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Snake Invasion after Hurricanes in Louisiana

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posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 07:42 PM
I live in southwest Louisiana where Hurricane Rita struck last September. Recently a friend of mine was driving down the road, looked into her rear view mirror, and saw a huge (4-5 foot long) snake in her back seat!!! She pulled over, tried to get it out and failed. She then hurried home, went & got a bug bomb and set it off in the car with the windows rolled up. Then she left all the windows rolled down, hoping the snake would leave. She still doesn't know if the snake has gone or not. How does one ensure they have eliminated a snake from their vehicle?

Then another friend just returned home after over 2 months evacuation, only to find a huge snake inside her house so she won't go back with her 3 young children until the snake is gone. How does she go about ridding the snake from her house? Hire an exterminator?

Another friend of mine in northern Louisiana a few years ago turned to go down the hallway in her house in the woods and saw a snake reared up several feet in the air, moving towards her. I don't recall how she got rid of it but it scared the Dickens out of her.

Have any other members who live in areas where hurricanes hit had troubles with snakes? Thanks

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