like an apple or an orange?
i said i was fine, no thanks. then all of a sudden this freaking blinding light came out of no where and blinded me.

next i came out to an open field and i mean a vast open field. it was daylight, no sun though, perfect. it was an endless and endless stretch of huge thorns and plants, maybe corn or wheat. then i realised that i was actually floating/flying.

i practically 'flew' all over the place, and let me tell you that it was a such wonderful experience beyond any words that can possibly escape my lips, i really felt like i was there, living. the wind brushing past my face, a wonderful experience! there was no one but me, thats what i felt anyway. then i saw a glimpse of someone's body in the middle of the field. i went over to see who it was.
then what i saw next scared the # out of me. the body was mine. i started to panic. there was nothing wrong with it, except the fact that it was just not moving, maybe asleep. then what the fcuk am i doing outside my body. was i dead, maybe an OOBE(out of body experience, in a dream = weird). hell i didnt know what to do. after a while i somehow calmed down, went over and somehow made a raised bed out of the corn/ wheat and put my body there. (didnt check for a pulse)

next moment as i was flying, i saw an shadowy outline of a few buildings, it was my old neighbourhood, then i saw my dad. he was kind of looking scared/worried/stressed out? i wanted to call out to him, but i stopped for some reason. i followed him across this alley,

as i was following him, i suddenly woke up from my dream....

damn ending, i tried going back to sleep but i was fully awake.
no going back to sleep.

so can anyone tell me what it means....

ps world peace

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