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Utopia - free, online, and massively interactive!

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posted on Jan, 10 2006 @ 09:32 AM


Some would call it a concept by Plato - a realm embedded in perfection, and where no wrong can be done. However, to the members of , Utopia is a free, online, and massively interactive game that is their home, and in some cases, their hobby.

The premise of the game is simple. You are in control of a province in a world populated by Humans, Orcs, Elves, Undead, Dwarves, Avians, Halflings, and Faeries - each of whom control their own provinces. Not only that, but your province is part of a Kingdom under the rule of a Monarch - who is also a player, just like you. If the Kingdom does well, you can expect to do well also.

The game is based on numbers though. There are no spiffy animations of your troops running out to battle the enemy, or of spells going off. Instead, you have numbers such as Networth, Defensive Strength, GC (gold coins), Wizards, or any number of other indicators to tell you what's going on in your province.

The game is also turn-based, and real-time at the same instant. Every hour that passes in our world means 1 Utopian day has passed. And every day (24 hours) is 1 Utopian month. Every time a Utopian day passes, you will gain more gold, troops will be trained, and peasents born - as well as many other possibilities.

There is also magic, theivery, and different methods of warfare - each with their own properties and numbers.

Despite all this, the game is relatively simple, and easy to learn. However, to become an expert requires lots of devotion, as well as some new player-made devices for helping you number-crunch. One example is Utopian Angel, which you can direct to give you greater control over your province, and can view effects before you make changes. Need to know how many farms you need? Not a problem. In fact, Utopian Angel can be set with a "building percentage" task to help instruct you what to do. If you set this percentage to, say, 11% - every time you update the information in Angel about your province, it'll tell you if you need to build more farms, or tear down farms, in order to achieve that 11% accuracy.

Give the game a try, you might be impressed.


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