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I am a dense fool.

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posted on Jan, 10 2006 @ 08:19 PM
Alright. I've never posted on the relationship thingy before, so forgive me if I appear rude or whatever. To me, it just seemed like blokes who canny talk to girls, girls who canny talk to guys and all that malarky. I have a little bit of a problem though that I might as well share with you internet folk. I'm just gathering options on what to do next really.
I'm not a lonely guy. Emotionally crippled perhaps, but I can handle it. I had to cope with my dyspraxia or I couldn't keep living. Anyway, because of this, I had a tendency to push folk away, because I felt alienated from well everyone else. Its a constant battle to get rid of such conflicting feelings really. Moving on, talking to girls is really not any problem for me. No idea why. There not as scary as some folk have told me. I think it's because I can make them laugh. And they call me cute and stuff. The problem is, is that I don't notice these bloody signals that folk talk about. What the hell are they??? Is it like hand signals or something? Eyebrow twitching? I'm in trouble though. I've just discovered that 3 or 4 girls like me. Maybe up to ten but I dunno. I also got a couple of male admirers as well. WHAT THE HELL DO I DO???
I'm especially stuck on the admirers. What if they start crying??? OMG that would be worse case scenario. I hope they aren't too attached to me.
How do I let them down? I can only see it ending bad.

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