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A Global Conspiracy Up For Consideration

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posted on Apr, 21 2006 @ 12:42 AM

As I said before, you pose some excellent questions and challenges to this theory. I'm not over this flu bug, but I can't wait any longer. I gotta get this posted.

1. Why are "They" going to need money?

After all, if the world ends, there will be no economy, no good or services to buy. No one producing anything for sale. No shirts, shoes, underwear, toothpaste, soap, after shave lotion, cars, boats, homes etc....

If this happens, one can only assume that money will become obsolete - a non-commodity. Worthless.

2. If "They" are building bunkers, who's doing the building? (illegal immegrants?)

3. Where are the materials to build these bunkers comming from? Maybe you could find some proof that a couple of million tons of steel and concrete were shipped to the area being built. How about a receipt for an order of toilet bowls and pipes. After all, these "Elites" will have to go to the bathroom.

4. In one of your posts you claim that there is a "media blackout" in Iraq. Would you care to expand on this topic a little more? Maybe you and I don't watch the same news channels. I see something about Irag everyday on CNN and Fox news. Of course, when a bomb goes off, I see it on all channels.

5. You also think that some kind of "ARK" is being built there. Why? Whats wrong with the facilities at "NORAD"? Not big enough? Why not some place a little more hospitable instead of the middle of the desert?

1. You are right. "They" don't need money after this catastrophe. The money is needed to fund the construction of these underground facilities and to fill them with all of the equipment & supplies that they are going to need and for supplies to rebuild society after the event.

2. I'm not sure who is doing the building. That would depend on which underground facility you are talking about. The facility in Iraq could quite possibly be built by the Bin Laden Family, Halliburton or both under the protection of our armed forces. The Bin Laden Family is among the wealthiest Saudi Arabian families in the world and I believe they made some if not most of it in the construction business.

For construction of the Yucca Mountain facility, you should check their website. This project is being funded and built right under our noses, but since it is labelled for Nuclear Waste, nobody will ever see the inside of it without a top security clearance.

3. Once again, the source of the supplies will depend on the location of the facility. The supplies for the Iraq facility would likely be supplied via Halliburton. As for receipts, good luck!! Even our own congress has had little success at getting receipts from halliburton for all of the billions that they spend over there. The basic theme there is....Trust us, we're taking care of it.

I would expect a dead end anytime anyone goes looking for receipts for these things. The likely response to such questions will be "classified".

I did go on a search for receipts and proof of any spending in Iraq and came up with a link to a government website that has lots of links and plenty of pages full of more links and other stuff to fill the pages, but no hard evidence that any money has been spent at ALL in Iraq. I honestly thought I might be able to track down a few good leads.

I think that the only way I'll be able to get such info is to quit my job and become a full time reporter/private investigator in the field with a considerable budget to work off of. Sorry folks...I am not a wealthy man and I think the press intentionally avoids ardent reporters these days for fear that they may actually dredge up some real news that they'd have to quash....uh...yeah, I think the press is in on this scandal too, at least the upper echelons of the press world.

Getting back to the receipts for toilets and such...Halliburton received a 2 year no-bid $8 Billion contract a couple years ago to supply our troops with all the toilets, food, housing, etc. that they need. Somebody please do some math on that and see how much it costing per soldier based on 130,000 servicemen? The receipts are probably somewhere for all of that, but I doubt that we'll ever see'em. Halliburton has the's on a need to know basis and that's all you need to know (Says Halliburton).

4. What you see on the TV or in the papers about Iraq is only what our Military PR has presented to the reporters that are in Iraq. You see, there is a hotel where all of the press reporters hang at. They rarely leave it without an armered escort because the streets of Bagdad are so dangerous to them. Many reporters that have tried, have come back in boxes. So...every day, a military escort shows up and takes the press to a location or two that they would like the press to report on, then they take them back to their hotel where they are under 24 hour military security.

There is no opportunity for investigative reporting in Iraq. All locations for reports are predetermined by the military PR.

5. Why an underground ARK? To protect life against a meteor storm that is foretold by John the Apostle in Chapter 8 of Revelation. This meteor storm is also spoken of by other prophets, but they are not as easily referenced.

NORAD is a 50 year old military command center designed to defend against a nucyuler war. It was not designed to house civilian populations for 3-12 months in the event of the surface of the earth being devastated by meteors.

When a meteor strikes the earth, it impacts so hard that it pulverizes the dirt and sand into microscopic dust while disintegrating itself in much the same way. The force of the impact causes an explosion similar to a nuclear bomb but without all of the longterm radiation that comes with plutonium or uranium bombs. The size of the explosion can be anywhere from a small explosion that takes out a city block from a 1-2 meter object at impact up to an explosion that kills everything in a 50-100 mile radius from an object that is 100 meters diameter at the time of impact.

Another bit of information....

Impactor meteors are better than those that explode before impacting. Meteors that explode in mid air have a blast radius 2-3 times greater than those that impact. This will be quite common in a meteor storm. The amount of pressure on meteors when they near our lower atmosphere moving at speeds of mach 10+ is so great that it actually crushes them.

About building underground facilities in the middle of the desert...considering what you've read so far about meteor explosions, can you name a more hospitible location? The desert makes sense because nobody wants to use the land for much anyway. There are very few people to watch you while you build and stock your facility. You don't have to worry about a shallow water table that you have to build your facility into. There are probably a number of other good reasons that I haven't realized yet.

Davemann - may i say that this is an excellent conspiracy. You've touched on all the biggies of the day, 9/11, Iraq, Iran, the deficit, general hatred of Bush. -- It must have taken you some time and thought to come up with this one. And the topper - in your post 4/12/06 you gave the statement that saves all conspiracy theories, "just in case i'm wrong". More or less to cover your own rear end.

Yes. You are correct that all of the conspiracies tie together into this. I may be wrong with this. Only time will tell. However, there is one thing that I believe is certain...There will be a speckled sun, red moon and a meteor shower to follow. If Bush and his cronies are not up to this conspiracy, then they should be...either that or they should work to pursuade men to repent of their sin and turn to Jesus Christ. I doubt that Bush will do that, but with the number of lies that he has told so far while allowing us to believe that he is a good Christian man leads me to think that he is working to protect the antichrist from the great meteor storm to come...whether Bush and his cronies are intentionally helping to set the stage for the antichrist or not, I do not know.

Now...about the military numbers, you are correct. I think I heard something about 130,000 men and women in Iraq and I knew full well that we had around 1.5 million in the service. However, I still stand by my statement that we are no safer today than we were prior to 9/11.

There have been no significant changes to our security in the last 5 years and yet we have not seen buses, trains and subways blowing up here like they do in most other countries that are dealing with terrorism. The systems we have in place here cannot stop such small time terrorist activities. I contend that there never was a terrorist threat and still is not.

When Clinton left office, our national budget was at around $800 Billion per year. This year it is clocking in at 3-1/2 times that at about $2.7 Trillion. If our Republican Government has not done something truly impressive with that budget, then where is all that money going? I see nothing to show for the massive amount of dollars that our government has spent these past 5 years. I see no super-rail system, no great healthcare system, no super-highways, no super-import-defense system, no great police/fire/rescue program to help if there is ever another event such as 9/11.

I have to conclude that this money has gone into something that we cannot see like a few incredible underground facilities or a few swiss bank accounts.

You brought up the issue of how much money is in the world. I'm not going to go into a great economics class, but rather I'll keep is really basic....the amount of U.S. dollars in print is exactly what our national debt is, about $9 Trillion and we're printing them as fast as we can. The U.S. is probably responsible for about 1/3 or the money in print in the world. That would put the value of money printed in the world at around $27 Trillion. 10% of 27 Trillion is $2.7 Trillion which is almost exactly what our U.S. Budget is for just THIS YEAR and we don't have a clue where most of it is going. Anyway, that's how I come up with 10-20% of the world's money.

I challenge anyone to show me how we can spend 3.5 times more than we did 6 years ago and have less to show for it. Somebody, please show me where this money is being spent.

In the meantime, I will continue my delusional fantasy that my government is really good under it all and must be building something, some underground facility for my good even though I shouldn't know that it is being built.

posted on Apr, 21 2006 @ 12:37 PM
Davemann -

Sorry your not completely over the flu. I hope my "questions" didn't cause you any recouperation time. I have a vision of you coughing and sneezing all over your - I hope not.

Hey - you seem like a reasonable person. I like to think you and i can continue this discussion on a friendly basis. I hope I did not write anything to insult you. If I did, let me apologize for it. It was not intentional.

Okay, I must say, I agree with you about government spending in all forms. I would like to know "where and how" every dollar of my tax money is spent. I believe this administration, as well as others in the past cannot manage money in any way shape or form.

I believe government should be run like a business, not to turn a profit - as I do - but, they should not spend more than they take in.

As for this administration - I understand they just raised the national debt ceiling to 9 trillion. When does it end? I don't think you or I have the answer to that. I believe this is a case of "who watches the watchers". Who is to stop them?

I think I have a solution - No one should vote for any candidate in the next election. Maybe we should start a survey of the american people - and vote ALL elected officials OUT of office.

Then we can have real people run for public office - no laywers or politicians. Real people. I further believe that all these attorneys who are in public office caused every social, economic and foreign policy problem we have today.

Only when we remove these people in office - we will have the answers to all the questions you and i have.

I cannot answer all of your statements, like you, i have a business to run. But, i would like to address whats going on at Yucca Mountain.

You may want to check out this news story from CBS:

If you believe that we have created the amount of nuclear waste that is stated, i don't think this place is anything more than what has been reported at CBS.

You may also want to check out this site:

I watched this show every sunday morning when it aired on PBS. The problem of nuclear waste is very scary. If you read the transcript you will find a lot of people are worried about this. I only list these sites for your review and to state that why I disagree with you on this matter.

Your point about the underground ark. Yes, I can think of a better place, Australia - after all, if I was one of the "elites" I would like to come out of this bunker and sit on a beach - anyplace but the middle of the desert.

Your point about the "meteor storm" foretold by John the Apostle. I am a product of a catholic school education. in my 16 years of theology study - "required" - All of my teachers/professors taught the same thing. This is symbolism. That any profecy is true or will come true is a matter yet to be seen. I agree that there have been times in recent history that we have tried to equate what has happened to these profecies in the bible.

If this is your religious belief, then I respect "it" and "you" for having this belief. Personally, I do not believe this because of my educational background.

Another point about Haliburton. So many negative things have been said about this company. Why has haliburton been given this contract? It's pretty simple. They are the only ones big enough to handle it, and no one else wanted it. I don't think there is anything here.

My last point - and i'm gonna disagree with you on this - is the amount of money in the world. 27 trillion is a nice number. you may want to look at this site;

Here you will find that the combination of the US,EU,Japan and China comes close to the 27trillion.

You have left out the rest of the world. This site also explains that it is impossible to estimate the worlds money due to the value of money in different denominations.

I'm not trying to go tit for tat here.

Davemann -- I would like to continue this discussion, I feel you and I can reach agreements on some things but on others we will not. Thats okay with me.

PS. one thing you left out of your conspiracy is the Alien/UFO connection. I would like to know if you feel that aliens are involved.

Thank you.

posted on May, 1 2006 @ 12:51 PM
davemann - what happened to you?

posted on May, 3 2006 @ 01:16 AM

Perhaps the missing UFO/alien connection is the whole reason why Iraq is the location - for there is much rumour of underground bases here in Oz especially Pine Gap. I might suggest that there are many underground facilities (including one in Antarctica) but that they all lead to the Iraqi base due to the southern Iraqi stargate - that gives the elite a dimensional option for their escape plan.

posted on May, 3 2006 @ 01:52 PM

I wish i could believe in stargates but, alas, I've seen the movie, tv series - nothing but pure fantasy. Show me something about stargates before science fiction and i'll say "maybe".

If there was one, how do we operate it? Power source? You should read "Star Trek The Lost years" which came out before the stargate movies.

Sorry I do not believe it. No proof, No evidence. Nothing but wild speculation.

posted on May, 3 2006 @ 05:17 PM
Sorry guys...I've been pretty busy lately and I chose to use my internet posting time to post to a couple of other threads lately.

Now...about the alien thing...that's a tough issue to hit on without writing a book. However to touch on it in a nutshell.

My personal beliefs of aliens is that the basic definition of alien is "not of this world". Based on that definition, angels would be considered aliens and would likely seem that way to us if we see them. There are many ranks and types of angels, but they all fall into 2 different allegiences....Those that chose to follow the realm of Satan and those that remain loyal to God. Those who chose to follow the realm of Satan have been guilty of many things including the provision of technologies that were not supposed to be given to this world. Therefore, the conspiracy that we are using alien technology is quite likely from that perspective.

However, the last words of the Book of Daniel state that in the last days, knowledge would increase. Daniel was probably the most pertinant prophet to these days that we are living in apart from John the Apostle who wrote The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Tommy, you have not offended me. That would be hard to do. However, much of what I have to say applies to those who believe the scriptures and in a literal sense. I take all of the prophets quite literally, though some times what they saw they described from what they and others had seen...such as the "stars falling from heaven" I see as a meteor storm. Even today we call micro-meteors "falling stars". Ezekiel saw men standing while their flesh was consumed right off of their bones....many today think that is a nuclear bomb, but a large meteor striking the earth would have the same effect and without the radiation that lasts for years afterward.

My whole point to this entire thread is to point out that where people of days past thought that some of these devestating events described in the Bible would be caused by nukes that men have control of, I am trying to wake people up to the possibility that they could just as well be caused by meteors that men have NO control of.

Any day, the earth could cross paths with a field of asteroid debris that would cause a meteor shower that would change this world forever and John the Apostle foretells of it in Revelation. I think that the realm of Satan also knows this and is preparing for it. I suspect that the current administration in power here in the U.S. may be working to help prepare even though they may not have a clue that they are actually aiding and abeding the realm of Satan. They will quite simply think that they are preparing a safe haven for them, their families and a few hundred thousand others that get selected for the haven.

The truth is that you and I will not have proof of this until the time is near. Most likely, the first time you'll hear about underground preparations will be when the sun turns black as sackcloth and the moon turns red as blood. I am trying to bring to the attention of people today that if this comet 73P were to pass between the Earth and Sun that it could very well cause such an event. It appears that it is close, but not close enough to do such a thing this year. It seems that we will wait for another such event....and it will happen.

My hopes are that in that day, you and a few others will remember this conversation and will turn to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

posted on May, 3 2006 @ 07:52 PM
Check out this for Iraq/stargate connection:

Remember - much of our Sci-fi is merely expressed subconscious knowledge and racial memory etc.

posted on May, 3 2006 @ 11:16 PM

I'm familiar with the Book of Enoch and the 200 beings that had sex with women prior to the flood and created a race of giants. Enoch records those 200 as having been buried alive beneath the Euphrates River which today is in Iraq. With Halliburton being deep well drilling specialists, one does have to wonder if they are trying to dig something up there.

There is much in that link that you gave that I am unfamiliar with though. I am skeptical to go too much into the alien thing except as I already stated. As I said, angelic beings could easily be understood by us to be alien beings...they would most certainly be alien to us.

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 01:35 PM

Sorry, you lost me with the religion. I don't think I will be able to continue this discussion with you. And we were having a nice discussion. If I haven't mentioned I am a catholic. I have read the bible - cover to cover - required reading in the catholic school system. 12 years. I do not look at it in the literal sense.

That's where you lost me. Oh well, maybe our paths will meet again in the future.

Nice talkin to you.

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 01:39 PM
scorpio -

I visited the link. Just as I suspected, another cospiracy site. To me, just hearsay.

Show me the to speak.. show me, let me step through the stargate and appear somewhere else. pure science fiction.

Maybe you should read, Star Trek "window on another world". same principle.

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 10:30 PM

I appreciate your need for "evidence" - but what do you expect with a subject of this nature. I'd love to show you the money - I just can't seem to find a copy of the blue-prints!(LOL!)

Of course this is speculative hearsay - is that not what ATS Skunk Works is about? I haven't seen a stargate either but I can appreciate the theoretical physics that might suppport such a mechanism - how many dimensions does your world view have?

Can you offer other (more plausible???) reasons for this entire Iraq debacle that explain the $cost, military involvement, diplomatic costs etc. - cos it sure doesn't add up to me. Not even the oil argument works - and that could have been achieved after Gulf War I.

Exopolitics is speculative because of our current collective political/social awareness. This does not negate its ultimate value (or indeed truth)

Todays speculation may be tomorrow's reality!

posted on May, 10 2006 @ 12:07 PM
Very interesting theory. Pretty plausible aswell and i agree somethings goin on in Iraq.

posted on May, 18 2006 @ 07:30 AM
Hi Davenman regarding your thread have you read Uriels Machine by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, Century Press, it may assist you with regard to Earth bollide impacts. Its also a very good read.

posted on May, 20 2006 @ 12:26 PM

I have not read that book. It looks like a book that I should familiarize myself with though. I have added it to my wishlist at amazon and I will plan on reading it. For some reason, Stonehenge keeps showing up in my searches for info these days. Thanks for the reference.

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