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Uhuru - The murder of all white Africans

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posted on Jun, 6 2007 @ 05:20 PM
Hey, people. I'm another South African with something to say. If I post something thats already been posted, apologies. I don't exactly have time to read all the posts in this thread.

So, is Uhuru fact or fiction? Personally, I'm not entirely sure.

Let us suppose it is a rumour...

What happens to rumours? Some people believe them! So what? If you have 40 million black people of which half have heard "the rumour" then you have 20 million. If on 1 in ten believe it you have 2 million who believe it. Let's assume only 1 in 10 of that remainder then are prepared to execute the plan... that gives us 200 000!

Now you may say... "No problem. 3 million white people can stand up to 200 000 black attackers." This is true except that the crowd grows. These people support each other and can grow a crowd of supporters within minutes. Don't believe this? Here is an example with evidence:

On 27 April a list with 10 grievences was to be handed to the police for handing to the president's office. It was a peaceful protest by a couple of concerned boer folk who's freedom and rights are being infringened upon. The list was handed over outside the old Raadsaal in Pretoria. A very small group of black people in the area looked on. By the end of our song "Die Stem" the growd started to grow rapidly. They we chanting and singing Umkhonto weSizwe songs (ex terrorist military wing of the ANC). They we chanting that our time was running out. They were tapping their watches (time running out). They were swinging their arms in the chopping of the axe. Soon (10-15 minutes) the crowd had grown to over 1000 black people. The police asked us to leave peacefully as they could not control the crowd (audio on video). We left peacefully without every threatening them or acting aggressively. We have the evidence on video yet the media made US look like the monsters.

Here's a link to pictures of the above story

posted on Jun, 6 2007 @ 05:36 PM
Apologies about the double post.

**off topic**
I've noticed there's a point system in this forum. I just want to know what its for and how it works.

posted on Jun, 7 2007 @ 03:37 AM
Hmmm... Interesting... You don't have time to read other people's posts, but you expect them to read yours?

I suggest perhaps you read through the thread... and if you still feel the way you do, then we can discuss it?

My guess is you 're not going to return to this thread, but let's respond anyway:

The "example with evidence" (On 27 April a list with 10 grievences [sic] was to be handed ...) is a biased experience with preconceived notions of the situation. It's also interesting that your description also left out important details, such as the year. Was this on 27 April 2007 or 27 April 2004 or 27 April 1984? It makes it difficult to crosscheck the event, and get different opinions. In the picture we can see the red T-shirts worn by those controlling the crowd showing the "10 Years democracy" logo, which leads us to believe that it may be 2004? The fact that there are also people wearing these similiar T-shirts, and controlling the crowd leads us to believe that this was actually an organized gathering, and not just a random "riot" as the paragraph would like us to believe.

There were "more than 1,000" black people after 10-15 minutes"? Did you count them? Also interesting that you heard them "chanting and singing Umkhonto weSizwe [sic] songs"... Do you know all Umkhonto we Sizwe (the supposed "terrorists") songs by heart?

Where's the actual video the "photographic evidence" is taken from? Why put up a few nonsensical photographs if you have a complete video? All I see is protesters doing what they usually do... The "chopping arm" move is so typical of this sort of "toi-toi"-ing crowd; it's not even funny. (It was also a move popular with ravers in the 90's

As for "Siener van Rensburg"... His prophesies are the same as those of Nostradamus. Open for interpretation, and only accurate "after the fact". One of the very few interpretations are those of Adriaan Snyman, and the "believers" hang on to his interpretations, and his interpretations only, never mind how biased they may be. Have you ever asked the question what makes Adriaan Snyman the expert and the authority on deciphering "prophecies"? Or should we just believe him because it's what he does?

As for the video of "Farms being destroyed"... A farm was BOUGHT by the government and given to black owners to continue a successful farming business. The new owners had no farming or management skills. Yes. That's a very sad story, and the fault lies clearly with the government. But it's a very far cry to use as "evidence of Uhuru".

As for this theory: "What happens to rumours? Some people believe them! So what? If you have 40 million black people of which half have heard "the rumour" then you have 20 million. If on 1 in ten believe it you have 2 million who believe it. Let's assume only 1 in 10 of that remainder then are prepared to execute the plan... that gives us 200 000!"

That's some pretty wild assumptions. Is it based on some sort of static or one or other sort of calculation? I understand the point you were trying to make with "crowds grow", which is true in many "cases" but no rule of thumb.
You just said that only 1 in 10 is willing to execute the plan... Did the rest of the "growing crowd" now change their mind? And you're forgetting the important logistics of the whole "scheme"... In such randomness the whole (supposed) "Uhuru" would fail because we're not certain who's in with the scheme and who's out?

So, in the end, your page (or at least the page you wish us to read) shows NO evidence of Uhuru. Just half-truths twisted to fit your ideas and preconceived notions.

I suggest that if you're planning to convince people that Uhuru is real, you should do some more research, and that you don't just cause fear, but also give some sort of "solution". What your site is doing now, is causing panic. You don't give a solution. If your solution is to join the right-wing "Boere Afrikaner" Yahoo group, then there's still not much hope, because they just continue the fear mongering. Perhaps Afrikaners should stop feeling sorry for themselves, and talking fear into each other? All they can do at "braais" is talk about how bad the situation in the country is, and get each other even more depressed, spiralling down to the slump some Afrikaners is in right now.

What now South Africa? Indeed.

As for the Forum's points system - The Freshman's Forum may help you, or The ATS Handbook.

Good luck.

posted on Jun, 7 2007 @ 05:52 AM
First of all, it's not my site. If you paid closer attention, you would've noticed a quote.

I have now read all the posts in this thread and have come to a conclusion. Giving you dates, links to news topics or whatever will just prove pointless. You will simply dismiss it anyway. From what I read here, I'm not entire sure if you're South African at all. Either that, or you just don't watch the news. I'm not into debates and I cannot stand an arguement, so I'm just going to tell you to keep believing what you want to believe.

Is Uhuru real or not? I repeat: I'm not sure

posted on Jun, 7 2007 @ 09:19 AM
It doesn't really matter whether it's your site or not... The retort still applies.

I'm very much South African, I can assure you, and very much Afrikaans. I got my Karen Zoid, Chris Chameleon and David Fourie CDs just like everyone else. The difference is that when I watch news, I don't see acts of violence or crime as an attack towards my culture, my skin colour or me. I listen with both ears. Not just one.

The purpose of this thread is to come to a conclusion whether Uhuru is a reality or not. So far all people have to offer is the high crime rate, and that is far from "Uhuru"... If anyone has substantial proof to offer, then I will believe them, make no mistake! But currently the self-pity of Afrikaners just leaves me frustrated...

posted on Jun, 12 2007 @ 04:51 PM
Hi everyone

I am a white male living in South Africa, like most of the contributors to this topic I was also in my teen when the transition from the old National Party to the ANC government took place.

I have been reading everyone’s opinions with regards to this subject and have come to the following conclusion. You either believe it is possible or you don’t. I am not a right wing extremist or associated with any political party. Like many South Africans I have also given thought to immigrating to Canada or New Zealand, but why this is my country I was bourn here and I will live my life here and hopefully die old and having lived a full life in this beautiful country.

Everyone wonders how it is possible to execute this plan called “Uhuru” I will give a quick run down. Just as a matter of interest Uhuru goes by different names eg. Operation white cleanup, The night of the long knives, Our grate day, Operation Iron Eagle.

The kick of for Uhuru is a single event that needs to draw the attention of every back South African the event in question Mandela’s death. There where text messages doing the rounds in the beginning of 2007 that he has already passed away and that whites should ready themselves. These rumors were dismissed when Mandela made a public appearance proving that he is still alive. He has not made a public appearance since. Just for interest Mandela is turning 89 on the 18/07/2007.

The question was asked why will all the blacks join in the carnage? That question has a very simple answer: Self preservation. You may ask why? for the same reason as the Hutus killed 1 000 000 Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994. Why did the Zonder commando assist the Nazis in the death camps to dispose of the bodies their fellow Jews. Kill or be killed as simple as that. It is human nature to try and survive. When you and your family are threatened you will do what ever is asked of you. What difference will it make if you chop the heads off of a 100 people who appose you to get a 1000 to follow when you start such an undertaking? Currently one of the biggest strikes in the history of South Africa is underway with government workers demanding a 12% increase now been dropped to 10% the unions are calling for privet sector to join in the mass action. Because government will only give 7.25% this clearly shows the ability of the Black South African to act as one group

Why minibus taxis to transport 70 000 armed men to Johannesburg: The minibus taxi is about the only form of transportation in most areas of the country so it is the only transportation system available for the plan. In most argument the number of people have been reduced each time in order to get the number of participants isn’t it the other way around that only 70 000 armed men is what is required to force the masses to action?

When Mandela does pass away his body will lie in state for 7 days at the union building, every one is going to want to come and pay their last respect. This will lead to a massive influx of people to the area, as with any group of people bunched together with time to kill it will not be long before someone cracks open a bottle. Soon you have to a lot of drunken people, whose leader of a struggle against oppression has died and old wounds will be opened. People will start stirring each other to action.

With an event of this magnitude combined with public holidays very few people will be at work, take only truck drivers as one part of the work force taking the time off. This alone will paralyze the country. Nothing in this country is moved without a truck. This will halt delivery of food stuffs to supermarkets and no fuel at filling stations to name a few. When this happen people that have traveled from the countryside and other cities will not be able to return home, where will they get all the things they need? The only way to go will be to start looting, our police force will not be able to cope with this they can’t even control a crowd 200 people demanding better service delivery, this is in the news every day. During this time it will be very easy to put a plan such as “Uhuru” into action.

A comment has been made with why religion is always brought into an argument I unfortunately have to do the same to make a point.

In the Bible a profit was send to warn people that if they continue with there current behavior they will suffer the wrath of God. If the people did not change there ways and live the way that God intended they where invaded by a foreign nation and taken away as slaves. Usually they realized there mistake and asked God for fogginess, and after a few generation the nation returned to the homeland.

Maybe somewhere along the line we did change our way and we where spared or we did not and we are still to expect the wrath of God. The prophecy was made almost a 100 years ago.

To give a different approach to the prophecy: In the movie The Matrix Morpheus tells Neo that there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path although the oracle has told Neo that he is not the one he still fulfill his destiny.

Same with this e-mail doing the round maybe if enough people know of this then in the event of this fewer people will die on both sides, or who every came up with the ideal is put off from doing it and nothing happens everyone that send the mail out is made out for fools and we all live happily ever after.

I will personally be more than happy to be a fool and alive than ignorant and dead???

posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 02:57 AM
I'm living in SA and have heard all the stuff being said about the UHURU movement. Let me put it to you this way. Each hear you will see at least 3 or 4 shows on TV about how the whites killed the black in Soweto and other places. Now, keep in mind that the SABC is run by the Government. All these shows are Government approved propaganda, the generation that had nothing to do with the previous government is now also swept up in the "white hate". War in SA isn't something that is talked about, it is something that is unstoppable, it will happen, if not now, but later. We are living in a country where hate is promoted and grown in our children. All the so called holidays that are now days of reconciliation, Soweto day and, and, and..... All these days use to be holidays that meant a great deal to the white south African. 16th of December use to be a very important date for us, but as usual the government has made it into something that its not suppose to be. All i want to say is, keep your eyes open, things are being done that you might think is nothing.

posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 03:08 AM
Having a few Afrikaans cd's doesnt make you an Afrikaner. You need to stand up for what is right, you need to feel that your country, language ect is your own. You need to promote your culture, but you seem like the tipe of person that will vote ANC today to save yourself, and then PAC tomorrow and DA after that. Choose your side, stand by that and be proud!!!!!

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 08:10 PM
reply to post by Gemwolf

Gem. u have no idea what ur talking abt. so plz dont try to tell us what to do. but if it comes to uhuru im locked and loaded. READY to DEFEND myself... I just pray that it wont come to that.

posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 01:30 AM
reply to post by st01c

Uhm... Actually I do know what I'm talking about. And I don't tell anyone what to do. Especially not in this thread.

Was that all?

posted on Nov, 24 2007 @ 04:02 AM
Stumbled on this by happenstance. I found Gemwolf’s message misleading, arrogant and naïve.

A bit of background:

I’m sure everyone is aware of South Africa’s political background, and more specific Apartheid. For years, up until the early 90’s black people (and other people of color) had no rights in the country.

This is really false. They had no political rights in the White areas of SA, because the idea was to develop Nation States in South Africa (as in Europe and that each ethnic group was to be given his own homeland operating in its language, culture, law system, etc. Obviously the Whites were a bit greedy (kept most of SA for themselves, though most of it was actually semiarid, contrarily to the Transkei/Ciskei/Kwazulu, etc.).
Blacks did have rights. You really believe the average white could steal them, attack them, kill them just without any legal consequence? You are not that naive I hope! They were to be paid (no slavery), had an education paid by the State (no perfect, but today there are still many Blacks not having an education, but they were blacks in universities for instance!). They also had medical rights and the constant lowering of the Black infant mortality and the constant raise of life expectancy among Blacks during the XXth Century attest plainly to this.

I’m myself white, but grew up in the changing South Africa (I was 12 when the black ANC government took over) so I’m used to equal rights to all and being “colorblind”.But the older generation (I’d say people 50 years and older) are still stuck with the notion that white people are better than black people, with cans full of worms ideas about people of color.

I wonder if you could be prejudiced and feel yourself superior to people 50 and above (I’m younger ;-)).

To understand the reason for the black vs. white hate, we need to go back over three hundred years when white Europeans first arrived in South Africa. A Dutch man, Jan van Riebeeck set up the first trading post in 1652 (for the Dutch East Indian Company) in the western Cape, and it was only years later before the Europeans started exploring inland.

I’m not sure you know what you mean by inland. The Dutch very quickly explored their surroundings.

And since the first day they landed in Southern Africa the Europeans were met by fierce black warriors.

Nonsense. Is that what they teach in the New South Africa? Propaganda. The Dutch only met the Xhosa (Blacks) in the Eastern Cape a good century after landing. In the Western Cape, they only found Khoisan people (“Brown”).
“Settler expansion to the Cape's eastern frontier was blocked by the 1770s when trekboers came up against numerous Xhosa farmers in the area of the Great Fish River.”

And it has been black against white ever since.

I wonder who is racist or rather racialist here. Some Blacks actually allied themselves with the Boer and protected them (after they lost all their cattle for instance), while the biggest conflict was in fact White (Boer) against White (British)…

The Afrikaners (known as “Boere” today)

Well, I would rather say the opposite, the Boers were known as such in the XIXth century, hence the Trekboers and the Boer war (and not the Afrikaner war), while the Afrikaner notion is a more modern one (it accompanies the rise of Afrikaans which only replaced Dutch as an official language nearly twenty years after the Boer war, the first Afrikaans Bible was only fully translated in the 1930s!). In any case, Boer (farmer) does not really apply to most city dwelling Afrikaners, I would say.

posted on Nov, 24 2007 @ 04:05 AM

were deep religious people, caring for their own kind, willing to die for what they believed in. They had their own new language,

Why the imperfect? In any case, the “own” language bit is false; the Coloureds in the Cape also speak it, so do many in Namibia.

their own culture and finally their own country. They built up South Africa to the country the world came to know in the late 1980’s. Then the country they built was taken from them and given back to the black people they originally took it from,

You should really stop believing the things you see or hear on the SABC. South Africa was invaded by Bantus (the “blacks”) and the White at about the same time (from different ends), the original inhabitants were the Khoisan (most were killed, the others intermarried with Blacks and Whites).

by FW de Klerk (the last white president). Now, more than 15 years after the first changes, the Afrikaner culture is nearly non-existent.

Let’s say. Why would you say this is the case? Is this a good thing? Don’t you see that Afrikaans is being pushed out of TV (very little programming), out of the public sight (no signs in Afrikaans anymore), out of schools (by amalgamating them with black English medium schools), etc.

They accepted their fellow South African, and white and black lives happily, side by side.

Are you really that naïve? Please see what you just said about the disappearance of the Afrikaner culture.

You can visit their site at although I’m afraid most of it is in Afrikaans (and some Dutch) although there are some English articles, which should give you an idea about the way they think. (Please feel free to ask me if there is something specific you’d like translated…)

English speakers should get an education and learn foreign languages.

Ok, so this brings me to the conspiracy theory. They call it Uhuru – A Xhosa word that roughly translates into “Night of the Long Knives” according to them.

Them being? This specific site only? It is not the best source. I just viewed Gustav Miller on Youtube speaking about Uhuru and he does not say that…only that the same operation goes by many names “Night of the Long Knives” and “Uhuru”, for instance.

According to me it comes from the Swahili word for “Freedom”


Uhuru (also known as Operation Vula/Operation White Clean-up/Operation Iron Eagle/Red October campaign) is something that touches every Afrikaner

See how it says Afrikaner not Boer and says “also known as” not “translated by”…

The Plan is known by different names in different provinces - OPERATION WHITE CLEAN-UP, OPERATION UHURU, NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES, OPERATION IRON EAGLE, and a couple of others. The Plan centred around foreign blacks from Africa, who De Klerk had thrown open the portals to the New South Africa to, who must settle in out towns and villages.

There are many illegal immigrants from many neighbouring countries. FW de Klerk – the previous president that released Nelson Mandela - has nothing to with this for obvious reasons.

Well, I don’t know what the original Afrikaans was but this seems rather a petty remark about a badly written (translated ?) sentence. F. W. de Klerk has an indirect responsibility in this since he “sold out South Africa to the ANC” which had moral debts towards the African countries that supported it during “the struggle” and this ANC, now in power, let millions of Blacks in SA (I interpret the paragraph)] and now wants to use them.
Follows your isolating one account of the Uhuru conspiracy theory and alleged foretelling signs...

posted on Nov, 24 2007 @ 04:07 AM
Follows your (Gemwolfe) isolating one account of the Uhuru conspiracy theory and alleged foretelling signs... Please see Gustav Miller on Youtube for a different account.

It is but one account that you say is found on the Siener’s site. Let me just say that the probable future president of South Africa (this is in practice a one-party State), Jacob Zuma, does not quell this rumour by his going around and singing the traditional “Bring me my machine gun” song and saying on TV that this is still very relevant now!

posted on Nov, 24 2007 @ 04:39 AM

Originally posted by Nygdan
Considering that the boers and englishers in South Africa enslaved and then later made apart the blacks and bushmen of the country,

You prefer the way the Blacks (Bantu) treated the Bushmen: killed and enslaved them ? Have you ever heard of how the Zulus were nice and kind to the other tribes ? They actually helped the Boers trekking by emptying SA Highveld of a lot of its population. Such caring people...

You must stop having a racialist point of view. Some Bantu tribes actually helped the Boers fight against their ennemies. The biggest fight the Boers had was not against Blacks but other Whites...

I very much doubt that a conspiracy would wait for something like that as the 'trigger', especially something like

Not clear, what do you see as a trigger?

I notice Chris Botha is involved, is he related to or a heir of the Bothas?

They were many Bothas... P. W. Botha and Pik Botha were not directly related, well not anymore than all the other Bothas.

A Xhosa word that roughly translates into “Night of the Long Knives

Odd that it is also the name of an event from hitler's nazi germany.
Perhaps the boers are calling it that, taking something from their own (admitedly distant) history.

I see. We have a little joker in our midst! The "Boers" are of Dutch descent...not German. The term "Night of the Long Knives" is used in many languages (learn a few) and, ironically, not much in German to refer to that event (but rather Kolibrifall or Röhm-Putsch).

example :
The events were very divisive in Canada. Many Québécois saw the deal as the English-speaking premiers stabbing Quebec in the back, which would prompt many Quebec nationalists to call it the "Night of the Long Knives."[1]

The phrase "Night of the Long Knives" in the German language predates the massacre itself, and it also refers generally to acts of vengeance. Its origin might be the "Night of the Long Knives", a massacre of Vortigern's men by Angle, Jute, and Saxon mercenaries in Arthurian myth. To this day, Germans still use the term "Röhm-Putsch" to describe the event, as that was the term the Nazi regime introduced into the language at the time, despite its false implication that the murders were necessary to forestall a coup. To emphasize this, German authors often use quotation marks or write about the so-called Röhm-Putsch. [4] Before its execution, its planners sometimes referred to it as "Hummingbird" (German: Kolibri), as that was the codeword used to set the execution squads in motion on the day of the purge.[3] The codename for the operation appears to have been chosen arbitrarily.

posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 05:03 AM
Interesting post. Firstly, I want to say, your background, though effectively short and sweet, is not completely accurate and also creates certain misconseptions.
- The Dutch settlers were not met by fierce black warriors but by a couple of San people, some of them friendly and some of them not.
- South Africa at that time did NOT belong to the black tribes but was in the process of being populated from the North by Africans.
- the Dutch never fought blacks for any land.
- The English fought the Zulus, also not to extend their land but because they were attacked after a tribal dispute in which the English gave refuge to some.
- The Voortrekkers fought the Zulus only when they were attacked after they have been betrayed by Dingane who was paid in a transaction whereby they bought land from him, and then killed representatives of the buyers. They won the battle, Dingane was killed by antoher black.
- The bloodiest wars in South Africa was fought not between black and white but between different black tribes; the voortrekkers got involved when they too were attacked by the Matabeles, whom they then chased into what is now Zimbabwe.
- Apartheid started as a continuation by the system of Imperial England was a system that could not work, mainly because of the greed of politicians who wanted too much land.
- People can blame FW de Klerk all they want but it was the whites in SoutH Africa who voted for apartheid to be abolished. De Klerk's government did so with emmaculate inefficiency; failing the mandate they had by not building into negotiations proper protection of the whites.
- The Voortrekkers had all the land they needed in the two small republics but the English with the Union changed the borders completely. Actually, a part of SOuth Africa should belong to Zimbabwe!
_ I do not know where you live, friend, but I find your comment that the Afrikaner culture is all but existing very funny. It is alive and well and yes, we are still conservative in many ways, it is part of who we are.
- regarding the conspiracy theory, I think to give attention to certain cult groups (that is what they are) is helping them to create division in our country. However, I think, because of this, when Mandela passes away, people will be killed; as the seed has been sowed, not by any prophet, but by people who give attention to groups such as these. Also, the rising crime rate, unemployment and political instability creates an atmosphere ideal for revolution.

posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 11:00 AM
We firing this up again?? As I've said Uhuru is entirly thought up by whites!
And the results of this, even if its a fraction of what I expect, will be
entirly on white heads, them having planted the seeds.

I think the attempted coup by that bunch of afrikaaners is a fine
demonstration of the thinking process.
They believed that the signs were right and believed God was guiding
them through blessed stones they threw and read, and despite
clearly wrong "advice" they followed resolutely... right into jail.

They posted letters to afrikaanse sounding names as a call to arms,
which alot actually winded up being sent to "coloureds" as they and
we know them.
They thought God would guide them into sending letters to all the true
Boers and they would mass and take the country back.
Well, we know what happened.
Clearly God WASN'T leading them, and its this kind of thinking
that goes along with Siener Van Rensberg and his prophcies.

I've read them, and I must say that they are probably the easiest
to make mean whatever you want.

They go something like this...
I see a bucket and in it some water, then two shoes fall in it and
fire burns in the depths, a pine cone is thrown in the dust.

I made that up, but its the same style, some are more understandable
but most are like this one.

See the problem?

posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 01:00 PM
I just hate the fact that everyone get so stuck at the topic of apartheid. I think it's time we just accept the past and move on.

posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 02:11 AM
reply to post by Gemwolf

South Africa became a multi-party democracy in 1994 with Nelson Mandela as president. He was followed by Thabo Mbeki who was appointed for a second term. The white population of the country represents less than 10% of the population.

Since 1994 more than a million white people have emigrated to mostly Brittan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Reasons cited for the emigration are mostly the increase of crime in the country. The well known author of the book "Cry the Beloved Country" emigrated after being the victim of crime several times. Famous anti-apartheid activists have become activists to protest against the farm murders and genocide of the Boer.

South Africa's neighbor, Zimbabwe already completed its ethnic cleansing plans to remove all whites from the country. Only a handful of whites are left in that country. Leading South African politicians and the president are staunch supporters of Robert Mugabe and his proposed ethnic cleansing plans.

The situation

313 murders per 100,000. This makes the Boer the most murdered person in the world, followed by the South African policeman. No matter from what angle you try to look at it - the facts are clear - the most murdered person in the world where the President attends funerals where the people shout "Kill the Boer Kill the Farmer" adds up to planned extermination of that specific population group.

The white South Africans are not well represented in the country's government due to their small numbers. The police placed a moratorium on the publication of crime statistics after an outcry over the continued and "unsolved" farm murders.

There is an ongoing genocide on white South African farmers. After all, one of the pre-1994 slogans of the ANC/SACP/COSATU cardres were "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer".

The following web pages speaks for themselves:-

[Mod Edit - graphic pics]

At the following site, you'll find a name list of all individuals who were murdered between February 1987 and December 2003, as well as the way in which they were murdered. Taking into consideration the way in which most these victims were tortured to death, common logic clearly indicate that these acts are actually more closely associated with terrorism than common crime.

Warning - contains graphic images

Furthermore, slogans such as "When Mandela dies we will kill you whites like flies", "Your time is running out", "We will kill the whites, all of them; Afrikaans and English", "Revolution is the only solution." and "Kill the police, burn their cars" are frequently voiced by especially radical black youths in this country.

Do take note that the situation in South Africa isn't false propaganda, but a harsh reality that can be proven by facts...


Deleted several links to graphic images and added warning to remaining link.

from the Terms and Conditions

1a) Offensive Content: You will not post links to images or use avatars and signatures that are offensive, abusive, distruptive and/or hateful. You will not use images, avatars or link to domains that contain gore, mutilation, pornography or illegal(2e) content. Doing so will result in removal of your post(s) and immediate termination of your account.

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posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 02:18 AM
reply to post by Gemwolf

Report from Azania (South Africa) - UHURU

Presented by Thami Ka Plaatjie

Sooner or later, we must unite as one African people. Because without unity there can be no success, and without success there can be no strength. We have an African proverb that says, "Disunited lions can be outrun by a limping buffalo." I think that as things stand, colonialism and imperialism are a limping buffalo. The lions must begin to get their act together.

I’m going to speak on the issues that pertain to South Africa.

Subsequent to the 1994 settlement, there are a few things that have been done well. We must acknowledge them. But the extent to which they advanced the cause of our people is very questionable.

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An Apology to the Black Man from the White Race

by Arthur Kemp

posted February 8, 2005

We apologize for giving you doctors and free medical care, as a result of which you have been able to survive plagues and catastrophes and grow in numbers;

We apologize for teaching you to read and write, and for building you thousands of schools which we have repaired after you vandalized them and burned them down, After all, if you could not read how could you have learned the words of Karl Marx, Mao Tse-tung, and others who taught you how evil we are and how oppressed you are?

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please read Posting work written by others

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