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The simple path - forget all the other boo boo's...

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posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 10:44 PM
It is written in so many past philosophies and beliefs, but often misinterpreted. Many religions and spritual beliefs and even more complex like quantum physics all point to a certain truth - a knowledge.

Man wants to know more and more and more.....

We killed for it, what is life about? Why are we here? What makes us search for more knowledge? Is it a curse of man?

Why? Well, how about what we've heard throughout many past words of wisdom.

No matter how complex or hard you search, it still leads to a simple answer on how we go on to what ever is there.

Many parables and stories show how we can learn from babies and children. They are simple, unjudmental, honest (or innocently lying), giving (in one way or another), happy, loving and caring of our surroundings. Too many traits to list, but you get the picture.

Why do we hunger for so much knowledge when it is those with the least knowledge that already know what to do to conquer our purpose of life?

It been said by so many teachers of the past the same thing, basically. Jesus, Buddah, Muhammed and many others - be like a child. Yet we are segregated by conspiracy, control and beliefs in separate teachers instead of all showing a similar path. Folks adding to the truth and misinterpretation due to over thinking things.

Of course this doesn't mean we should act like children, but see how they interact with each other - or more importantly, what they DON'T do with each other that you see adults do everyday.

Its all so very simple, so why do we want to know more and more when the less we actually know is better?

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