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Black Mirror Scrying - Has anyone tried it?

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posted on Jan, 17 2006 @ 02:10 AM
Okay, I'll write about some of what I saw in a wall or medicine cabinet mirror.

1. I saw an energy come over my complete two open eyes and turn them totally cobalt blue.

2. I saw every 1/8" whisker on my chin twitch in different directions all at the same time. I also felt a tingling on my chin.

3. On the left side deep into the reflection, I saw a cliff face with caves along the side. From these caves came black robed and hooded entities.
I felt like they wanted to enter this dimension through my vision of them.

4. The first vision I ever saw in about 1973 was a hooded skull with real eyes in the sockets that moved from side to side different than my own. I did not conjure or summon up with ritual this vision nor any others.

5. The second vision I saw right after that one, the same day, was a Japanese theater mask that represented the devil.

6. Many subsequent visions for many years were gorgeous girls I was just happy looking at, mostly blonde hair.

7. I saw a monkey moving around on the pictures of Raquel Welsh and Elizabeth Taylor that hanged on my wall, the monkey was on their backs looking over with an arm around the neck.

8. I saw a man with a stocking cap and a bushy black mustache and beard.

9. I saw a pie shaped division of six sections with a girls face in each one.

10. I saw a 8"x 10" rectangle with a color picture of a vineyard building from which walked a little man.

11. I saw a black cloud move through the room door and get in my lap like a pet dog several times.

12. I saw a black cloaked figure in the hallway peaking around the edge of the door with a white thing I guess was a 4" dagger. Once I saw the fully cloaked figure pass the open door, so I quickly turned to grab the cloak, and missed grabbing it by a few inches before the figure disappeared.

13. I saw various dark clouds of energy behind me, some of which reminded me of large 1-2 foot spiders crawling on the ceiling.

14. Other energy clouds behind me brushed against the back of my neck
and I saw my hair move in the mirror, also felt it move.

15. I saw a Barbie and Ken doll facing each other standing in a high ball glass trying to use their plastic arms to hug each other.

16. I saw the cloud energy get in front of my face and change my features.

17. I saw the blues of my eyes turn totally white like the teacher in the Kung Fu series.

18. I may have seen my head totally disappear, I'm not sure about that one, may have lost my mind for a second.

19. I saw a red dressed short entity in the hallway, kind of like a 1-2 foot tall Santa Claus.

20. I saw a woman who had no hair, a cranial bony structure like an amphitheater on the back top of her head with darker skin in the mirror, she was an alien from a different planet.

That's enough for now.

Honor Seed

posted on Jan, 17 2006 @ 06:43 AM
can't say i've used a mirror spray painted black...

but since the late 1960's i've used different devices,
including dark or earthen bowls filled with water,
that would be as near as i got to 'black-mirror' scrying

+ one of youse mentioned the dense inscense cloud scrying
-done that too-

+ regular mirror staring (in normal daylight),
seems real different than scrying
as i've also had harrowing visions of the 'beasts' which lurk in one's self
-as HS alluded to in that lucid & revealing post which detailed a session-

btw if your familiar with the 'Stargate" sci-fi series, one can make the connection that their 'portal' to other worlds, is a bowl of water from the vantage point of the crew of travelers...
but looks like a verticle Stargate to us spectators, who are off to the side.

...ergo, scrying is a bridge to alternate realities & universes
which are/were created in ones own subconscious.
And the added benefit of taking these scrying journeys
is to discern & make sense out of the morphed and abstracted concepts
which your creative mind has produced...and apply them towards present & future life situations.


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posted on Jan, 17 2006 @ 07:28 AM
Thank you St Udio for the comment

as i've also had harrowing visions of the 'beasts' which lurk in one's self
-as HS alluded to in that lucid & revealing post which detailed a session-

I don't think these beasts, the black hooded ones in the caves, if those are the ones you're refering to, were part of myself, I had the distinct impression this place actually existed on another planet like the hooded ones first seen on Star Wars. I don't think you meant the gorgeous blondes were beasts, I'm not sure though.

As you may know, Nostradamus, who fortold the future accurately looked into a bowl of water with a tripod over it with a ball hanging from a strig above it. He saw glimpses of a World War many years in advance and this was no more part of his self, then some Chinese guy making spaghetti far away in China at the time. My mirror meditation transcended both time and space in both directions. It is possible I saw the hooded ones through the eyes of the other alien wisewoman vision mentioned, because she was definitely living in a cave in the mountains. And the feeling they were going to enter this earthly realm, may have been her feeling that they were approaching her section of the planet she was on. The vision of the hooded ones in the side of the mirror went on for so long, and I looked away and looked back several times to see the same thing like a 3-d diorama in the mirror that I have to say it definitely was not a projection of imagination from Star Wars. What is similar though is the 6-7 foot tall, unless it was hovering, black cloaked entity in the hallway I mentioned that I turned straight to and saw straight on and narrowly missed grabbing its' cloak.

Peace also.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 06:47 PM
Wow! Well i Did a Goggle Search, For Black Mirror for seeing spirits
and found this page and Read all of the posts.

News flash, in Differing low light conditions and by looking at the black screen at different angels,. of my CELL PHONE SCREEN (Phone Turned off)( also in the TV, While it is on and I'm watching programs, From time to time i see faint images of Faces starting at me , Quite animated, Really freaked me out at first , I thought i was being spy-ed on Through the Televising in my room I have seen way more than there is room to write here, Also in the . The bottom line is For who ever was asking ,YES YES YES, with relaxed concentration in low light conditions, you have to experiment turning on this light and turning off that light , Cancels Etc. But What Ever it , is or they are, They appear to be quite real, awake and alive , differently than we are of course, oh yes as a side ,note i have seen them doing sexual things also. i feel that this is there way of comunicating , Since they can't talk to you, at any rate they seem quite Conscious that they are being Viewed, i don't think i have really heard any thing though. more later!

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 08:32 PM
Sure, I've used a black mirror for scrying, as well as an ordinary mirror, as well as a dark bowl of water with candles near.

It was experimental for me. I had zero interest in divination through my life--quite the opposite, considered most of it bunk--but when I really started getting into remote viewing, it opened my mind a lot toward other arts as well.

The first thing with scrying is it takes a damn long time, comparative to RV, you can do a session in 10 minutes but if you're going to scry you're going to be there for quite awhile. Some believe it's actually a process of fatiguing certain parts of the eye, which might be so, so--it takes awhile.

The second is that it is wholly visual--well not 100% for all people, but most people. RV is not just viewing it's everything, even most the visuals are 'sensing' that just 'translates' to a visual-understanding, the name is a bit of a misnomer, but scrying really IS visual-centric. People who are psychics with a lot of third-eye stuff going on, heavy visuals, are likely to do much better with scrying than most others.

The idea of scrying is to create something which has endless depth reflection or smooth surface so that it creates a "point of infinity" for the eye. The point of a black mirror, or a black bowl of water, is that it reflective but easier to obtain the blur point on. You are not supposed to be looking at yourself in the mirror.

But you can. The human is a 'conglomerate' of intelligences operating--in an ideal situation--under a single Will. (The cohesivity of will in this conglomerate is 'I AM' at one side and 'We Are Legion' at the other. We operate as an identity-singularity but we are really quite complex inside.) So sometimes if you sit and stare at yourself you will eventually start to become more aware of other aspects of yourself looking out at you. Which can be a little disturbing. That is not usually the stated goal of mirror scrying though; usually it is designed for basic psychic data collection.

Most people have a lot of culturally inbred fear of psi, and sometimes some hidden negative belief systems about it, as well as a lot of disconnection from self. So it's not unusual for people beginning psi functioning to get all kinds of iffy weird bs from time to time. This is akin to a person who suddenly begins eating very healthily. Their body finally is able to start detoxing. If everyone assumed that doing this meant the detox symptoms were bad things resulting from eating good food, it would be a problem. Much of the stuff people report that they find frightening in psi work is essentially psychological detox.

Some people like scrying but it's a lot of effort frankly. If you want to get psi-based data you don't really have to go to nearly that much trouble. Just relax and open to it. It's already in you, it's just a matter of allowing yourself to have the experience and know.


posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 09:03 PM
My first and only scying experience came as a matter of chance.

I found myself staring at a highly polished black glass table and the reflections of the room around me.

When the visions began, I was overjoyed. I knew nothing of scrying or the technique and was able to glean some very interesting things about myself and my subconcious.

I don't talk about what I saw or how I interpreted it, because it was a vision for me, myself - and I seriously doubt it would have any merit to anyone else anyway.

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 12:06 AM

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posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 12:10 AM
reply to post by CyberWasp

I have not done this with a black mirror, I have done this with a regular ole mirror, also with water in a bowl. It is all about clearing your mind and concentrating on staring at the mirror or water. It is like looking at a 3d book, you keep staring at it until the 3 diminsional picture appears to you, it is like you are really looking through the water or mirror, not at it.

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 10:25 PM
Months ago, actually the week before samhain, I did my ritual and made my black mirror, cleansed and blessed it. The night of samhain came and I put it in the circle with the incense burning and the candle lit and looked into it, and looked into it, I must've stared for a good thirty minutes. I saw nothing at all. I still rather use my tarot!

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 05:31 AM
I have tried scrying in the past. I found a really good book called "Nocturnal Witchcraft" and it had a really good section in it about how to scry. Basically, you get the black mirror or a black ceramic bowl with water in it, and you sit comfortably and gaze into it. All of the lights should be off and you should have one candle lit and placed somewhere so that it doesn't reflect in the water or mirror, and also in a place where you cannot look directly at it. It should only provide a small amount of light to keep the room from being completely dark. Anyway, you relax and stare at the surface. Your goal is to empty your mind of all thought and just meditate while staring at the surface. Of course, you will blink and think of things and get distracted, but the key is to know that this will happen, and to just let it happen and then let it go. Just relax and know that you can do it. After staring at the surface for a while, you should see clouds begin to form on the surface, and you might see "stars" floating on it also. This signals that the visions are coming. Then just wait and keep going.

The first time this worked for me, I saw the clouds and became really excited that it was working, but then the room seemed to fill up with an invisible pressure, and it was like the room began to spin on me. I could feel some kind of force closing in on me, and I panicked and it stopped. You just have to keep trying, and don't let yourself get too freaked out.

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 07:45 AM

Originally posted by cimmerius
I have read about this technique. There is a little more to it than taking a mirror and painting it black.
Use a clear piece of glass. Paint it black on the back. Spray paint is ideal to avoid any smudges or brush strokes.
The idea is to create a black void to stare into. You look into the side that is not painted.
A frame adds to the impression of looking through a window into darkness.

If you believe in psychology you might think of this as projecting your subconscious thoughts onto a blank canvas.


you hit upon the 'process'...i.e. creating a portal or gateway
a surface that breaks up the preceived time-space continuium... or breaks up the electro-magnetic spectrum which we preceive (through familirarity).... thus our own imaginations and deep subconscious can manifest into the mundane world.

bowls of water, mirrors, glassy surfaces, crystal globes etc... onyx flat surfaces on stones in rings...
i had an onyx setting in a ring way back when i was about 10

i could then go on journeys by staring at the stone & seeing vistas looking through a telescope

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 05:31 AM
I suspect that the scrying tool is not that important, whether for good or bad. As with most things paranormal, the belief and intention of the system seems to be the key. Just as with athletes who have positive mindset rituals.

Interestingly in quantum physics, initial data suggests that moving a mirror in a vacuum can produce light from nothing or proving that our perception of empty space is wrong.

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by CyberWasp

I did it when I was young, I got the idea from a book. I waited till midnight and then sat in front of my wardrobe mirror in the dark, only with a candle.
Its hard for me to explain this but you're suppose to stare into the mirror but not stare at it, and not at your reflection, sort of in between. I tried not to blink so much either and just relax.
Soon my face started to change then in the mirror an old man appeared he was really ugly and had messy hair everywhere.
Ever since then I believe I've been haunted by him, i got nightmares all the time and experienced a lot of paranormal activity. I even saw his huge face once after i woke up from a nightmare, i will never forget it.

Recently I got fed up it also because I have a child now and contacted a priest, whos a friend of mine, to do a cleansing/blessing on me which has worked so far.

So yes my advice would be not to mess with it, seriously.

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