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"Higher light answers for questions"

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posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 01:22 PM
reply to post by reblazed

This looks like sound information to me replaying into Earths memory banks.

posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 01:35 PM
Earth is the veil that needs to be uncovered in life, so life can move forward the wave of peace. All things considered we are benevolent teachers guiding the Earth into balance making the world a more stable base to ground on. We have oppurtunity to breach into any system out there if life teaches the priciniple live and let live. All things on Earth are placed inside the Earths brain through our thoughts, which later become our actions. If we are to replace the balance inside Earths mind. We must learn to balance ourselves out to see the blind. All things continuing beyond the fabric of space time. All states of being exist through the virtue of Integrity. Life is a blossoming flower we help guide into the light. All things are passionate to relive the stresses of the past. We are a continuation of a dreams past. Not just from this Solar Systems avenue but all. We are, nothing or less record keepers. The Record Keepers hold all information into their time and space which equals matter. What permeates out beneath that sheet of clothing called the human flesh is natural information. Information that is liable to its direction. There really is no begining or end, we exist therefore we are everyting, that we could ever dream of or hope. We have the tools to become the gods of old, guiding other realities to truth. In a sense we are The Gatekeepers of time. We have every bit of information trapped into a three dimensional tool for learning. We equate past the common avenue to believe we are the key conduct into play. Nothing passes without knowlegde restored. This means all avenues of past are in the present form of the Earths bodies past. We are resurfacing an old past to recover and heal old wounds.

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posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 02:11 PM
Humans are 'The Record Keepers of time'.

We bounce in and out of All Time spaces.

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posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 09:24 PM
Thanks for helping him out Menguard.

posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 10:20 PM
Hello Menguard, I have a question of a personal nature. I had a brush with some kind of sorcerer some years ago, definetly not of the light kind, I stupidly participated in a simple ritual where the participants had to smear a heated resin onto the bottoms of their feet,( supposedly against the evil eye) I was told not to let it touch me anywhere else when I handle it, also I was told if I did not wish to participate I would have to grab my gear and leave the house immediately. it it was the middle of the night, somewhere on the North African coast and after some inner debate I decided to stay rather then spend the night outside. When I was handed the resin, which was wrapped like a sweet,open on one end, a drop of the resin came of and landed on my knee, I continued with the procedure thinking what the hell..., later that night I dreamed of some bald headed dude who was staring at me, I woke up thinking that is the guy who made the concoction and I am now marked like a fly in the web of the spider.
Last year about 11 years after the episode I had a brush with cancer and a very nasty dream which made me think I should return to the scene of the crime so to speak and try to confront the bald headed dude. I figured he would know how to find me. On the last leg of the journey taking a train to the port, I had virtually forgotten about him, when I suddenly saw him on the train a few compartments away. I was terrified and my plan of asking him what he wanted of me kind of evaporated. As I left the train he stayed in his compartment and was still there when most everyone had already disembarked. He had about 5 heavy suitcases so maybe he was only waiting for a porter, but another thought also flashed into my head, which was that he was going to the compartment where I had been sitting to try and gather
some hairs of mine that could have remained on the headrest. I am sure
it was him, he would not look me in the eye when I tried to make contact.
Anyhow, to make a long story short, since then my wife left me taking my beloved 2 year old son and also our business with her, she moved to the mainland where she is now holding my child at ransom saying unless I start paying some cash she will not let him come to see me. I have not been able to make any money for almost one year and I feel as if I am being slowly suffocated. I have consulted a few supposed knowledgeable people, who
have basically told me not to worry, which is surely the best advice in the universe, but in spite of endless attempts to bounce out of this dismal situation it keeps getting worse. Last night I was watching a tv series
about the occult and it was about some nasty dude who was trying to become more powerful by consuming souls and especially light beings
since they are the most powerful food for a soul eater. I need to gather
the forces of light to me to repel this attack, can you help me?

posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 07:44 PM
'The true science of man lies within the soul'

posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 11:39 PM

Soon enough science and spirituality will meet and it will be hard to distinguish the two because they are of physical and non physical expressions.Our world is govern by non physical laws that coincides with our physical reality.But it seems that our physical descriptions of the world limit us.Take for instance "aliens" their technology was unfathomable to us because of our physical description of the world.Yet their technology is god like.Spirituality and science are one of the same.The layers of being exist in many forms and in simultaneous realities.Everyone talks to or visits with the spiritual realm, most of the time its sub-consciously.But that doesn't mean you can't do it consciously.Within a set reality is laws that exist, but what if you were governed by new laws since you were born.And by new laws I mean a "description of reality" that defies our laws of physicality.Their are layers of being we can access anytime we choose, if the majority vote was to access this level or layer of being then you are given a new "set reality".This is happening in the now, humanity is seeking a new set of rules to live by or guidelines to follow in a "new layer" of being.Wherever our (mass projection) on a soul base planet leads us is up to the overall projection of our over souls or higher self.Believe it or not we actually meet up in dreaming or in the dream state to become one.We are individual pieces of the puzzle.A new definition of god will reform with its society.Transcending happens when you are willing to go past the agreements made in a (set reality) and create a new world or way of living that exists without time.Think of god as guidelines between you and a set reality.What happens when new guidelines exist ,a new god.God exists within and without.He is the white rabbit off of Alice in Wonderland, there one minute gone the next.To catch a glimpse of the rabbit we must move without time.Time can keep us in a set reality, confined to its limitation of whats attainable within reasoning.Time is a "human endeavor" nothing more, nothing less.When a "higher light" speaks to you its always in human terms because of our set reality.It kind of sounds like this well, in human terms or human mechanics, in human terminology, in human deciphering.They always bridge the gap for us because of our set reality.Time determines our potential in a set reality/state of being.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 04:42 PM
I will tell you what is to come:

There will be technology in the background trying to outdue the spiritual potential, but spirit resides in all things and it will reprogram everything that is not of the Pure Light.

So whatever is not used for the good of the people, it will be changed through a reprogramming of the mind through spirit frequency.

No one can run from the cleansing of mankind, but embrace Spirit and all its potential made for mankind to see the light within.

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posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 05:20 PM
Anything that is brought into Earth is to bend light into space. Earth is a fragmented spec of life. Earth is a representaion of human existance, magnified through space.

Who guides us?
Answer:Spirit does.

Spirit does?
Answer:The light capacity.

The light capacity?
Answer:Spirit into form.

Spirit into form?
Answer:An equation of life.

An equation of life?
Answer:Spirit being.

Spirit being?

Answer:For life to see the truth.

For life to see the truth?
answer:You are the result.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by menguard

EDIT: Haha, I didn't even see your post about science and spirit. Seems we're on the same page eh


I see technology becoming organic and using DNA-type machines to further discover our own potentials.

We are seeing an overlap in science and spirit as of the past decade or two. More and more people are becoming aware of the shortcomings of organized religion and the disconnection from reality of science.

Neither side has all the answers.

Science was 'created' to help humans understand life through reason and experiments. Religion tries to take the unseen and make it simple for the masses.

However, in doing so, both sides have given up their subjectivity.

One side has the seen, one the unseen. There is a great amount of overlap as nothing is either or.


Do you believe in Planet 'X' (Nibiru/Niburu)? I am not referring to the pole shift/reversal material, but rather unidentified celestial bodies that NASA and the like will not tell the masses about.

What is your opinion on the alternative culture rising in the media through magazines and other publications (Spirit, new age stuff, healing, consciousness, etc) ?

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posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 05:37 PM
Nibiru is a planet earth to come. One that knows of its Spiritual Science and methodology of projection.

Picture a planet governed by beings that make things present through conscious sound waves of the soul.

We can keep our Earth protected by the meer energy of light projecting sound all around our planet to stop anything from getting in.

We will be able to tune our minds and spirit into ONE SOUL projection. Create whatever we want through our knowing channel.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by menguard

An issue of a personal nature but is centered around one of the driving forces of the
Menguard....i beleive in love and that it can save humanity as a whole and can eventually solve the worlds problems simply because of the fact that there is not enough of if.
However i feel lately that my own journey through this world lacks this precious element for i recently lost the woman that i love to her other, more highly held ambitions and dreams. I dont want to turn this into a diary page but hopefully you will answer.
I find myself lost without that connection....whether it be her or someone else and feel as though i am not a "contender" or "participant". How do i focus on the feelings that will guide me in the right direction? What must i reflect upon internally that will protect my heart from being taken advantage of once again? My intuition was once at a high level but i have been lied to so many times and have believed the false to be true over and over much so that it has eaten away at my intuition but i want it back.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 02:24 PM
What effect does calcium have on your body? isn't that what builds up like mineral deposits on like the pineal gland of the brain, as well gives you kidney stones? Isn't that what comes out of our tap water with the flouride in it?

I ask because I have no decided to take a multi-mineral, and vitamin pill, just to see the effects, since I'm sure most of us aren't getting ANY minerals, but we don't realise it, and then we age, and our bodies break down earlier then they should, which is the only evidence.

This pill has 175 MG calcium carbonate and phosphate. As well I'm skeptical about the amounts of chlorine in here, yeah, chlorine, I guess small amounts are good for you.. potasium chloride.

Its hard to tell these days, I just want to treat my body good, and I want to minimize any un-need mineral deposits on my brain that might interfere with its functions.

I know some of you are already on iron pills and the colloidal silver and golds. Anyone know? I'd appreciate hearing an oppinion from people I know and trust.

- your buddy steve!

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 02:53 PM
Hello bud,

Calcium is fully utilized by the body. I have seen first hand the fraility of a low calcium individual and a high one. Bones break far more easily.

As for the pineal gland you are thinking of Fluoride. I avoid fluorine at all costs. The best non-fluorine toothpaste in the world is called Cuprident. I import mine from Ohio.

Biggie Smalls might tell you unprocessed agricultural produce is rich in minerals. The problem is with the processing, always.

Potassium Chloride KCl is the most common bioavailable sort of Potassium. It's only dangerous in very large doses.. hence the 'thanatron'.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 03:07 PM
On the food theme, I wanted to share this.

Go through all the slides.

What kind of self-depreciating individual would put that in their body?

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posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by GUICE2

Hi. The love the world needs and Menguard talks about has nothing to do with your women and relationship status.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 04:04 PM
thanks alot man for that information.

Yeah I know it was flouride, but I thought a bi-product of flouride was like calcium deposits, i guess that wouldnt make too much sence... unless it went through some chemical process... I think I made the conclusion with: My city is like the kidney stone capital of the world...tap water = flouride, you can taste our waters crappyness, it taste like pool water, I have to drink it super cold to pretend nothings wrong with it, I can't afford not to drink it., and yeah apparently kidney stones are from calcium deposits?

I don't know, but either way thanks for clearing that up. Never heard of that tooth paste, but does it really matter? I don't seem to swallow like any of it, but I guess it could get in your gums and then body?

I read cubans on average have the cleanest teeth in the world, and their water has no flouride, god damn I hate the corruption of north america.

Biggie smalls is living in the states, I recently read something that said there is no minerals left in the farms of the states, and haven't been for years, unless they got some specialty food out there. The crops suck up minerals and the minerals don't come back.|

This is what I just bought today:

I want a healthy body man, I've given this whole bulking up thing a rest and I'm getting back to jogging, pushups and tricept dips, pull-ups and maybe even some building scaling! its good to do stuff like that, it makes you fit and healthy and so even the simplest things in life become a lot easier, as well its an awesome boost of self-confidence.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 04:09 PM
reply to post by SteveR

Thats not true in my opinion....i understand the differences in romantic love and friendly love but the core values of love remain the same regardless of the situation. The word doesnt have two different meanings at its core....The world revolves around it and the more love our society contains (for example my or your relationship) the better of we will all be.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 04:50 PM

Originally posted by CavemanDD
I thought a bi-product of flouride was like calcium deposits, i guess that wouldnt make too much sence...

I see what you mean. You could be right with that. There is a link between flourine and calcium, called fluorosis. linky

I don't seem to swallow like any of it, but I guess it could get in your gums and then body?

Yeah the absorption is sub lingual.

I recently read something that said there is no minerals left in the farms of the states, and haven't been for years

The problem is the earth doesn't get replenished naturally unless organic material is left to decay on the surface. It's the industrial fertilizers we use to provide the minerals and nitrates for the plants to grow, and we're wrecking the environment in the process.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 04:56 PM
Steve, that was a great website. Very interesting about the energiser batteries, a D battery and a AA are the same!

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