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False Biblical Prophets Make Mythology Work Better?

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posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 03:59 AM
If the Prophets in the old testament weren't really able to predict the future, would you be less trusting of the rest of the bible?

I wouldn't. I think that the more that things are fake in the bible the more important the story is because stories in the bible fit the mythological "Hero's Journey."

I may not be conveying the message clearly, but the more I see the bible fit a pattern and the less it seems that the events really happened, the more comforted I am with it.

It makes me realize that it doesn't matter whether or not things in the bible actually took place, but that the story in the bible is found throughout the history of mankind in other works of literature and they all give us universal ideals to live out our lives.

In addition, we can get from the Star Wars or Lord of the Rings Saga what we can get from the bible. Tolkien was a Christian and in his genious he saw how a mythical story such as Lord of the Rings could reinforce the teachings of the bible. Many criticized Tolkien because of the evil forces he brings to life in his epic saga, but the same ones who criticized Tolkien totally missed the point. In fact, I would like to argue that someone who criticizes Tolkien's work as Anti-Christian may in fact not understand the teachings of Jesus.

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