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Is This the Reason We Are Here, Going In Circles With Our Chosen Rhetoric?

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posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 10:02 PM
Just some random thoughts, i thought I would share. They concern what it is that we may be running in circles around. This may be something that you can relate to, it may not. Thought I'd throw it out there anyway. It was a repsonse to a conversation that is in the forum about "Aliens", entitled "Alien Telepathy/ One World Language". Thought it aslo may be pertinent to my first love here on ATS, the BTS Faith, Spirituality & Theology forum.


Food for thought:

It is a state of mind that delivers the thoughts in parables. It is where you no longer feel the need to be the extension of the collective fears of humanity. It is a state of mind where you no longer wish to make the world an extension of your will, but make yourself an extension of existance's will. It is where true telepathy comes from. It is knowing what you can't know, and being humbled because everything you do know tells you you shouldn't know. It is becoming something that should not exist, but yet: "i am". It is not unimportant in this thread, however the only way to present it makes it seem so.

It is the source which takes us from the known to the unknown.

It is consciousness itself, as though it is a shared resource.

It is something that can be described just as many ways as there are lifeforms.

It is, yet it is undefinable.

And, for those who have experienced it, we feel as though we are failing you for not being able to put it into words. Are we failing you? Not really. Your brain does record all input, all stimuli. The words in this post will remain with you until a moment, an instant comes, where all of a sudden what we were attempting to explain is just known to you. And then, there, at that moment, for the first time: You are truly not alone.

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