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Uhuru - The murder of all white Africans

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posted on Oct, 18 2011 @ 06:52 AM
reply to post by theBLESSINGofVISION
yes very interesting...point of view from me as a white south african...the problem we as white minority,apartheid "freaks" have is the word best describing us-minority.our voices are for people abroad,the black government only want you to see,what THEY want you to see.yes you hear about crimes,murder theft ect.but if you live in fear for your life day in and day out you start to hate whatever it is that makes you feel that 25 never had a say in apartheid yet i am seen as a white extremist.all whites are thieves and needs to be killed!the song they sing kill the farmer kill the boer is what suppose to mean?more then 3000 farmers has been killed.

now i just wonder,the fact that thousands of whites had to hand in legal weapons or face serious charges and jail time...was that part of a plan???the handful of whites who felt that they bought it and had licensed weapons are not giving those weapons back,nothing ever happened after that.the police stations all over the country were stocked with "white guns" (many used in crimes later,or got "lost or stolen"
julius malema sang the song "kill the farmer kill the boer" at more than one meeting this year.what does he mean by that?we are the minority,a minority without guns...a voice...or future.the way i see it is simple,myself and fellow white boers are now the people that that what they want?
i say,if war civil or not would be upon us,we would be ready...we have what we need...
knight of the long knives,if it will ever happen or not,and i do not think it will,we will be war there is no law...

posted on Oct, 18 2011 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by Gemwolf

Yep, when I was working in the states several of the Afrikanners (White Africans) would mention this.
Plenty are overseas these days and glad to be gone from SA.
One of the lads I shared a trailer with stated vehemently that all that holds the 'peace' together is Mandela being alive, much as Tito kept the Balkan's together.

If you look at history when Tito died, all hell broke loose in the Balkans.
It's quite easy to see the same thing happening in SA.

posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 01:12 PM
reply to post by MadGreebo

I live in South Africa. I have not been raped, attacked violently, discriminated against by blacks or really had any bad personal experiences.

It's a beautiful country, don't kid yourself, There's a reason we're here: If you come on down here and look around at the landscape you'll understand why.
Contrary to popular belief the people are not all rapists / murderers/ thieves: They are actually very friendly and interesting as well as generally quite intelligent.

Life in South Africa is good. Furthermore, our natural disasters are few and not severe.

In response to the original topic at hand:

It's a super popular belief among white SA'ns that we'll get exterminated in some Mandela death race war, but I have many black friends and they can confirm that most educated blacks have no such intention.

We can all agree that the threats and the problems lie in township youth who have no clue how to behave themselves, and luckily they don't possess much technologically significant/ effective weaponry so it would be pretty bloody difficult for them to pitch up in a minibus taxi with scrap guns and shanks and attempt to annihilate trained gun owners.

There may be racial tension remaining in SA, but I really think if people would on stop talking about it and complaining about it and start making friends, it could be significantly lessened / eradicated.

Hope so anyway.


posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 01:40 PM
As a fellow South African (I turned 4 in 1994)so I am also "colour blind".

My old man having lived his whole life amongst both native Africans and Afrikaners once told me "for a society to flourish it has to have a common enemy,so the old Afrikaner forefathers made up this prophecy to help the people stay together its the same thing Hitler did."

Now I know he never came up with any of that but still it is truthful,I for one do not fear such an event because I know its not going to happen,I have seen first hand that the native Africans are not united as they hardly positively interact with other native Africans outside of their own langauge group("tribe").

Also the only way I can see this happening successfully if it is flawlessly executed and I say this laughingly that will never happen.

Even though this would benefit the elite.Having forced the government to be changed to a terrorist government in 1994 (I do not agree to what was happening before 1994,but any native African that had come of age before then will all agree that life was better then as most, basic needs were free),anyways having criminals as leaders still ends up with the elite raping this countries resources.

thanks for taking the time to read this,it is just my 2 cents worth

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 02:19 PM
just to add to my previous post.

Please dont believe these "nightmare" stories of South Africa, sure times are bad ,but where in the world arnt they?

If you hermit in your house and have a large fear of the outside world chances are you are going to be on the recieving end.So everyone foreign to South Africa there are no racial "tensions" Any native African I greet on the street will happily greet me back,I can walk into a pub being the only white guy and have not 1 bit of trouble,so these racial tensions that are so damn high simply dont exist,sure you get racists on both sides.

If you give respect you get respect,if you live in fear then you are pretty silly.

Ohkay about the farmers been killed call me crazy but I am sure sure it is elitest interference because first thing to cripple a country is destroy its food production capabilities we have seen this done before.Other than that I have no answer,and previous AWB leader Terblanche was already on his last leg killing him just made him a martyr as AWB(a heavy racist cult similiar to the KKK) recruitment skyrocketed,but if he had died peacefully in his sleep he would have been forgotten.So I have to go with the elite on this one.

Point remains nothing is going to happen on the lines of "Uhuru" as some one has already stated(sorry cant remember who) if it was going to happen it would of already happened.

posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 07:25 AM
Wow!! I was not aware of the number of South Africans on ATS ^.^

Anyway, in my opinion Uhuru was created to increase racial tensions and provide an excuse for either side.

However, yesterday i was reading the Highway Newspaper and stumbled upon this article.

PEPPER spray, toy guns, and martial arts swords are among a number of items that will fall foul of a proposed new bill which gives the police the right to arrest anyone found carrying such items.

Anyone got any more info on this? They can't be serious. The government seems to have some sort of sick obsession with denying law-abiding citizens the means to defend themselves. This is the crime capital of the world. What are they thinking?

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 10:19 PM
reply to post by Gemwolf

Unfortunately, if the world worked by those standards, than pretty much everyone you or I know deserves to be killed(hypothetically speaking), as we all stand on stolen ground. It is an unfortunate truth, but to kill someone over something that was done years ago by their ancestors is pretty much the epitome of ignorance. I honestly could see some credence to the quoted article, as we all know how little scruples that corporate entities have towards taking what isn't rightfully theirs. I would not jump to saying that the American and British governmental structure is assisting in the planning of such a thing, but that American and British corporate interests would more likely be involved. It's pretty obvious who really runs the show by now, so I guess it's not much of a stretch in that regard. I suppose it all depends on who stands to benefit. Are there any particular multinationals that have shown interest in acquiring plots of land, mapping out resources or buying out homeowners? Are there any such instances that you know of? I just recently met someone from Johanesburg, who enlightened me on the topic. I tried looking for good information and it amazed me how scarce up to date information is about South Africa. I suppose the Secrecy bill is doing it's job:creating confusion.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 10:51 AM
I decided to post a very relevant update:

Genocide Watch Issues Alert: South Africa In Early Stages Of White Genocide « Pat Dollard

World’s top genocide expert and founder of Genocide Watch, Prof. Gregory Stanton, visits South Africa to investigate violence against whites (Afrikaners). He warns them at a press conference on July 26 2012: “Don’t give up your guns.” “UN’s Francis Deng has been informed; and I will also inform Samantha Power, head of the US Atrocities Prevention Board, as well as the FBI’S Genocide Prevention Unit upon my return.” – Prof. Gregory Stanton, World’s Top Genocide expert, founder Genocide Watch July 26, 2012, 11am PRETORIA – Press conference by Prof Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch US in South Africa: as reported by dr Dan Roodt of the Pro-Afrikaans-Action-Group: - Stanton said he was on a fact-finding mission regarding the extraordinarily high numbers of cruelty displayed during attacks and murders against white farmers, their families and workers; and also interviewed community leaders about the widespread anti-Afrikaner discrimination and hatespeech emanating from the ANC-regime. “Genocide Watch had raised South Africa to level 6 when Malema was singing Kill the Boer song’. And now SA president Jacob Zuma is also singing it.” He said at the start of his press conference that he had tried to get interviews with ANC-leaders specifically to discuss the hatespeech issue surround the Kill the Boer song. He was refused access. “I would have dearly loved to have spoken to them’; he said at the well-attended press conference at the Transvaal Agricultural Union’s headquarters in Silverton, Pretoria.

[link removed]

15a) Offensive Content:
...You will not use text, images, avatars or link to images or domains that contain gore, mutilation ...

(Warning for strong images)

Another resent crime case;

South Africa: Two Blacks drowned White child in boiling water. Two young black males gagged a crying 12-year old white boy and afterwards drowned him in a bath filled with boiling water.

The accused yesterday admitted guilt to the murder with smiles as they appeared in the Vereeniging regional court, reports the Johannesburg Afrikaans daily, Beeld.
In a typical South African black-on-white atrocity, the boy and his entire family were massacred on 1 October 2011 in Walkerville, south of Johannesburg. Amaro Jose Viana, of Portuguese descent, his mother Geraldine (42) and father Tony (53) were killed in an attack by the family’s gardener Petrus Radebe (24), Sipho Mbele (21) and Sphiwe David Motaung (20). A fourth black person, a minor whose name was not published and appartently the son of Petrus Radebe, also participated in the attack. All four admitted their guilt on all charges against them.

According to the accused, “we mutually raped Geraldine Viana”. Sipho Mbele raped her first while Petrus Radebe helped to restrain her by standing on her face. Afterwards Radebe raped her too. Beeld reports that Charmaine Castleman, an attorney appearing for the accused, read a statement in court explaining that the three men burgled the Viana residence to rob them of their possessions and “to get Geraldine Viana back” for the way she had treated them. The white family’s dog apparently barked tremendously during the burglary. The animal was killed by disembowelling him.

More and the rest of the story:

Also relevant, although from 2010: Anti white violence in South Africa Continues :

Oh and this thread really do not belong in Skunkworks, as it is a fact that white people are systematically murdered all over South Africa, not a tinfoil claim.
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posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 06:10 PM
This is a reply to the main post.

I have been reading threads on ATS since before i can remember. but this thread i only found this evening and had to join so that i could comment on it.

i understand that you are a super moderator but i think your views on UHURU are totally ill-founded. I am also a south african but was 11 when the ANC took over. and i am sorry to say i never experienced any of the la la land, we are one, mixed colour friendships that you talk about. Nightclubs are either black or white pubs are either black or white, you might find the odd black guy in a white pub or club but not often, and only in very upper class bars. you might also find the odd white guy in black bar, pub or nightclub but also for very specific reasons. in school there where the black groups and the white groups no mixed race groups.

how many whites do you see on durban main beach on new years day?

[img][ /img]

and how many blacks do you see at clifton or camps bay?

the only few you see are vendors.

Now to my next point.

you say that UHURU is a made up lie.....please tell that to the thousands of Men Woman and Children that have been hacked to death with Panga's(Long Knives)
I have actuallly heard of UHURU from a mean that i used to work with about 10 years ago. he was about 40 at the time and his name was godfrey, the strongest man i have ever met in my life, his nickname was shrek as he looked just like him. he was a Zulu man and Umkhonto Wi Sizwe. He told me in great detail of the attack that was going to happen. i will never forget it, i was actually at his wedding and he was quite drunk and he asked me what my plans where for the future, i replied that i wanted to work my way up in the hospitality industry get married have kids e.t.c. he looked at me with a tear in his eyes and asked me if i had any way of leaving the country.I then told him that i was a british and south african citizen so this would be easy for me. He then went into great detail about the attack, he asked me questions like why do i think that next to every white area is a large black informal settlement, he said they all have their houses picked out already and that every one of them knows what is going to happen. they are just going to take what they perceive to be theirs. he also mentioned to me that because i had an english surname that i would most probably be safe, as the attackers would first ask your name and if english they would put you aside and move you to a camp for you to be collected by Europe as they are scared of getting attacked by Europe and if your name was Afrikaans that they would slice you right there and then.

You do not have to believe this if you do not want to but i know what was said to me by someone that actually cared about me as a really close friend. I even Jokingly said that he could protect me and that I would go and stay with him, to which he replied that if i was found in his house at that time then him and his children and his wife would be butchered like pigs after watching them butcher me.

here are a few vids and pics to support my comments,

this just shows the understanding of our government

our president singing this song with all the ministers........

i rest my case!
sorry for all my spelling and grammar mistakes but it is now late at night and am a bit lazy to go and correct everything.

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 06:16 PM
sorry here are the video links:

posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 03:08 AM

Originally posted by WHITEWOLF4994
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes
Unfortunate all the above mentioned is not just rumors. It is all true and Uhuru already started. They are murdering whites by chopping them up, stabbing them - sometimes up to 100 stab wounds. Babies are burned and killed just because they will be growing up as white people. Unlike neighboring countries who fled their countries when it started - south Africans don't have anywhere to run to. No weapons to defend themselves with since their weapons were taken away after 1994 and through the years.

I didn't think it was.....sadly. Not at all surprised, considering some of the hateful comments that come from certain black groups in this country. The really rotten thing is that NO ONE in the media is discussing this at all. When it was about defending blacks there, it was all over the place. Now, total silence. I heard about this HERE. Not on any news source. Something really messed up in that. Sounds like they need new weapons.

Do you know of any news links about this? This should be spread far and wide, so people know what is going on there. If a free nation is not aware, they can't help. If they are made aware and do nothing? Well, not really a free nation anymore.

This has to be told.

posted on Dec, 24 2012 @ 10:03 PM
It's been a long while since I have posted in this thread. I have been out of South Africa for 7 years now and am finally returning home in a couple of months. My ole man passed away recently, he lived in Cape Town, and my insider news on the current situation there died with him. I dont even know how much a pack of cigs cost? or a draft of beer? I am extremely excited to return to the country of my youth, is there anything I should know?

I'm flying into Cape Town for a month and then driving up the coast through Durban to Mozambique. I miss biltong, braais, biltong, fishing, biltong, oh and how could I forget, Biltong.

posted on Jun, 12 2013 @ 04:04 AM
With Mandela being clearly ill do you think this is at all a possibility? I like to think it won't, but the older people in my family are very very fearful and they've kind of scared me as well. What would we do if this were to happen? In my honest opinion this is a very unlikely thing, but I always have that "what if" in the back of my mind and with family members packing get away bags and stockpiling food I wonder if they are the crazy ones or whether I am. Fear is a very powerful thing...

posted on Jun, 12 2013 @ 05:08 AM

Originally posted by Gemwolf
They built up South Africa to the country the world came to know in the late 1980’s.

Yeah, a disgusting country hated and despised by almost everyone else in the world for its brutal oppression.

Now, more than 15 years after the first changes, the Afrikaner culture is nearly non-existent.

Afrikaner culture was nothing special in the first place; it won't be missed.

The Boers had it coming. No sympathy from me.

posted on Jun, 12 2013 @ 06:52 AM
reply to post by Sankari

Did you actually have anything to contribute to the topic at hand, or are you just passing by to insult?

reply to post by Faitheliza

I wouldn't worry about it at all. Not in the least. The chance of Uhuru actually happening is even smaller than it was 7 years ago when I initially started this topic. That's why I abandoned it quite some time ago. But I guess it will be relevant shortly - and only for a very short time when I get to say "I told you this wouldn't happen".

The events over the past year or so at Marikana, the so-called xenophobia attacks as well as the circus around Malema should give us a pretty good indication about the cultural and racial situation(s) in the country. Think about that - and the cultures/people involved. Should give you peace of mind.

posted on Jun, 12 2013 @ 07:09 AM

Originally posted by Sankari

Originally posted by Gemwolf
They built up South Africa to the country the world came to know in the late 1980’s.

Yeah, a disgusting country hated and despised by almost everyone else in the world for its brutal oppression.

the chattering liberal intellegencia may have viewed it like that, most people weren't overly bothered

So "brutal", the black population was allowed to grow massively from a relatively low starting point in the early 20th century

Afrikaner culture was nothing special in the first place; it won't be missed.

The Boers had it coming. No sympathy from me.

ignorant bigot
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posted on Jun, 12 2013 @ 07:14 AM
reply to post by Sankari

I happened to work with a number of Australians in UNTAG, the United Nations Transition Assistance Group, when Namibia became independent, they were more racist than any white South African or Namibian that I know of! One actually said to me "You people did it wrong, you should have just killed them with alchohol like we are doing!"

How many more threads are you going to add your hate to while not adding anything noteworthy?

posted on Jun, 12 2013 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by Sankari

You don't know what you're talking about.

posted on Jun, 12 2013 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by Sankari

Some background info,and a way for you to gloat about all the Boers who had it coming.I'm sure you'll especially enjoy reading about the babies and children cruelly tortured and killed-they Especially had it coming!



Link removed due to graphic images of excessive gore.

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posted on Jun, 22 2013 @ 07:37 AM
Getting close now, soon we shall either dismiss this or realize the urban legend.

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