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What is a Magus? Information about magick

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posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 01:36 PM
To avoid misunderstanding. Yes this is written by myself. I've posted it elsewhere,, under my nickname Sabazel. Last friday at work I came to write a simple concept which I spend all weekend on working it out. It is easy and to the point and 12 pages worth reading. I've been a practicing Magus for a while now and was tired of the wrong ideas most people have about it.

Magick: Psychology, Enlightenment, Philosophy or Bull?

1. Introduction

When someone says they are a Magus people look at you as if you lost it. They will say you’re a magician and in their mind they make a link with stage illusionists like David Copperfield. The second thought in their mind shows all indoctrinated ideas about fantasy figures, like Gandalf or Harry Potter, that shoot fire bolts from their hands or staff. There are even people who make a Dragonball Z link when speaking about energy/psi balls. It is clear that most people have no idea what a Magus truly is. People who say they are practicing magick, intensely and with full devotion, are actually no worse then most people who are not studying the occult.

Being a Magus is a life philosophy like any other. There are people who call themselves witches, yogi, druids, shamans and even “normal” people have individual life philosophies which they live by. Regularly you will find these philosophies within religious groups or cults. It is not a requirement to join any of such groups and you can be a solitary practitioner. Just look at a lot of people who are “normal every day people” (Mundane), because they are doing just fine as well. Everyone follows their own path on which they feel comfortable. A path which gives people information and experiences in a format that appeals most to the individual. This allows everyone to have the optimal experience of their life. Once you feel drawn to something you will automatically be devoted to it and are capable of absorbing the knowledge and experiences more easily. In the end everything is the same yet called differently and everything covers more areas of life then one would normally see.

As a Magus I don’t run around shooting people with lightning nor do I dance around naked around my altar showing my own full moon. No a Magus is someone who studies a lot. Study as in learning continuously in a conscious way. As well as a lot of introspect and self confrontation. The study material of a Magus consists from books that cover a wide range of topics as well as the environment he is a part of. These topics can be about animals, nature, psychology, religion, to more every day topics. I’m currently learning how to do Pyrography which is a way of woodworking and decorating. However the study mainly consists of the psyche and all its aspects of oneself and its relation to animate as well as inanimate forms of energy. These forms of energies can be other people, animals, rocks, thoughts, emotions and more.

If someone outside the occult reads books about magick they can see it as “evil”, such as a fair amount of Christian followers do for example. This is mainly due to the way the material is presented. Often it makes use of terminology not found elsewhere, but this is only on a first glance and shows that the path of magick is not the path of a Christian. Nothing wrong with it. When reading books you will see that each book contains multiple “layers”. This means that each layer takes you deeper into the book. There won’t be a hand flying out at your throat and pulling you into another dimension. Instead each layer is actually the thoughts you have about what is written, looking at each word from different angles and seeing their multiple interpretations. As you grow you’ll become able to read more of the layers of a book as well as thoughts, emotions and motives of other people. This is why most people read the same book more then once in order to understand all aspects of it. In the end most people still don’t see beyond the 4th or 5th layer of a book. However there are certain books which contain so much symbolism that it requires to read another book first in order to obtain “The Key”. The Key is nothing more then learning a certain way of thought in order to decipher the contents of another book. It won’t contain heavy puzzles which only a select few can obtain, unlike so many others try to make you believe.

Magick and Life are not only for the Elite but to the Devoted individual.

The people who this piece is written for are those with 0 understanding of it all. My explanation is pretty to the point and won’t go in depth of many aspects. Still it’ll give a decent enough explanation and insights.

2. Religion

When following the path of a Magus you will come across a lot of knowledge hidden within your study material. The more you read about mythology, religion and many other topics you will go further back into the history of it all. You will learn that there are relations between them all and how one godly figure was incorporated into another religion after the region of the “original’ religion was conquered by another.

Look at how the Romans took over many lands and incorporated Celtic, Pagan, Greek and Norse mythological parts into their own Christianity. The gods and goddesses of the “original” religious beliefs were of course altered in name however the personality traits were kept the same. The virgin Mary is the same as the Goddess Gaia, only presented in a different way and both symbolize Fertility (amongst other things). And there are many more examples where that came from.

The very same happened with many rituals/festivities. To make the integration possible several Christian holidays became nothing more then an agreement to be able to celebrate similar festivities, such as Yule and Christmas which fall almost on the same date. So called Heathens which converted to Christianity could still celebrate something similar to their original holiday. Luckily there are still people who follow “their” religious beliefs without conforming to the ideas of others.

You learn relational thinking as well as gaining new insights of how everything came to be. You learn to do self study and research to find your truth instead of begging for answers and relying on others. So in this aspect there is very little difference with someone who does it differently and not under the name of any form of Occultism.

However a Magus is a life’s philosophy and NOT a religion and follows NO gods nor goddesses. Therefore a Magus does not follow any religion. The person behind the status of Magus might have incorporated a religion into his philosophy. Due to this reason Magi can be found in any religion ranging from the Islam to Christianity all the way into even Buddhism. Buddhism is one who has acknowledged and embraced this fact. This is because the Buddhist monks came from India on their way to the Tibetan mountains. Along their path they came in touch with the Bon Po Magi. Several Magi were initiated as monks and so their teachings were preserved due to integration with Buddhist techniques.

The reason a Magus does not follow any deity is due to his teachings. One of the foundational aspects is the teachings of creation. These teachings are very similar to Abrahams Law of Attraction ( Every man, Magus, creates his own reality and events in life. Man is made in the image of “God”, but not in a physical sense. The ALL, the Source, split itself up in order to experience itself. Its energy spread from the Absolute reality and made our Relative Reality which holds the Alpha and Omega as the corner stones of it. Everything is “God”, including us. We are Gods and creators ourselves. We are responsible for everything we do and experience. A Magus understands how creation works. First there is the Thought followed by Voice and finalized by Action. Therefore a Magus is his own God and uses introspect often in order to master his own creation by trying to understand his Thought process.

3. Science

You will also learn a lot about science, but in a different way. A Magus will take himself and his surroundings and use relational thinking. “God” made everything symmetric from the smallest snowflake to the ordering of the universe. By looking at the smaller things in life you can start to understand the larger things. There is the Alpha and the Omega. These are the two opposites, the corner stones of the universe…our relative reality. Without them there would be nothing in this reality, they are the tools that science and nature uses to make everything understandable. A Magus and a scientist are similar. Both form theories and concepts and then use ways to understand and proof them. Yet they walk different paths which allows them to see the same things in a different light. Both have the same understanding about the laws of nature, but practice it differently and use different wordings yet the definitions are very similar. Both are open-minded and are able to form interesting theories.

Another aspect of a Magus is into psychology. A Magus talks about the microcosm and the macrocosm, the inner and outer world. The inner world is the mind and ego. By using tools, which come in the form of magickal techniques, a Magus can “work” with himself. This psychological aspect is also seen in many spiritual surroundings as well as Alchemy. Buddhist monks who spend a lot of time in meditation and use introspect to understand themselves in order to understand others, societies, the world. You will confront yourself with both the positive and negative aspects of oneself. By seeing and accepting what and who you are at the given time allows you to get a greater understanding of why you react in certain situations or see the things the way you do. This is something a lot of people do from time to time in their lives. However someone who is walking the path to “enlightenment” will do so more often with greater effectiveness.

You’ll use tools/techniques to quiet your mind in order to hear voices, understanding the Thought process. Now you’ll probably think that people who do magick turn into a schizophrenic individual. However the voices you’ll start to hear is actually the voice of your subconscious. You will stop listening to the noise in your mind and filter it so that you can finally hear your real self. Due to being able to quiet your mind you are also able to look deeper and start to understand how each thought and emotion comes to be. This also gives a deeper insight in oneself and the people around you (psychology and sociology). Once you embraced everything about yourself you can let it go and become the person you want to be. Books of Freud and Jung can often be found on a Magus’s bookshelf.

As a side note. Being “enlightent” doesn’t automatically mean you’re “nice” and “modest” and such nonsense. It only means you have a greater insight in everything and what you do with that understanding and knowledge is up to the individual.

In psychology you will also find the Law of 3. Subconcious, conscious, para-concious. Christianity has Father, Son, Holy Spirit as indication to the very same. It is important to have it all work together instead of stand-alone parts of ones self.

In a nutshell you will understand more about the human psyche and can use it to alter your own situation and become the person you want to be. This is psychology when using scientific terms, but this is only a small part of what the people possess who study magick and follow the spiritual path.

The study of Kabbalah is a part of what a Magus does. It allows him to get more insights in human physiology, nature and more scientific understandings. The studies of Alchemy allow a Magus to understand chemistry. These two teaches are one and the same under a different name. This is because during the 17th century science got split from religion. Instead of the monks studying alchemy the scientists called it chemistry. However this is not the only reason why a Magus can oversee more then a scientist. This doesn’t mean that anyone who proclaims to be a Magus has this type of understanding. Only those who have studied for a specific amount of time, similar to taking a course at school, if not longer. It takes time to turn knowledge into wisdom, which can only be done through putting your studies into practice. This is why a Magus never gives his adepts anything on a silver platter. Self Research, self development, self experience is what makes someone wise…else you’d just be knowledgeable and lack the understanding of said knowledge.

People who swear by science know a lot, but science always follows and never leads. Mankind is a biological organism who has senses that evolve and can experience a lot of events, which can be defined as paranormal. With their brains they can form many creative concepts. However science only evolves AFTER man has evolved first. Without concepts there is nothing to research and invent for science. Although there are a lot of creative people among the scientists, it will however slow down the evolution. A lot of people see science as THE new religion and anything not proven by it doesn’t not exist. Instead of staying open for the possibility until proven it can’t be they just close themselves. These hobbyist skeptics are very closed while true scientists and Magi keep an open mind and consider all possibilities.

A lot of creativity is lost this way and also shows that more and more people stop caring for anything and grow more disrespectful to their surroundings by the day. Governments like USA that ferment clouds to cause snowfall around Christmas in an area where it is to warm to have snow. Or Belgium that creates rain. Areas of nature being ripped to pieces so that more industry and living areas can be created. Upsetting the natural balance and people wonder why the weather is upset and such. Call me a tree hugger, but I actually think and don’t harm nor disrespect nature and all it has given us since the beginning of time.

4. Paranormal?

The Magus also works with the activities which are seen as “paranormal”. Teachings from Yogi’s (India), Buddhists (Japan), Tao (China) and many more that are open when it comes to energetic workings. Seeing energies and feeling them is useless unless you can also understand them. To do so a Magus must have undergone his psychological growth in order to understand the thoughts and emotions that come to him. When understanding ones emotions and thoughts you will also learn to filter your senses. An individual takes in a lot of information and unconsciously only filters out what is important. However due to training your mind you can become more aware of everything, which leads to honed and sharper senses.

The universe communicates first through emotions and secondly through the voice (language is not important, the vibration is = sound) of your subconscious. Many people who follow the path of enlightenment often call the subconscious their Guardian Angle or Guide. In fact they are one and the same. When being able to work with energy you can notice the effects of changes in the ecological system on global scale as well as effects events and thoughts have on individuals. And this Magus knows how bad the condition of this planet is and that a lot of changes need to be made ASAP if we want to be able to live here longer then just 60-70 more years.

When delving into the energetic aspect of the Magus we slowly go into an area which is not socially accepted as normal and scientifically proven. We talk about manipulating energies in order to create our own realities, seeing ghosts and much more. The more practiced a Magus, the faster his magick/creations will manifest in “reality”. This can range from immediate to up to 3 months of manifestation. A Magus can direct energies to do and get whatever he pleases. By focusing on what he wants he can achieve great things. Think of what you want, Say as if you already have it, take action if needed. Usually you will set the creation of your “wish” into motion, which is the easy part. Once the manifestation of your “wish” appears it is your task to notice it as such and allow it to enter your life. Most people can not see it and thus let it pass by and say it was never there.

These teachings are the very same (if not identical) as The Law of Attraction. I’ll give you an example of what I created when I first began with it. At that time I thought it was nonsense, but still tried it out. Part of the open mind is to try, before saying it is useless. I wrote down about wanting a job which would suit my talents, with co-workers that would compliment myself. Within three weeks I got a job offer out of nowhere. My dad just sat on the couch and said “There is a vacancy at my job, are you interested?”. I wanted to meet a girl with similar interests. Within a month I met someone through the internet. One evening I decided to go into a chatroom I’ve never been to. She started talking with me and now I have a relationship with her for the past 4 months. Life is a lot easier then most people think it is.

From time to time a Magus reaches a state of trance, which is used to gain certain insights. Just like in the days when there were Shamans, later Druids, there was a gathering of natural herbs. These herbs were prepared under strict circumstances and have the same properties as today’s soft drugs. Drugs are seen as tools to take away certain emotional blockages and are only used when truly needed. This is because a well trained Magus has achieved such will power that they can create similar effects through their mind. Another way, which goes back to shamanistic beliefs is heavy repeating rhythms. The shamans used to bang the drums and perform a dance, but since the music industry started to use the 4 count repetitive beat in almost every song…well you can use almost anything. I personally prefer heavy metal and guitar riffs to get into a trance while head banging at a concert. Just lose yourself entirely in the music.

The trances can be used in order to communicate with spirits or other entities. Because a Magus or paranormal medium can summon a spirit or deity at will does not mean that these deities are always “real”, unlike what most people believe. Christians, and New-Age followers, belief that there are Angels and daemons, but in fact they do not. There is only the ALL, the source, God or however you wish to call it. In the beginning there was ALL and split itself in order to experience itself. I’m not going into detail, but when communicating with a spirit or other energetic awareness you’re only communicating with a part of the ALL. This energy forms itself to present itself to you in a way which is understandable to you. You will feel the energy, the thoughts and emotions from this being. This information will allow you to identify it according to your own ideals. Your minds eye will then translate it into an image of either a daemon, Angel, fairy, dwarf or whatever you wish/beliefs are. A Magus can summon such an energetic awareness and ask it not only for guidance mentally, but also to ask it to fulfill a task (such as protecting an area). “Demons” are just as helpful as “Angels” are.

There are people who claim that there are councils of Daemoni and Celestials while in fact there is no hierarchic structure anywhere. When practicing Goetia there is a hierarchic list of demons, but you only have to look at the personality traits listed, not the rank. This hierarchic structure is made by mankind after all. Summon the one you need for aid depending on the personality description of that being. Ranks and structures are only there for ego boosting (I’m better then you are, even if it is unconscious) and constraining fears. When I was told that I was Angelic I was resisting it and people only resist that which is False and harmful to themselves. We’re all equal and we’re all gods. Some are more aware of that then others which is the only difference there is.

Pathworking is another form of trance. It is a journey within oneself, a journey into ones microcosm. You will create a deity which personifies your subconscious. It will guide you through the surrounding you created within your own mind and show you things you didn’t notice at first. This is also very helpful if you want to get a better understanding of your dreams. It is also possible to get assistance from a being and enter a Tarot card for example. You can then explore the card from within. This is a technique used a lot in accordance with Tattva cards. Which is a great prerequisite for Astral Projecting as well as learning Scrying techniques.

The third form of trance is quite the opposite, also called Astral Projecting. You will leave this relative reality and laws of nature. The journey of the soul will take you into the realm of the absolute where you can see how the universe and the ALL/Source/God truly is. Seeing that a lot goes beyond our current level of understanding you will do something very similar to when it comes when dealing with entities. You will feel the energies of the absolute universe where there is no Alpha nor Omega, everything just is. You will interpretate the energies and your minds eye will create an image that you can understand. Thus the Celestial Fields, Akashic Records and the likes are formed as well as any other surrounding that you wish. When you enter the ALL you will feel bliss and peace and have access to all the information you wish. Your mind can’t understand it at this time and thus creates the image of it being separate places.

Keep in mind that we already possess ALL knowledge, we only have to remember it all and experience our knowledge so that we become wise.

5. Ethics and Morality

Since a Magus is not bound by the dualistic thinking dichotomy of “Good versus Evil”, nor Karma, he can not be put in the category of White, Black, Nature, Elemental Magus. A lot of people still try to do so in order to categorize someone as good or not according to their own morality. Still, at occasions, a Magus will call himself a certain type to indicate in which area he specializes is, such as Enochian Ceremonial for instance. A Magus does what he deems as correct as long as he doesn’t upset the universal balance. Next to that each Magus has his own philosophy that he lives by. Which can cause conflicts which the text written prior as long as the Magus feels it is the truth for him. This is why the detailed teachings of any Magus to his Adepts differ.

Because he studies as much as possible he is capable of performing any type of magick. He can use the energy in order to increase healing rates of wounds, direct his energy to cause a deadly accident, summon elemental creatures, create servitors and perform ceremonial rituals. The color scheme which a lot of wanna-be occultists refer to came forth from the need of labeling things according the view of what is right or wrong from the majority. To define something so that it was easier to put it into words. The definitions are as follows:
Black is to harm people and nothing good can come from it,
White is to help people and make their lives more bearable,
Green is when you work with natural forces,
Elements…uhm…is this the same as natural forces? Why even mention it?
Chaos is to follow no rules and that you can do anything you can think of,
Ceremonial is to do magick in a group,
Necromancy is to play with the dead.

Then there are people who claim that there are different sources of energy. If your soul is Daemonic and connected to the Black source you can still use it to heal people. This is because those people feel that intent is more important. Well these type of people have a bit more of an understanding, seeing how important intent is. Anything else is still flawed.

Why do we need such shallow labels? Every bit of energy used in magick comes from one and the same source, the ALL. You use this as you need it at the time. One moment you’re casting a spell to harm, the next to heal, the next to summon…it’s all the same. I’m not a black Magus, nor a White nor Chaos one. I’m a Magus…period. The colors to define what is good or bad brings me to dualistic thought. “Good and Evil” is only real in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has a different set of morals which they use to judge and call an event good or bad. Saying this caused a lot of fellow Magi to classify me as a Chaos Magus. Some just don’t get it. There is only cause and effect (Taoism).

I personally don’t believe in karma due to this, nor do I believe in three fold payback. People are creators and create their own realities. Creating takes place by Thought followed by Voice and finalized by Action. Knowing this we are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions. We are responsible ourselves for all the good and bad things taking place in our lives. Becoming consciously aware of this will be the turning point in ones life. How often are people aware of their pre-programmed thoughts? With pre-programmed thoughts I refer to the decisions you make automatically every few seconds. Ever thought about the outcome of your actions? Are you even capable of taking the responsibility that comes with each thought you have? Are you even aware that you can re-program your subconscious, the blue-print of your life?

To get back on karma. If I hypothetically kill someone I would not lose karma points nor would I get paid back by the universe unless I allowed it too. However I could feel guilt and or shame about my action. By using the Law of Attraction it would mean that I’d be focusing on those feelings and such attract more of it. In-directly allowing negative things to enter my life which could be seen as having karmic retribution. However I don’t belief in a vengeful God nor that we are all born in sin. We’re all perfect in our own way. I would feel no guilt over such an act, because if I would do such a thing I’d have a damn good reason to begin with.

Just do as you please and take responsibility for it. It’s all about enjoying yourself and experiencing everything in order to learn what it is like. Any idea why I had so much # in my life? Because I never experienced it well enough during previous lives and didn’t understand what it was. You can’t understand what Light is if you never been inside the Darkness. Now that I do understand (learned from the experience) my life is getting better and better.

6. Spell casting, Rituals and Tools

This part is relatively complex to write about. The reason is because it combines psychological effects alongside of the energetic/esoteric effects. In all honesty I got no idea how to go about writing this, so I’ll wing it. I plan not to go in depth on rituals and everything, but give a rather shallow explanation. It should give a decent enough impression.

6.a Spell Casting
Earlier I explained that we are all creators of life and how creation comes to be. Casting is nothing more then creating what you want. Use positive thought and don’t use words like “Can’t” and other such negative outlooks. Say as if you already have it.

There are simplistic “spells” who carry a psychological load with them. A person has some problems and wants to have change in the situation. He or she will write a paper containing the views of the person as well as the feelings that correspond with it. When done writing the paper will be closed and burned, sometimes accompanied with a little chant or prayer about the changes you want to occur. It sounds nice, but do you really expect that everything would be solved by burning some paper? If you told it like that people would laugh at you. Frankly anyone practicing magick would laugh at you as well. The individual wrote his issues away in order to give a message to his subconscious that he is willing to accept the situation. By accepting it there would start to be internal change, such as more peace of mind and forgiving the people who caused the situation. The burning of the paper symbolizes that the issue has gone up in smoke and it’s time to move on. This is a method which appeals to people who do magick. Since it appeals to them it has a greater effect on them instead of laying on a couch at a psychologist. There are many similar spells like these, just try to look deeper into what you’re actually doing. Look at the process instead of the actions themselves.

Seeing that magick is “to create and cause subtle changes” I hear people think about getting a lot of material wealth. Well it is possible, but why do you want to? Why create a temporal influx of wealth while you can create something more effective and rewarding? Instead of winning the lottery why not create a job which suits your talents and allows you to grow. The job would create a lot more then simplistic wealth would. You’d get what you truly want, you’d meet new people who can teach you a thing or two, you’d have a constant influx of the wealth needed in your life. Also don’t expect things to be thrown in your lap. It isn’t Thought, Voice, ACTION for nothing you know.

In order to cast a spell to get what you want there are first a few things to understand. You have to know how to formulate that which you want. If you want to meet a woman you can’t say “I want [name] and live happily ever after”. You’d be messing with free will and if the woman in question doesn’t want you, then she won’t be effected by the spell. However you can formulate it in the way “I would like to meet a woman which has similar interests and whom I can have a great time with”. This will apply to many women and there will be one available and so the universal energies will do their work to get that woman onto your life path. The next step is to notice this manifestation of your spell and go up to the woman and put your magick into Action with a nice opening line hehe.

Then there is the more energetical spell casting. It has no psychological effect and is fully based on universal energy. This can be creating Energy/Psi balls which can be used for many purposes, depending on intent. It means reading and feeling the energies of everything and everyone. If a Magus is well trained in this he can read the energies people send out continuously. He can feel their emotions, read parts of their minds and intentions, feel if they have issues or illnesses and much more. These range into the Paranormal which you can study Psi techniques in order to learn how to work with it.

6.b Ritual
Rituals can be performed solitary or as a group. When performing a ritual it takes preparation and research of what you plan on doing. It takes patience, dedication, concentration and will power. All these attributes appear while performing a ritual. Something which is very helpful in daily life as well. Even if skeptics say that these rituals do nothing on themselves they still have to accept the fact that the attributes people learn are very helpful in daily life. Just take a look at what is needed when doing your job. Rituals also sound so magickally, but I bet you have a daily ritual when waking up as well. Wake up, go to bathroom, shower, eat breakfast, go to work…or something similar. It’s all about becoming aware of what you are actually doing.

When performing a ritual as a group you will learn the same things as someone who is a part of a sports team. You’ll meet people with similar interests. You’re meant to go in as a team in order to perform the ritual. There is trust and you’re meant to give it your all and not with a I-can’t-be-arsed attitude. People don’t like it if a certain member of the group falls asleep half way. This will show lack of dedication, concentration, will power and can cause a lot of trouble for the others. What if you were in the middle of summoning a deity as a group and one member is unable to fulfill their task? It is a let down for the team and what do most sports teams do to the individual(s) that didn’t give it their all?

Invocation and Evocation are known as rituals as well. Invocation means summoning a entity which you allow to enter your body and use it. Evocation is summoning an entity so that it appears near you, preferably inside a controllable area. When doing any of these it is important to have a reason to summon the entity. Do not summon just because it is cool and you’re trying to impress someone. When you have a reason why you need the entity in question then they will have no problem assisting you.

There is a psychological risk here. An individual, without enough training, lacks will power. This can be very dangerous. If an individual summons an entity they will communicate most likely through emotions and telepathy. If the person performing the ritual is weak in mind they can become schizophrenic after a while. They will hear and see things even when they aren’t there. Invocation is especially risky when there is not enough preparation…ever wonder why there are Excorcisms? Excorcisms are used in the extreme case in which a Magus has invoked an entity which later on refuses to leave the body of the Magus. Luckily most Magi are well trained and have an incredible will power by the time they start doing these types of rituals.

When done well you’d be doing very similar as what Buddhists do. They don’t follow any Gods, but instead they work WITH them. This is what you’re doing as well when working with entities. You will work with them and ask their assistance and guidance when you’re stuck yourself. A little push from your guardians to get you back on track so the speak.

Of course there are many more forms of Magick, but I’ll leave that up to yourself to explore. If you’re interested in levitation and such I suggest you to research Siddhi. If you research magick also research the scientific counter parts to get a more complete insight and understanding. They complement each other well.

Coming up with new spells and incantations you’re actually being part of a creative process. Most often you’ll be writing poetry (spells) and think of new ways to express your intent through symbolism.

6.c Tools
A Magus has several tools which he uses. There is the altar, dagger/sword, staff and a robe which make up the basic equipment of a Magus. Depending on rituals and such the Magus might have a set of specific candles, herbs, scrying mirror, tarot deck and anything else he deems necessary.

Let’s start with the altar. In general this is of no real use to a Magus, because in old times a Magus would travel a considerable time of his life. The only ones who would have an altar were the ones enlisted as Priests. These days people have it easier when it comes to traveling and obtaining knowledge. So it is no wonder that Magi have an altar as well. The altar is placed within a shrine. This means that a Magus has his altar in a secluded part of his house, or room, where it doesn’t get disturbed by outsiders. The altar is the Magus’s holy place, a place where he can do his daily prayers/chants and meditate.

The altar is as simple as you want it to be and varies per individual. It is a very personal thing to have, because you place items on it which are important to you. Many people have a shelf in their house with photographs or other items which are very dear to them. These shelves could be seen as altars as well. However altars got a larger purpose other then storing items that are personal to you.

People say that your house resembles your mind. Look at how children take care of their room and lay it next to their living styles. I bet that a lot of children with a messy room are quite chaotic and messy inside as well. This is why a Magus keeps his altar clean and tidy because it resembles his inner self. The colors of the cloth placed on it are symbolic for the emotional mindset of the Magus at that time. Often the colors of a cloth also resemble the season of the year. By taking the time and being consciously active by keeping it clean and often change it will teach people discipline. That is, if the individual didn’t learn it already themselves. It is something which will not only stay with the altar, but they will automatically keep the rest of their house and life cleaner as well.

On top of the altar you can place whatever you please. Some people only place items and crystals on it which are personal. Other people want to have a statue and 2 candles which are to honor and respect the god/goddess which the individual might be worshipping. All the elements of nature will be represented on the altar in a symbolic way as well. There is a dagger/athame and or an incense burner(wind), the candles (fire), a chalice with water (water) a plaque made by some earth material or if the chalice is made from some earth, a fresh flower will do the same (earth). These items do nothing by themselves and only symbolize the elements. By having them represented in a symbolic way you are consciously active with the elements and show respect to them.

Athames and swords are often used in rituals. You will draw a circle clockwise with the object. This is for people who have trouble visualizing a circle. The circle is meant as the sacred area in which you do your energetic workings. In case of Evocation this circle is what protects you. You can visualize the circle as you wish, you can call upon the 4 Guardian Watch Towers or whatever you wish. You can make it as complex or as simple as you want. Many people think that we are dangerous when holding these items. Do not worry, we’re not supposed to get blood on it. It’ll just ruin the workings of the athame/sword and then needs to be consecrated again. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have sharp objects consecrated just for the purpose to get blood on it. However these are rarely used and only in certain rites and offerings.

There are people who get robes once they feel ready for it. These robes are made of a color which has a certain meaning to the individual. At times they also put an emblem on their robe. This emblem can show that they are a follower of a certain god or group. Except for specific personal meaning and allowing the individual to get his mind focused on the magickal task at hand. Other then that there is no real use for it.

After a while a Magus has spend a lot of time studying, experiencing and has grown strong. Both in knowledge, wisdom and will power. Now it is time to start forging a staff or wand. I prefer to create a staff, because I can use it as a walking cane as well. The staff is a symbol for the mastership a Magus has over himself, but officially it is said that it is to focus his will. Which I find nonsense seeing that it all comes from within himself and not his tools. Tools however can enhance certain abilities and properties. It is time to go into the woods and get a nice branch. You don’t go into nature and just rip off a branch from just any tree and start working on your staff.

Before even considering the staff it is time to hit the books again. Find all that you can about trees and cutting them well. Learn about the properties of each type of tree and wood type. Find out which properties you need to complement yourself, or enhance certain aspects of oneself. When going to the tree don’t just cut off the branch, but ask it. Even if there isn’t an entity or dryad within the tree, nor do you believe in such, it is showing respect to nature as well as the gratitude of finding that which you seek. You could bring some form of offering to the tree to symbolize your gratitude. Make sure to use some herbs and such to stop the “bleeding” of the tree. Take care of its “wound” and stop its juices from spilling. I mean, you don’t want to be amputated an arm and the doctors would just ignore it and walk away…would you?

Now it is time for the wood to dry up for a week or 2 before stripping the bask off (Patience). Polishing it and working the wood to become the staff that you want (dedication). Adding a polarized/magnetized metal wire in the centre (Science), adding a quartz on the top for polarization and decorate it with drawings and symbols (Creative art).

Seeing that a Magus creates as much as possible himself it shows he is dedicated to learn. He obtains a lot of knowledge by figuring out himself how to make something. It shows his determination and will power to obtain the knowledge and staying with it all until the product is finished. He doesn’t do half work, but instead finishes what he starts. Not to mention that due to this everything has more meaning to your. You will feel proud about yourself and your achievements which will give a confidence booster. It’s a nice way to have many different hobbies. Woodworking, Metalwork, knitting and sewing just to name a few. You also look damn good when going to Fantasy/Dark Age Fairs.

7. Summary

The Magus understands that magick is a way of thought. He walks a difficult path which is on a very thin line which is the balance of all. That mankind is capable of things which most people only dream or fantasize about. He understands that we are all creators and that creation begins with Thought followed by Words and completed with Action. That everyone is responsible for their own thoughts and actions. That everyone is responsible for their own happiness and troubles. That people attract that which they focus upon, the law of Attraction. That people are not here to be born in sin and have to redeem themselves in the view of any god. We’re all god, because god is all (including us). God made us in his self imagery, not physical but energetically. He’s open-minded and studies more then just one direction. The Magus contains a lot of knowledge which will turn into wisdom through experiencing his knowledge first hand. He is someone who is a philosopher, psychologist, scientist, spiritualist…he is everything and nothing at the same time.

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posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 07:06 AM
nice thread...nice info...nice work

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 09:57 AM
Very interesting thread my friend. I always liked this subject. I like how Eliphas Levi defines what is Magic:

To practice magic is to be a quack; to know magic is to be a sage

and the description of Magus

They are without fears and without desires, dominated by no falsehood, sharing no error, loving without illusion, suffering without impatience, reposing in the quietude of eternal thought..... a Magus cannot be ignorant, for magic implies superiority, mastership, majority, and majority signifies emancipation by knowledge. The Magus welcomes pleasure, accepts wealth, deserves honour, but is never the slave of one of them; he knows how to be poor, to abstain, and to suffer; he endures oblivion willingly because he is lord of his own happiness, and expects or fears nothing from the caprice of fortune. He can love without being beloved; he can create imperishable treasures, and exalt himself above the level of honours or the prizes of the lottery. He possesses that which he seeks, namely, profound peace. He regrets nothing which must end, but remembers with satisfaction from being that he has met with good in all. His hope is a certitude, for he knows that good is eternal and evil transitory. He enjoys solitude, but does not fly the society of man; he is a child with children, joyous with the young, staid with the old, patient with the foolish, happy with the wise. He smiles with all who smile, and mourns with all who weep; applauding strength, he is yet indulgent to weakness; offending no one, he has himself no need to pardon, for he never thinks himself offended; he pities those who misconceive him, and seeks an opportunity to serve them; by the force of kindness only does he avenge himself on the ungrateful...

Hope you will find it interesting.

posted on Oct, 30 2013 @ 02:07 AM
I like what you said about the idea that being "enlightened" doesn't necessarily mean being "nice" and "modest." I think that this is what may make people on my threads misunderstand me, and they, in the process, get taken aback. I certainly do feel that I am a type of Magus. I think that this is an interesting thread that doesn't get the respect it deserves. Maybe it's because there are so many threads that it makes it hard to find good ones like this one. I still haven't finished it. It's certainly a good study. But anyway, good job on this thread!

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