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Lee Harvey Oswald - patsy, spy, or Both???

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posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 01:43 AM
Here's a few facts to plug into your construction of JFK's hit. Although I don't necessarily agree with the author's premise, these facts come from "Krushchev Killed Kennedy, by Michael HB Eddowes (1975)

1. There is good evidence that the Lee Harvey Oswald that returned from Russia is not the same one who had defected in 1959.

a) Oswald's Marine photo shows him as 5' 11' inches tall. The booking photos from the Dallas County Jail on 11-22-63 show "Oswald" as being 5' 11" tall. Either it is not the same man, or he shrank by 2".

b) Oswald had a mastoidectomy scar below his left ear. The photos from the Dallas County Jail show that "Oswald" had no such scar when he was shot by Jack Ruby.

c). From an anthropometric perspective, the "Oswald" who de-defected from the USSR is dissimilar to Marine Oswald. In addition to the height difference, the returning "Oswald" has a slightly bulbous nose, a prominent nasal septum, and a prominent 'Adam's apple' not seen on defector Oswald. All of these traits are consistent with Slavic ethnic origins, possibly Polish or Baltic ancestry.

2. There is circumstantial evidence that Ruby had contact with "Oswald" prior to their confrontation and shooting on 11-24.

a). On the date when "Oswald" returned to the United States via Cuba, Ruby was on a business trip to Cuba, even though Cuba was actively embargoed by the USA.

b) If you draw a map of "Oswald's" fleeing from the School Book Depository, he takes a bus that would have passed an apartment owned by Jack Ruby. When the bus was rerouted after the assassination, Ruby got off the bus and took a second bus that would have gone past the same bus-stop. When the second bus became trapped in a traffic-jam, "Oswald" got off the bus and proceeded on foot, again in the direction of Ruby's apartment.

c). The apartment in question was sub-let to "business associates" of Jacky Ruby, who was a child-hood friend of Al Capone, and was widely believed to be "connected" (to the mob). In the week leading up to the shooting, Ruby furnished his associates with money and a car for a hunting trip to Wisconsin, to a lakeside cabin Ruby owned there. This meant that the apartment, which "Oswald" was desperately trying to reach, would have been empty of witnesses on the day of the assassination. The two friends of Ruby would not learn of the assassination for almost a week, due to the rural nature of their wooded retreat. One of them "turned himself in" to authorities, but his testimony doesn't appear in the Warren Report.

d). Another friend of Ruby's owned a private plane, and had filed a flight plan for Mexico City on the afternoon of 11-22-63. The plane was being fueled at Redbird airfield, a small private strip south of Dallas in Oak Cliff. Redbird field was the only airport that authorities failed to shut down in the wake of the JFK killing.
e) It is admittedly subjective, but I personally believe, from watching the video of Ruby shooting "Oswald," that the victim's face shows the shock of recognition as he was gunned down. I think "Oswald" recognized Ruby as his contact for his escape from the assassination scene.

f). Ruby witnessed the JFK shooting first-hand. He had gone to the Dallas Herald's news offices in Dealey Plaza, and was watching the motorcade from the rooftop of the Herald's offices, directly across the Plaza from the school-book depository.

3. There is strong evidence that "Oswald" was a Russian spy before killing Kennedy.

a). "Oswald" worked at Chiles, Jaggers, Stovall in Dallas in 1961-62. This photographic firm has long processed spy photos and satellite imagery for the US government, and continues its business today. Unbelievably, "Oswald," even though a one-time defector to the Soviet Union and a communist sympathizer, was given a security clearance to work at the firm.

b). Even more bizarrely, "Oswald" was assigned work in the darkroom where US spy-plane photos were processed. His time-sheet shows that Oswald worked there during the Cuban missile crisis, and even assisted in developing and labeling the photos of Russian-made nuclear missiles that JFK displayed to world-wide audiences on TV.

c). There are written complaints from "Oswald's" co-workers, that he brought Russian-language newspapers to work, and was vehemently opposed to US policy with regard to Cuba, and advocated the overthrow of the USA.

d). Inexplicably, during the Summer of 1963, Oswald quit his high-paying job at Chiles, Jaggers, Stovall in order to work at the Texas School Book despository for minimum wage. He took the job less than a week after Kennedy's "parade route" was announced to the press.

e). Jack Ruby had stopped by the Dallas Herald to confirm that the Kennedy motorcade was still planning to pass through Dealey Plaza, in downtown Dallas.

In my own research, I have come across the fact that Ruby was originally denied access to the Dallas County Jail on the morning of the 24th, when "Oswald" was to have been moved. He said that he was with the press, and was told to go in through the press entrance. The Warren Report states that Ruby "produced a press pass from the Jerusalem Post Newspaper of Jerusalem, Israel" and was allowed to enter the garage of the Jail. From my own experience in the Middle East, I can add that the Jerusalem post was, for years, the sole "English Only" newspaper in the region, and was widely seen as a CIA front. (The Jerusalem Post has only in subsequent years begun publishing a Hebrew edition of their paper.)

The obvious question is whether the press pass from the Jerusalem post was fake or not. If authentic, it could be the link that connects Jack Ruby the Mafiosi with the CIA. In any case, the Warren Report contains no photograph or description of the alleged press pass.

Based on these bits of info, here's my hypothesis:

1. The real Oswald defects to the USSR in 1959.

2. Oswald commits suicide, or dies in Russia. Since he had marine training in top-secret radar equipment, it is possible that he was interrogated with force.

3. Oswald is replaced by an impostor, and marries Katrina, who happens to be the daughter of a KGB general.

4. "Oswald" is sent to the US, to destabilize the embargo of Cuba. First, he uses the "Fair Play for Cuba Committee" in New Orleans. Later, he agitates within the Russian émigré community in Dallas, by trying to assassinate the leader of Russians in exile in America.

5. "Oswald" begins to spy on US photo evidence

6. When the decision is made to kill JFK, "Oswald" is recruited. I believe that the actual shooters were stationed underneath the triple underpass to the West of Dealey Plaza. "Oswald" was told he would be the co-ordinator/radio man of the "wet cell" sent in to kill JFK. He is shown Ruby's apartment, and the flight-plan for Mexico City, as a purported escape route.

7. On the morning of the shooting, "Oswald" goes up to the 6th floor of the Book Depository. Instead of the radio equipment by the window, he finds a "sniper's nest, and the manlicher-carcano rifle that was used to shoot a Russian émigré, and which will be alleged to be the assassin's weapon. "Oswald" realizes he is being framed and flees the 6th floor, almost a minute BEFORE the killing of JFK.

8. "Oswald" is downstairs by the East entrance to the book depository when JFK is shot. He believes that he is safe from accusations of murder, since witnesses have seen him and can provide an alibi. He gets on the bus to Ruby's apartment, hoping to flee the country and get back to Russia.

9. After the bus leaves its route, Oswald changes busses, then goes on foot to his apartment, to change into darker clothing before approaching Ruby's apartment, where a car is parked for him. He is stopped by Tippet before he can get there.

10. While "Oswald" was told that he would be the radio man for the "wet cell" carrying out the assassination, the actual team leader is Jack Ruby, who is across the Plaza on top of the Dallas Herald building, the best vantage point for the event.

11. When Ruby learns that "Oswald" has not been killed during the arrest, he decides to kill the patsy himself, so that no one will tell the DPD the truth. Ruby already knows that he is dying of cancer, and so is not concerned about his own fate.

posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 01:53 AM
Excellent and well-thought out hypothesis, Herr Doktor. This does, of course, beg the question- did the Mafia support, directly or indirectly, the assasination of Kennedy? If so, is there evidence of a cover up on their part, such as the disappearance or murder of prominent local mafioso?

One DOES doubt the CIA is involved, or even Mossad or its precursors. One would think they have little to gain from kennedy's death.


posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 02:45 AM
Factors for Mossad involvement:

1. JFK's father, Joseph Kennedy, was a rabid anti-semite, and had pushed hard as ambassador to Britain for America's neutrality in WWII. While weak, this does set the stage for the possibility that the Kennedys are hostile ot the idea of Israel's existence.

2. This LONG webpage, JFK and Mossad claims that JFK and then Prime Minister Ben Gurion were feuding over Israel's attempt to get nuclear weapons. It is true that Israel began a long-term collaboration with China, sharing nuke and other weapons technology.

3. It is also true that the US didn't become THE financial power behind Israel until the Johnson administration.

4. For what it's worth, (very little) Ruby was active in the Jewish community before moving to Dallas, when he changed his name legally to Ruby from Rubenstein.

5. Despite what Oliver Stone's 1993 film portrayed, New Orleans district attourney Jim Garrison concluded that Mossad was indeed behind the Kennedy assassination. Michael Collins Piper agreed, and said so in his seminal assassination study, Final Judgment.

As for the CIA,

1. The CIA was behind the botched "Bay of Pigs" invasion of Cuba. The invasion failed when Kennedy refused to send in airborne support, earning the wrath of CIA operatives such as G. Gordon Liddy.

Liddy was actually in Fort Worth (about 30 miles away) during the assasination. He was attending a Pepsi bottler's convention. (The CIA was using a Pepsi bottling plant in Laos to process heroin for its "Air America" enterprise.) One of the three "bums" arrested behind the grassy knoll bore a striking resemblance to Liddy. My copy of the arrest photo has disappeared, and I cannot locate the source of the mugshot.

Certainly, many in the CIA hated Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs. Kennedy, for his part, swore to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds." (copied from this website: where they in turn quote another source: "CIA: Marker of Policy or Tool? survey finds widely feared agency is tightly controlled" New York Times. April 25, 1966_)

2. If you look back at the Evidence I've presented from Fellowe's book, you'll notice that "Oswald" was cleared to work at a top-secret job, after having defected from the USA to the Soviet Union, during the cold war. Even though the FBI maintained a dossier on him, someone had to have given his employment a green light. I take it that someone in the federal government must have approved him.

3. The link between the US Mafia and the CIA has been noted by dozens of conspiracy researchers; it goes back to the American invasion of Italy in WWII. Since the CIA was forbidden to work on US soil (this was before PATRIOT II), the only way they could run ops here was to "hire it out."

NOT that I'm convinced. that's why I started this thread, instead of publishing one more book on JFK.


posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 10:58 AM
As best I can tell from what I've read, the Mossad, the CIA, Cubans (both Castro's and exiles), the Mob, the Vatican, Freemasons, the Yankees' starting pitchers, and beings from the planet Umogon were all at Dealey Plaza elbowing each other out of the way to get a shot off at the poor guy.

posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 11:03 AM
I agree.

In all seriousness, I believe that were at least 5 shots fired. A fellow conspiracy buff WHO WAS IN DEALEY PLAZA that morning says he definitely heard five.

Anyways. The place must have been more crowded that the shooting arcade at the state fair.

I wonder how many of them were "false flagged." Believing they were killing for the mafia/mossad/cia/vatican, when they were actually working in the interests of wealthy Greek shipping magnates, etc.


posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 02:01 PM

Originally posted by dr_strangecraft
I agree.

In all seriousness, I believe that were at least 5 shots fired. A fellow conspiracy buff WHO WAS IN DEALEY PLAZA that morning says he definitely heard five.

Anyways. The place must have been more crowded that the shooting arcade at the state fair.

I wonder how many of them were "false flagged." Believing they were killing for the mafia/mossad/cia/vatican, when they were actually working in the interests of wealthy Greek shipping magnates, etc.


Mmmm... The last part of your statement touches on something I heard about 20 years ago.
Could you elaborate about the possible Greek shipping connection

posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 03:21 PM
It was a bit of a joke.

Jackie Kennedy, the widow of JFK, later remarried Aristotle Onasis, . . . a Greek shipping magnate.

I was implying that maybe it was him that had JFK whacked, so he could get the skirt.

Just a joke though. Seriously.

posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 04:13 PM
I understand, it was just that was what I'd heard as one of the
possible reasons for that tragic day.
The odd part is that there was about an hour that Oswald couldn't
be accounted for on his way to his hotel in Helsinki.

I believe that investigators tracked his movement from England to
mainland Europe when Oswald was on his way to defect.

posted on Jan, 12 2006 @ 12:11 PM

Originally posted by dr_strangecraft

It was a bit of a joke.

Jackie Kennedy, the widow of JFK, later remarried Aristotle Onasis, . . . a Greek shipping magnate.

I was implying that maybe it was him that had JFK whacked, so he could get the skirt.

Just a joke though. Seriously.

You may have meant it in jest, but the idea that Ari Onassis was involved in the JFK assassination is not uncommon. In my younger days as a conspiracy theorist (
) The Gemstone File was one of the most popular and widely pointed to conspiratorial documents. The Gemstone File puts Onassis at the center of a myriad of global conspiracies and Gemstone was one of the first "unified theories" so to speak; something that tied all the little conspiracies together in a big picture.

Old link, but this should give you the general overview if you feel like digging: Gemstone File info @ Disinfo

The Gemstone File isn't mentioned very often on ATS or similar sites these days. It was always of dubious credibility, but since a huge chunk of things discussed on here are too, I attribute it's waning popularity more to the fact that its old. Conspiracy buffs tend to go with the newest info available and you'll almost never hear someone referrence something more than 15 years old as a source.

posted on Jan, 12 2006 @ 05:40 PM
The thing that gets me about all of this is the lack of identification
of all the people in Dealey Plaza at the point of the assassination.

Okay, you've got the main cast near the left of the car, (the babooshka lady etc),
you've got the family sprawled on the grass and the 'brolly man' and his mate.
I know that ATSers will say I've missed several others, but who were the people
on the grassy knoll?... I mean all of them, all of them.

The 'three hobo's' photo is bounced backward and forward, the mention of supposedly
secret service people that flashed their badges at questioning people up on the knoll.
Who were they? were they official? what did they see?

It annoys me about whether it was the mafia or the American goverment were responsible, when there seems to be a lot of questions still to asked.

posted on Jan, 12 2006 @ 06:33 PM
Is there any truth to the rumors I've heard that Oswald's personal journal was obtained by a third party immediately after the shooting, and later turned over to the authorities with seventeen missing pages?

If not, pretend I never said anything... but (O immortal idiom) that's what I heard.

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