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Arnold Schwarzenegger Facing Driving Prosecution by LAPD

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posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 10:02 AM
Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger may be facing prosecution by the LAPD after admitting to Journalists he didn’t hold the correct driving License.

This Has Occurred after a recent Accident in which "The Governator" needed stitches to his lip after crashing his Harley Davidson on the weekend.

Arnold Schwarzenegger did not have the proper licence to drive a motorcycle when he crashed at the weekend, Los Angeles police have said

The California governor and former action movie star required 15 stitches to his lip after being injured in the traffic accident in Los Angeles.
Questioned by reporters, he admitted he had never applied for the right licence after moving to the US in 1968.

"It was just one of those things that I never really did," the governor said. The admission may mean he has been breaking the law for years


What is interesting however is that he has crashed another bike before and broke six ribs in 2001, but nothing was mentioned then.

Surely they LAPD should have checked for a correct license at that time and not 5 years later?

Washington Post

San Francisco Chronicle

On a very tongue in cheek note , if a bad terminator was after me I wouldn’t be soo sure to jump onto his Harley now, 2 crashes in five years just riding, without fighting an advanced futuristic killing machine at the same time. Well I wasn’t sure until now but this has destroyed my faith in Hollywood!




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