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Fantasy Island

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posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 11:03 PM
if you can buy a blown up photo of it u can be sure it holds no more interest to any agency

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 01:16 AM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
Anyone heard anything to verify this?

Overheard Conversation at Bullfeathers two years ago

Two men in black suits sharing a bottle talking about a small group of U.S. territorial islands. Summary of the conversation.

Plan to utilize the northern most islands of the Marianas islands

- The islands of Uracas or Farallon de Pajaros, Maug and Asuncion meet all the requirements to continue with the project. They are remote, uninhabited, and uniquely, owned by us.
- Location is within the earth’s magnetic flux zone, similar in nature to the requirements of the 1940 geographical location.
- The islands are seldom called on, even by fishermen.

To secure the islands for our operational needs we intend to acquire them under the guise of a Pew Charitable Trusts and designate of the area as the “Mariana Trench Marine National Monument”

We are prepared to fund a lobby group, solicit tree hugger volunteers to join the group, promoting the environmental benefits of setting this area aside from visitations from the rest of world.

To be sure there is no army stronger and more prolific than those that carry the save the whale flag. We shall utilize this force to our benefit; convince any local indigenous group of the wise decision to simply just give us the area. There is no need for glass beads or smallpox laden blankets anymore as long as we have the Greenies on our side.

Suggest we advise the President, make the necessary resource allocations and send this to planning for implementation.

I can tell you that this is happing today. Saipan island is awash with political activist types bent on support to remove a huge part of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana islands and make it disappear from the map. All for what real purpose?

And you just happened to overhear all this?

posted on Mar, 26 2012 @ 10:17 PM

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