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Statins = Memory Loss/Don't Stop Cancer

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posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 12:32 PM

This week the AMA came out with it’s latest information
on statins. At this point, the information reveals that
Statins DO NOT help stop Cancer. There had been some
previous studies done that suggested that Cancer could be
positively effected by statins. At this point, that earlier
information seems to have been an anomaly.

Pfizer and the other drug companies are (a surprise to me)
not wanting to cooperate to have their statin drugs tested
for cancer research.

Forbes Magazine
Matthew Herper

Quote - Drug giants such as Pfizer and Merck actually may be
reticent to test their drugs in cancer. Merck and Bristol-Myers
Squibb loose patent protection on Zocor and Pravachol next year,
removing any incentive. Moreover, it was a long study aimed at
preventing cancer that turned up the heart risks in the arthritis
medicine Vioxx. Doing long, expensive studies that could backfire
rarely appeals to drug firms.

Also – this may be old information to some, but I have found
that many people do not realize that there have been many
reports of Transient Global Amnesia in connection with the
use of Statins such as Lipitor. I thought I’d post this information
in case there are those who are not aware of this or because
they forgot (and from reading the information, if ya’ll are using
Lipitor – you might have problems with forgetfulness)

What Transient Global Amnesia is in medical terms –

In everyday language – the person having the TGA attack
forgets just about everything about him/her self. Total
disorientation and amnesia from 15 minutes to a whole day
for each episode.

Quote - Pfizer’s own published literature tells us that just this
year alone (2005) we can expect some 150,000 amnestic
reactions in the United States from the use of Lipitor alone.

Official Lipitor Site with the manufacturers information –

QUESTION - Considering the billions of Lipitor pills sold -
why is the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes
not significantly lower - are the Statins as needed as claimed?

Some good articles with links to more information on this –
No link - ‘The Lipitor Dilemma’ Smart Money, November 2003

ENDING NOTE - Pfizer's Lipitor has annual sales of $11 billion
and is the best-selling drug in the world.

[edit on 1/8/2006 by FlyersFan]

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 12:40 PM

Pfizer and the other drug companies are (a surprise to me)
not wanting to cooperate to have their statin drugs tested
for cancer research.

Why would that surprise you? They have invested literally billions in these types of drugs and now they find out they may not work? They would want to bury this as fast as possible(if they could) so I guess they are just going with the silent treatment hoping this will go away with more studies(that they sponsored of course)

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 05:10 PM

Originally posted by sardion2000
Why would that surprise you?

Because ... silly me ... I thought that even the evil dark
Lord Vaders that ran the pharmacuticals would have
relatives and friends who suffered from the scurge of
Cancer and that they would, like the rest of us, want
to save them pain and death.

But .... seems I'm wrong. Thirst for heaps of $$$ get
in the way yet again. Even with Cancer.

Anyways .. I thought ya'll might be interested in the latest
on Statins ... and I also posted the info about memory loss.

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 05:27 PM
I hear what you're saying Flyersfan as I believed the same at one point. I had a similiar reaction when I first learned of the atrocities and crimes being commited by some Biotech companies. The fact is they've been doing this for decades and the problem only seems to be getting worse, but we are not in absense of potential solutions. One of them being Open Source biotechnology and medicine, another much less popular option is legislative action and additional red tape and oversight(which I myself am not such a big fan of).

The main problem I see here is twofold, Human Nature(greed) and Capitolism(private healthcare). The solution still has a ways to go though so we'll just have to be ready to cry foul I guess. Note I'm not an anti-capitolist or a neo-luddite by any means, I just don't believe in the Capitolist Utopia that many on here seem to buy into.

Thanks for the links btw, Cancer is fairly prevalent in my family and I'm glad that this has been disclosed to the public.

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