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Against the wall? debunkers bible

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posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 07:05 PM
I know how many of you researchers feel, You run across earth shattering news, you look into it and find it absolutley amazing. You jump on the computer and bring up ATS so you shout it out to the world to only have some wise crack making know it all come in and make you feel foolish.

I see this as the only mark against ATS. These people dont debate it, they dont look into it, they just know this because thats the way it is. They hardly ever offer any proof for their opposing view, but surely offer plenty of Criticism , often attacking how few post you have or your Avatar.

Never mind them, for I have found their Debunkers Bible at

Really good to know there methods.......

Some people really cant handle the truth, their personalities and minds just cant handle change, otherwise known as sheeple

Hope this encourages all you researchers out there to dig deeper and never let one of these debunkers slow you down.

Oh yes, before I forget. I am fully aware of the differance between Debate and Debunking. Debate is welcome by researchers!!!!

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