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The internet 2015

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posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 10:05 AM
What do you think going to happen it the next 9 year of the internet, here one persons view

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posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 11:08 AM
I love how 'google' comes up like the face of god or something!

where's ats in their listing! Heck they include friendster, ATS prolly should be there.

Their newsbotster idea sounds like ATSNN infact.

"narrow and trivial information that isn't even true', well, thats an interesting way to put it. Probably pretty accurate too. The googlezon that they talk about, it doesn't get news, it coallates it and indexes it and marks it up. The 'relevancy' stuff definitly seems to mean that information becomes, by definition, more paraochial, and presumably such a network would offer up new sorts of information outside of your normal network for you to consider (and perhaps add to your criteria), but the intersting thing there is that these programs woudl then be deciding how aware you are of the world around you.

The entire fictional system certianly creates a situation where there are no authorities in the media. People think that this is a good thing generally, but without a frame of reference, its up to each individual (or associations of individuals) to determine whats real or whats even being talked about, (ie, what is 'iraq', really, and how woudl that answer differ amoung iraqis and other middle easterners, etc). Because of that, you end up, probably, with lots of little "National Enquirers", and no New York Times or Encyclopedia Britaniccas.

I like the last bit about the gps tracked and correlated podcasts, that would require that there be devices that can make sote and play them, but also make them and distribute them (which minimally would also require a microphone, for example). When they were having people talk about 'here's a photo of this locale' or 'there's an accident on thsi street' and 'i am going here for this purpose', the first thing that came to my mind was, forget about "Flash Mobs", this permits Flash Armies and Revolutionaries.
Of course, having everything carried on data thrown across the internet means that it can all be tracked and even interfered with too.

I liked how the NYT becomes a print only edition that is used by 'the elite'.

The idea of practically everyone getting google add revenue based on their blogging, thus making everyone an employee of google, is an intersting danger, because that represents a lot of power and a lot of influence over people and, of course, an employer has more access and rights to your privacy information and what you do and say 'at work' than say, just another person, or even the government itself.
People probably wouldn't be paid in the normal sense, but rather get credits at, say, amazon or this 'googlezon' conglomeration. This is a shade of the "Company Store and the Company Town" of the old frontier and colonial days.

That was really an excellent production, that video. Brings up lots of good and bad ideas.

Seriously though, ATS should be there, ATS incorporates a lot of the ideas that they are talking about, especially in terms of the groups of people managing and organizing each other.

posted on Jan, 15 2006 @ 01:42 AM
It's interesting and likely to not be to far off track. I think however, that the fall of the "fourth estate" might be going a bit too far. A news portal that is "mostly untrue, narrow, shallow and sensational" might fit the needs of those who now gobble up the supermarket tabloids, but for the rest of us there will always be a need for well-structured news and opinion. Ultimately, the bots will serve, but they will never rule. The masses will always yearn for leadership.


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